Excellent cyber security email and website

I received this email from Dish Network on November 1. Both the email and the website it links to are very well written and contain excellent advice.

Hi Hal,

DISH is committed to keeping your personal information safe

Periodically, we get reports from DISH subscribers regarding suspicious calls in which our subscribers are asked to provide their account information or to make additional payments. This is an annual protection reminder intended to keep you and your personal information safe. No action is required at this time.

Never assume the caller ID is correct for any call you receive. Scammers can easily spoof their caller ID.

Scammers use a variety of tactics:

  • They will give you a sense of urgency. For example, you will lose your service if you don’t act now, or what they are offering is for a limited time
  • Scammers may ask you to help someone in need or a loved one
  • A scammer may offer some kind of incentive or something of value in return for your personal information
  • Scammers impersonate government agencies. The scam may include saying your taxes are past due, or you are violating some law
  • Scammers commonly reference computer vulnerabilities. They may say things like, “your device needs new software”, or “your computer has a virus”

Scammers have two main goals, They try to persuade you to:

  • Make a payment by providing a credit card number or bank account number. Typically, these payment methods are different from your normal payment method
  • Give up a piece of information: password, PIN, date of birth, social security number, account number or a device number – like a number from your receiver, computer or telephone

If you receive a suspicious call:

  • Do not give out any information
  • Do not make any payments or give out any of your banking information
  • If you were left a voice message, don’t return the call
  • If you have doubts, contact the company you’re doing business with directly. Get the company’s contact information from a separate source. Don’t use any number or email given to you by the caller

For additional information and tips for protecting your information visit my.dish.com/support/consumer-protection or click the button below.

Learn more

DISH is tuned into you and your safety. We take the security and privacy of your data seriously. Thank you for your business.

Please take a look at the website and see if you agree that it’s excellent.

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