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Excellent cyber security email and website

I received this email from Dish Network on November 1. Both the email and the website it links to are very well written and contain excellent advice. Hi Hal, DISH is committed to keeping your personal information safe Periodically, we … Continue reading

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Governance User Group meeting log for October 2, 2018

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The second such meeting this year was held in Havenhurst from 1 to 2 p.m. SL time. 8 residents and 4 Lindens (Governance7, Kristin, Mazidox, and Tommy) were present. Meeting highlights A question was asked about fraud and money being … Continue reading

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Governance User Group meeting log for September 18, 2018

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The first in this series of ongoing meetings was held in the Havenhurst region, from 1 to 2 p.m. Second Life time. 18 residents and 4 Lindens (Alexa, Corky, Kristin, and Mazidox) were in attendance. Here are some highlights from … Continue reading

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Governance Team meetings starting September 18

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Back in 2007, the Linden Governance Team used to conduct weekly “office hours” meetings in the Kremer region. The meetings were always well attended, with most residents asking pertinent questions, and lots of good discussion and information from the Lindens. … Continue reading

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More Abuse Reports, more missing griefer names, Part 3

The list keeps getting longer. You may have seen some of these names listed as owners of griefer objects that impacted your Second Life. You won’t see them any more, because their names can’t be found in Search. As someone … Continue reading

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Proof that Abuse Reports cause griefers to be banned, Part 2

Back on June 16, 2014, we posted Part 1 of this report, which was a list of 40 residents whose names could no longer be found in Search after peacekeeper groups wrote Abuse Reports about their violations of the Second … Continue reading

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Evidence that Linden Lab does respond to Abuse Reports

It was the evening of Wednesday, February 29, 2014. Our group members had been attacked in one of the TG sandboxes earlier that evening, and we were back on patrol. I teleported into Sandbox Island and noticed my friends Lori … Continue reading

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