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Need help? Try our new Assistance Request Form

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As we say in our “About The Green Lanterns” page, our mission in Second Life is to patrol, protect, and assist. Recently we’ve been talking about a new way to assist Second Life residents, and here it is, the Assistance … Continue reading

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Community Standards update – August 10, 2017

Recently I went to check the Community Standards for some specific wording, and found that the link was redirected to a new page. The new Community Standards page, dated August 10, 2017, went into effect with no announcement (that I … Continue reading

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Why can’t I send this griefer home?

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Are you having trouble sending that griefer home from your land? Here’s one possible reason why. If someone has set their home position to a region that no longer exists, then you can’t send them home using estate tools. If … Continue reading

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New Second Life Abuse Report form offers simplicity, problems

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The next release of the Firestorm viewer will include the new Abuse Report categories that are currently available on the default Linden Lab viewer. Currently, Firestorm shows the old list of 38 categories. The new category list (as shown on the … Continue reading

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Confirmed on March 30, 2015, DANLlNDEN HAS BEEN BANNED. His name can no longer be found in the Search window in Second Life. It is unknown what, if anything, will become of Bug Island and any other regions owned by … Continue reading

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The limits of Second Life

Yesterday the White Tiger Mentors group chat came to life with a request for information: 1. hello Tigers 🙂 pls.. does anybody knows how many words or characters a notecard support? if there is such a thing… 🙂 What’s the answer? … Continue reading

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Proof that Abuse Reports cause griefers to be banned

You’ve all heard these discouraging words: “Why should I write an AR? Linden Lab never responds. They let the griefers do whatever they want.” We have provided multiple examples to the contrary in this blog, like this one and this … Continue reading

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