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Evidence that Linden Lab does respond to Abuse Reports

It was the evening of Wednesday, February 29, 2014. Our group members had been attacked in one of the TG sandboxes earlier that evening, and we were back on patrol. I teleported into Sandbox Island and noticed my friends Lori … Continue reading

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Welcome, member number one hundred + recruitment video

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It seems like just a few weeks ago that the group had less than 20 members and nothing to do. Tonight we welcome Redstorm2006 Gruppman, the one hundredth member of The Green Lanterns! This occasion seems to be perfect to unveil … Continue reading

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Missing GMail messages from Second Life? Here’s where they went.

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The Prim Perfect blog has an article that tells how messages from Second Life that go to GMail accounts are being marked as spam. They concluded that someone had placed Linden Lab on GMail’s spam list. I did some checking, … Continue reading

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