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Revised Green Lantern movie poster

Strawberry Singh created a blog challenge to “create a movie poster for your SL avatar or SLife.” So here’s my entry:

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Which Green Lantern are you?

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Green Lantern: The Animated Series returns on Saturday

The latest issue of the Green Lantern comic (#6) talked about something called “Justice League Beyond,” which apparently deals with the Justice Leage as it is in the future, with Terry McGinnis’s Batman Beyond as the Batman character. While searching … Continue reading

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The Green Lantern starship

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These are screen shots from Green Lantern: The Animated Series episode 1, “Beware My Power.” In this episode, Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and Kilowog start out on a rescue mission by taking control of a starship created by the Guardians of … Continue reading

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Green Lantern movie review

As a longtime fan of the Green Lantern stories, I was hoping that the promise of the writers that “we won’t screw this up” would be a true statement and not just something said to placate the fans. I was … Continue reading

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Green Lantern videos

Here are some nice Green Lantern videos from YouTube. Fan made Green Lantern movie trailer Real Green Lantern movie trailer Green Lantern “In Brightest Day” by Gary Mitchell “Ring Capacity” (song by Kirby Krackle, video from Green Lantern: First Flight) … Continue reading

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