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Community Standards update – August 10, 2017

Recently I went to check the Community Standards for some specific wording, and found that the link was redirected to a new page. The new Community Standards page, dated August 10, 2017, went into effect with no announcement (that I … Continue reading

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Alt abuse – Thatoneguy Lawl

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Once upon a time there was a very bad Second Life resident named Thatoneguy Lawl. He did so many bad things that Linden Lab finally had enough of him and terminated his account. But instead of walking away from Second … Continue reading

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Why can’t I send this griefer home?

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Are you having trouble sending that griefer home from your land? Here’s one possible reason why. If someone has set their home position to a region that no longer exists, then you can’t send them home using estate tools. If … Continue reading

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Shooting yourself in the foot, Photobucket style

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“Shooting yourself in the foot” means saying or doing something stupid that will get you into trouble. Photobucket just shot their entire company in the foot. Millions of people around the world have been affected. I don’t know everyone else’s … Continue reading

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