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Teen Grid merge generates more patrol locations

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In the January 21 Second Life blog article Teens, Welcome to Second Life!, Terrence Linden announced the merging of the Teen Grid with the SL Main Grid. Along with all of their possessions, the teens brought some of their sims. … Continue reading

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Green Lantern videos

Here are some nice Green Lantern videos from YouTube. Fan made Green Lantern movie trailer Real Green Lantern movie trailer Green Lantern “In Brightest Day” by Gary Mitchell “Ring Capacity” (song by Kirby Krackle, video from Green Lantern: First Flight) … Continue reading

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Griefer Madness

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Many peacekeepers will write an Abuse Report on a griefer, maybe throw a taunt or two in their direction, and nothing more. I enjoy talking to them when I can. It’s a chance to learn something. I was in Sandbox … Continue reading

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As griefing increases, so does volunteerism

There’s no doubt that griefer attacks are on the rise in the Linden sandboxes recently.  Yesterday afternoon a newbie named “Cock Admiral” wearing a PN-looking head showed up in the northwest corner of Sandbox Goguen and started editing an object. … Continue reading

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The xChip Multitool – a peacekeeper opportunity

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With the closure of the Second Life Teen Grid on New Year’s Eve 2010, thousands of residents will be moving to the Main Grid. According to the Linden Lab Transition FAQ, they will be bringing their Teen Grid inventory with … Continue reading

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Video – griefer attack response

My only YouTube video to date shows Linden Lab’s response to a griefer attack. Here is some information about the event: Date/time: 2010-07-26 2213 Location of the attack: Sandbox Goguen Abuser: Yearling Fanbridge Responding peacekeepers: mighty lantern corps, The Green … Continue reading

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Griefers in Second Life

Welcome to the weblog of The Green Lanterns, a Second Life group dedicated to helping residents and opposing griefers. My name is GreenLantern Excelsior. I’ve been in Second Life since October of 2006, and for most of that time I’ve … Continue reading

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