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An interesting griefer discussion on Treet TV

This is wide-ranging panel discussion about griefing in Second Life. It runs about one hour and 8 minutes. Topics discussed are club griefing in the Junkyard Blues sim, the legal and criminal ramifications of griefer extortion, recent serious griefer extortion, … Continue reading

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The ethics of fighting griefers

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From my beginning as a Peacekeeper in Second Life, I have lived by the philosophy that the Good Guys must abide by the Community Standards. Here’s the definition of Assault, item number three in the “Big Six:” Most areas in Second Life are identified … Continue reading

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Revisiting the Linden sandbox merge

Back in May of 2011, Linden Lab rearranged the main Linden sandboxes, merging Sandbox Island and Sandbox Island Extension with Sandboxes Cordova, Goguen, Newcomb and Wanderton. Apparently this was done to provide some Linden ocean sims where residents could sail … Continue reading

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Case study: Pseudo-religious cult griefing in the Allegro sim

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This is one of the most bizarre cases of harassment and griefing that I’ve ever seen. It came to my attention through Prokofy Neva’s January 2, 2013 blog post Avatar on the Grid: The Weirdness of Second Life. This looked like … Continue reading

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NASA Johnson Style!

This looks like it was a lot of fun to make. Onward into space!

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A new solution to griefing in Second Life

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The Linden sandboxes can be interesting and fun places to hang out. Someone is always building a giant construction project. Sometimes you see a space battleship as wide as the sim. At other times you’ll see a beautiful castle or … Continue reading

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