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Correcting a strange viewer problem related to mesh objects

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At The Green Lanterns headquarters now there are three mesh Guardians of the Universe. But the first time I looked at them, I noticed a problem. When I moved more than about 6 meters away, the clothing disappeared and all … Continue reading

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The xChip Multitool – version 2 is on the way

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In January, 2011 I wrote an article entitled The xChip Multitool – a peacekeeper opportunity. At the time, with the Teen Grid closing and 14,000 xChip users bringing their devices to the main grid. there was concern that griefing would … Continue reading

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Good news – Linden Lab will close an autoreturn exploit

Earlier this year, some griefers calling themselves “Patriotic Nigras” were posting horrendous photos of animal abuse and sex acts in the Linden sandboxes, which are rated “General.” Even though those sandboxes have an autoreturn time of 3 hours, some of … Continue reading

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Top 5 Newcomer help posts from Virtual Outworlding

This link came from Thinkerer Melville in a Notice to the “RHN [Resident Help Network] Q and A Group.” It is full of good information and links to web pages that will help new residents on their first confusing day … Continue reading

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