About The Green Lanterns

Green Lantern in comic book mythology

Green Lantern is a character who has been around the comic book universe since 1940. In the current DC comics, the Green Lantern Corps is an intergalactic police force. The power ring worn by each Green Lantern, described as “the most powerful weapon in the universe,” can create anything its wearer can imagine.

The Green Lanterns in Second Life

The Green Lanterns can be described in basic terms as a Neighborhood Watch in Second Life. We dress as members of the Green Lantern Corps from the comics, and patrol the grid looking for those in need of help. We assist new residents in making the transition from Real Life into Second Life. We submit Abuse Reports to Linden Lab when griefers attack. We educate landowners about security arrangements. We provide security patrols for Second Life events. We offer free power rings, uniforms and training to new members. The Green Lanterns stand between innocent residents and those who would do them harm.

Basic Rules

  • No drama
  • Have fun
  • Don’t be evil

Mission – Patrol, protect, assist

Values – Courage, vigilance, respect, service, integrity, discretion

Code of Ethics

  • Attacking another resident or griefing is grounds for ejection from the group.
  • We are a volunteer organization, and as such we never solicit or accept payment for our services. We never use our group’s equipment, uniform or title for personal gain.
  • We never represent ourselves as having any power beyond that of a regular resident.

How to join

Visit our base in AfterLife and click on the application giver. You must be 180 days old in Second Life and have payment information on file before we can give you a free Green Lantern power ring. Since Mystic Gems left Second Life, we are unable to give out free power rings, but we have never stopped helping people.

– Hal Jordan (GreenLantern Excelsior)

The Green Lanterns space station base

The Green Lanterns space station base