Governance User Group meeting log for October 2, 2018

The second such meeting this year was held in Havenhurst from 1 to 2 p.m. SL time. 8 residents and 4 Lindens (Governance7, Kristin, Mazidox, and Tommy) were present.

Meeting highlights

  • A question was asked about fraud and money being reclaimed from accounts. Governance doesn’t handle fraud, but you should be able to see any Linden dollars moving in or out of your account.
  • Governance does not usually act on visitor trackers that report when someone enters a region. So far they have not seen any trackers that “cross a line” prompting them to take action. They also do not get involved if someone has a tip tracker that shows who last paid.
  • Governance doesn’t have a problem with objects that offer group invites as long as the object is not too spammy.
  • If Governance takes action against you, such as a warning or a suspension or a ban, they always tell you exactly why it’s happening, not simply what section of the Terms of Service were violated.
  • Governance takes action only with violations that happen within the service. They have no jurisdiction on events that occur outside of Second Life. So Governance would never take action as a result of something written on an external blog. There are other Linden Lab teams (like the Fraud Team) who can suspend or terminate accounts, though.
  • It’s not against the Terms of Service for someone to come up to you and ask questions (like how old are you or where are you from). It’s up to the resident whether they want to answer or not.
  • If someone is being stalked in Second Life, the best thing to do after you’ve tried everything else is to report the stalker for harassment. The Governance Team will see what they can do to help.
  • Governance does not always work 24/7 but they do have coverage at unpredictable times.
  • We discussed “tip trackers,” tip jars that display the name of the last person who put money in. If someone does not want their name displayed on the tip jar, then they can give the Lindens directly to the person and not use the tip jar. Tip trackers are usually not a violation of the Terms of Service, but any resident can file an Abuse Report if they think there is an issue.
  • Tommy Linden’s favorite AR was when someone reported that “He’s peeing on me!”
  • Scripts and objects that show when someone is online are not reportable.
  • Abuse Reports do not include the state of the sim.
  • When you write an AR, it’s not that helpful to include the specific section of the Community Standard or ToS that’s being violated. The best way to write a good AR is to include specifics about what’s happening.
  • Copybotting should be reported by the owner of the item that was copied. Governance does not get involved with that – the IP team and the legal team deal with those issues.
  • Nudity is okay on Moderate and Adult regions. Sexual content is not okay on a Moderate region.


Chat log

[2018/10/02 13:00:51] Kristin Linden: Hello!

[2018/10/02 13:01:22] Inara Pey: Hi!

[2018/10/02 13:01:27] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Howdy!

[2018/10/02 13:01:50] Kristin Linden: Give me a quick sec to finish setting up and we can get started 😀

[2018/10/02 13:02:05] Rex Cronon: greetings folks

[2018/10/02 13:02:19] Rex Cronon: another wek , another governance meeting;)

[2018/10/02 13:02:21] Inara Pey: You can certainly tell the UG meeting groupies when things are back-to-back …

[2018/10/02 13:02:33] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Ah, The Enforcer is here!

[2018/10/02 13:02:39] Kristin Linden: UG Raid!

[2018/10/02 13:02:46] Kristin Linden: Booo my water is empty, lemme go refill that

[2018/10/02 13:04:51] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): just like theolden days of linden meetings

[2018/10/02 13:04:55] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): groupies everywhere

[2018/10/02 13:05:18] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I hear you!

[2018/10/02 13:05:18] Mazidox Linden: Pass.

[2018/10/02 13:05:19] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): yep

[2018/10/02 13:05:33] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Behaving of course 😛

[2018/10/02 13:05:37] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Life is god

[2018/10/02 13:05:39] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): GOOD

[2018/10/02 13:06:33] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): I have a few this time

[2018/10/02 13:06:37] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): all in random order

[2018/10/02 13:07:21] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): when there is an issue with fraud and money such as money being reclaimed from accounts it was given to, do those removals show up in those acct’s transaction histories?

[2018/10/02 13:07:53] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): :/

[2018/10/02 13:07:53] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): It showed up in mine

[2018/10/02 13:08:02] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Someone gave me many L$

[2018/10/02 13:08:18] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Stolen from another resident

[2018/10/02 13:08:22] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): I’d like to know if any money someone gave me or paid a vendor of mine is reclaimed

[2018/10/02 13:08:48] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): it would be nice to know whose money was reclaimed too, but that might be a tall order

[2018/10/02 13:09:21] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I think the transaction was marked as “Linden adjustment” when the money was removed from my account

[2018/10/02 13:09:39] Chaser Zaks: Pay all fraud money to secondlife:///app/agent/3d6181b0-6a4b-97ef-18d8-722652995cf1/about, [Governor Linden] he likes money.

[2018/10/02 13:09:44] Rex Cronon: a notice with amount, date, and name/id of paying ave would be good:) oh, and reason for removing $L:)

[2018/10/02 13:09:45] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): I’ll have to keep on that title as I think I’ve seen it before

[2018/10/02 13:10:10] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): and I have another question

[2018/10/02 13:10:31] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): I didn’t prepare text templates so give me a minute, heh

[2018/10/02 13:11:27] Rex Cronon: u know in rl banks can’t remove money from your account without a judge order:)

[2018/10/02 13:11:50] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): lately there was someone on the blogs that mentioned they were disciplined for selling/offering/using visitor trackers that don’t allow the target’s to opt in to showing that data, my question is are such devices illegal to use, what about all these tip trackers that show who last paid?

[2018/10/02 13:12:14] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Oh I saw that. the thread was nerfed by the mods

[2018/10/02 13:12:19] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): ikr, heh

[2018/10/02 13:12:55] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Yeah the “Find a Linden” Hud 😉

[2018/10/02 13:13:24] Chaser Zaks: Oh, I have a thing on my personal home parcel that tells me if someone enters it, is this a violation? Should I delete it?

[2018/10/02 13:13:43] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): so its a roll of the dice that if I used a visitor tracker that shows who entered/left a region and when that I could be AR’d for using it and disciplined?

[2018/10/02 13:13:49] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): most orbs track visitors

[2018/10/02 13:14:07] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): it reports region wide though

[2018/10/02 13:14:29] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): yeah, but I’m talking full history in settext

[2018/10/02 13:14:29] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): That guy on the forum only presumed he was suspended for the visitor tracker though, he wasn’t sure.

[2018/10/02 13:15:12] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): It’s difficult to know because LL never tell you exactly why. They only quote the section of the TOS you broke

[2018/10/02 13:15:13] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): fine line between seeign who was in your house, to doign stuff that you shouldn’t

[2018/10/02 13:15:19] Chaser Zaks: Yeah I see that happen way too often. I have even seen someone claim that they were using too much script memory and LL banned them. 😛

[2018/10/02 13:15:23] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): with the info*

[2018/10/02 13:15:24] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): I had to update all my visitor trackers to not show data in fear of being banned, heh

[2018/10/02 13:15:26] Quertie: I would be curious what is considered illegal with “my question is are such devices illegal to use” … because I track main store entries … and was planning on offering group invites as people walked into my store

[2018/10/02 13:16:10] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): If visitor trackers & such were suddenly against TOS, I’m pretty sure LL would have made an announcement

[2018/10/02 13:16:26] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): no, tracking all traffic region wide

[2018/10/02 13:16:36] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): true

[2018/10/02 13:16:39] Rex Cronon: actually if u contact ll about your ban they usually let u know exactly why u were banned. the thing is, u have to be at least civil when talking to a linden…

[2018/10/02 13:16:53] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): and a fair window for creators to remove teh functionality in orde to comply

[2018/10/02 13:17:31] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Ahh! Thanks.

[2018/10/02 13:17:37] Quertie: like using llGetAgentList(…) to get everybody on a region and doing something with that list?

[2018/10/02 13:17:58] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): /me has never seen one yet for wishing people a happy birthday ^^

[2018/10/02 13:18:01] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): I’ve heard so many people say there was no reason given, just the section of TOS broken. Never been suspended yet so I don’t know haha

[2018/10/02 13:18:08] Chaser Zaks: I have no intent on getting one of those emails. I have been a good yeen and intent on staying that way.

[2018/10/02 13:18:12] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Can you say for certain that a resident would never be permanently banned from Second Life because of what they posted on their blog? There have been some allegations recently that it has happened.

[2018/10/02 13:18:19] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): I have yet to receive any specific information, its either no email or if there is an email only the AR category is given

[2018/10/02 13:18:35] Rex Cronon: is this meeting in voice?

[2018/10/02 13:18:44] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Yes it’s in voice

[2018/10/02 13:18:58] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Yes, external

[2018/10/02 13:19:39] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): And is Governance the only group that ever bans residents?

[2018/10/02 13:19:48] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): fwiw, if you choose to disclose your RL identity, or have links to it, you takes your chances

[2018/10/02 13:20:00] Rex Cronon: ok. well that is kind of inconsiderate against those that can’t use voice. bye:(

[2018/10/02 13:20:26] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Understood, thank you.

[2018/10/02 13:20:28] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): So if an AR comes in that’s a fraud issue, you pass it over to the fraud team?

[2018/10/02 13:21:01] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Ahh ok

[2018/10/02 13:22:03] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): i have a question HOW to ar somehting

[2018/10/02 13:22:11] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): yup

[2018/10/02 13:22:17] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): no

[2018/10/02 13:22:23] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): at the social island hubs

[2018/10/02 13:22:45] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): there are “gentleman” from various countries, that are asking every new user “how old ru” and iother borderine stuff

[2018/10/02 13:22:59] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): even the bad typos

[2018/10/02 13:23:22] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): sooner not oput that in smethign that’;ll be in a blog

[2018/10/02 13:23:28] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): can i IM yu on that

[2018/10/02 13:23:30] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): you*

[2018/10/02 13:24:32] Quertie: do you tell new users when they are being trained that they aren’t obligated to answer any questions by anybody?

[2018/10/02 13:24:53] Quertie: yes

[2018/10/02 13:25:46] Quertie: ok

[2018/10/02 13:25:47] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): lie, heh

[2018/10/02 13:25:47] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): sent you an IM

[2018/10/02 13:27:10] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I’ve been asked several time to help people who are affected by stalkers. The Terms of Service (6.1) prohibits stalking of minors but not adults, and it’s a big issue for women sometimes. Would you say that stalking involving adults falls under the Harassment category of the Abuse Report?

[2018/10/02 13:28:18] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Great, thank you

[2018/10/02 13:29:11] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): do Governance work 24/7?

[2018/10/02 13:30:02] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): I have someone yelling in my ear that I didn’t get a clear enough answer in regards to tip trackers. If someone’s name is show on a tip tracker and they ask the owner to not show it and said owner either disagrees or says the tracker doesn’t have the capability, is the person whose name is shown able to file an AR for corrective action to take place?

[2018/10/02 13:30:17] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): who makes the best coffee ?

[2018/10/02 13:31:49] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): So basically it IS an ARable offense IF AR’d?

[2018/10/02 13:32:34] Mazidox Linden: I think I got reported on Aditi for wearing a chicken on my head.

[2018/10/02 13:32:39] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): There are many trackers sold on the Marketplace that show the online status of residents. Is your online status something that’s public information in Second Life?

[2018/10/02 13:32:43] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): So I’m still not getting a definite answer, heh

[2018/10/02 13:32:44] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Chicken abuse!

[2018/10/02 13:32:51] Chaser Zaks: Probably not able to answer due to privacy but figured I might as well ask just in case, whats the silliest AR you ever got?

[2018/10/02 13:32:54] Mazidox Linden: Well, the chicken is wearing ears, so clearly it feels bad about it.

[2018/10/02 13:33:20] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): it seems that if someone’s name is displayed on a tip tracker they can have discipline brought against the owner of the tracker

[2018/10/02 13:33:27] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Scripts expose online status

[2018/10/02 13:33:30] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Hahaha

[2018/10/02 13:34:09] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): ARed for using scripts, aww

[2018/10/02 13:35:24] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I see, thanks

[2018/10/02 13:36:06] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): I hate to sound like a broken record, but can anyone answer my last statement?

[2018/10/02 13:36:32] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): What’s a “tip tracker?” Tracks the tips you received?

[2018/10/02 13:36:41] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Yes Hal

[2018/10/02 13:37:33] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): @GLE, I’m mainly talking about AFK sim tip trackers

[2018/10/02 13:37:52] Quertie: do you track people who are being banned from parcels or estates? So if somebody gets banned from a lot of properties that implies they should be investigated? Or is an AR the only way to identify griefers and other scum?

[2018/10/02 13:37:58] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): “customers” don’t always want their name shown as giving money for many reasons, heh

[2018/10/02 13:37:59] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I see

[2018/10/02 13:38:05] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Ohhhhh, okay

[2018/10/02 13:38:17] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): an EM has a nice trick with an estate ban

[2018/10/02 13:39:00] Quertie: so an AR is the only way for you to be notified

[2018/10/02 13:39:04] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): “other scum,” LOL

[2018/10/02 13:39:34] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): tis a good rule ^^

[2018/10/02 13:39:36] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): if all did it

[2018/10/02 13:40:07] Chaser Zaks: Weird question but I find internal stuff fascinating, when a AR is filed, does the simulator happen to save a copy of the simstate for investigation if needed?

[2018/10/02 13:40:33] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): they have a “playback” capability on sim states, heh

[2018/10/02 13:40:43] Mazidox Linden: I’m going to go with that’s a fascinating question Chaser.

[2018/10/02 13:41:37] Quertie: what do you do with people who are being reported as a stalker? is there anything you can do?

[2018/10/02 13:42:15] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Can’t really file a restraining order? LOL

[2018/10/02 13:42:19] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): How long are chat logs kept for – so you can read them back to investigate?

[2018/10/02 13:42:51] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): RL means are so much fun, especially if like me you have home CCTV, but GDPR has made it harder

[2018/10/02 13:43:24] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): I used to print out pictures of fly tippers and post them on lamp posts

[2018/10/02 13:43:34] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): can’t now

[2018/10/02 13:44:02] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): illegal rubbish dumping

[2018/10/02 13:44:04] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): yes, how long are chat and IM logs kept with server log data?

[2018/10/02 13:44:08] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Illegally dumping rubbish

[2018/10/02 13:44:37] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): I mean in RL ^^, not inworld

[2018/10/02 13:44:40] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): I may or may not have seen said tools, heh

[2018/10/02 13:44:40] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Oki fair enough

[2018/10/02 13:44:48] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): now GDPR makes it harder 😦

[2018/10/02 13:44:50] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): You see everything & hear everything 😉

[2018/10/02 13:45:48] Quertie: is abuse all that big of a problem? I’ve been in SL 10+ years, and I don’t hear all that many reports from my friends

[2018/10/02 13:46:02] Happy Birthday Everyone (adamburp.adamczyk): /me waves adieu, RL calls

[2018/10/02 13:46:29] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): it all depends on where you go, not how long you’ve been in SL, heh

[2018/10/02 13:46:42] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): where I hang out, AR’s are filed hourly, heh

[2018/10/02 13:46:55] Mαcє (mace.redstar): lol

[2018/10/02 13:48:09] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Is it helpful to cite the specific section of the Community Standards or Terms of Service that’s being violated when you write an Abuse Report?

[2018/10/02 13:49:27] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Understood, thanks.

[2018/10/02 13:50:34] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): There is lots of talk about copybotters, but can a resident write an AR for copybotting on an item that he doesn’t own? Or is the owner the only person who can report it or file a DMCA?

[2018/10/02 13:50:34] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): LOL

[2018/10/02 13:50:42] Mazidox Linden: There we go?

[2018/10/02 13:50:47] Quertie: I like the chicken on top

[2018/10/02 13:50:57] Quertie: or rooster

[2018/10/02 13:51:17] Mazidox Linden: It’s got a plume, so rooster.

[2018/10/02 13:51:34] Chaser Zaks: I wrote a thing but realized the parcel is general, can I ask about a policy question for adult content?

[2018/10/02 13:52:57] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Do you take action if I report it but it’s not my content?

[2018/10/02 13:53:13] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): they haven’t done that since 2011

[2018/10/02 13:53:22] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Ah, okay, thanks

[2018/10/02 13:53:35] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Gotcha

[2018/10/02 13:53:51] Chaser Zaks: I got into a argument with someone about the terms of service the other day, perhaps you can clarify: Situation was I was talking about how some people end up in horizons(the game area) naked and I found it funny, however I was told “you should AR them”, and I stated that it is zindra so nudity is likely allowed but they said it follows the same rules as the zindra safehubs(Which used to have signs about no nudity, but they no longer have these so I assume those where mistakingly copied over from linden region templates). Can we have clarification on this because sometimes I get safehub’d to horizons when a parcel resets.

[2018/10/02 13:54:16] Chaser Zaks: My assumption is it is zindra so it is expected.

[2018/10/02 13:54:25] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I remember those No Nudity signs too

[2018/10/02 13:55:38] Chaser Zaks: So in the case of zindra safe hubs/horizons it is fine?

[2018/10/02 13:56:04] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Arapaima used to have the rules chiseled into the marble wall

[2018/10/02 13:56:15] Chaser Zaks: Horizons and Zindra are both set to adult(as they are in the adult continent)

[2018/10/02 13:56:18] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Hard to prove someone is really naked on a G region on pupose though unless you guys actually see it. Their mesh may not have rezzed to the observer or the AR filer may have derendered their attachments & sent in that snapshot

[2018/10/02 13:56:47] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Haha yes

[2018/10/02 13:56:53] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Welcome Area Guidelines say No Nudity though.

[2018/10/02 13:56:56] Chaser Zaks: I like to remove my head when I have my furry avatars

[2018/10/02 13:56:59] Mαcє (mace.redstar): can you detect when people derender and report?

[2018/10/02 13:57:00] Mazidox Linden: Oh man, one of my coworkers this morning was doing a crab walk that will give me nightmares.

[2018/10/02 13:57:03] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): bone bags without alpha masks, ie Furry bodies

[2018/10/02 13:57:15] Mαcє (mace.redstar): derender clothing*

[2018/10/02 13:57:21] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): at least prior to rigged mesh

[2018/10/02 13:57:24] Mazidox Linden: Then the rest of the avatar rendered and it was okay.

[2018/10/02 13:57:27] Mazidox Linden: /me shudders

[2018/10/02 13:58:19] Mαcє (mace.redstar): can you detect when people derender clothing and report?

[2018/10/02 13:58:46] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): You can look in their COF at the back end I guess.

[2018/10/02 13:58:57] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): they can see the attachments

[2018/10/02 13:59:11] Mαcє (mace.redstar): i’ve seen that

[2018/10/02 13:59:37] Quertie: that has happened to me … it’s so embarrassing being nakie because the attachments didn’t attach

[2018/10/02 13:59:39] Mαcє (mace.redstar): the ones that are afk get real embarrassed when they realize

[2018/10/02 14:00:23] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): thats why I wear my attachment monitor 24/7 so I know when stuff has fallen off

[2018/10/02 14:00:23] Chaser Zaks: Is EM/Parcel freeze abuse a thing that is a violation? I kind of like to do that to the spinbots that won’t tell me what they do. I’ve managed to freeze a spinbot for 1 minute and pose with it.

[2018/10/02 14:00:25] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Attachments can get ghosted on TP too, so region thinks it’s detached but it’s still attached locally, so you think you’re clothed but you’re not to anyone else

[2018/10/02 14:00:40] Inara Pey: Thanks, Lindens!

[2018/10/02 14:00:45] Quertie: every 2 weeks?

[2018/10/02 14:00:48] Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Thanks Lindens!

[2018/10/02 14:00:48] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior):

[2018/10/02 14:00:58] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Thanks very much for the meeting!

[2018/10/02 14:01:16] Mαcє (mace.redstar): TC

[2018/10/02 14:01:16] Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): later

[2018/10/02 14:01:24] Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Thank you, Kristin.

[2018/10/02 14:01:33] Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Thank you, Mazidox.

[2018/10/02 14:01:35] Kristin Linden: You’re welcome! 😀

[2018/10/02 14:01:41] Chaser Zaks: Thanks you! Was a great meeting. (First time I got to get to governance UG)

[2018/10/02 14:01:42] Mazidox Linden: See you later everyone.

[2018/10/02 14:01:44] Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Thank you, Lindens.



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