Using Search


Explore, explore, explore. There is a very important button on the bottom of your screen labelled [Search]. Use the Search on the bottom of the screen to find interesting places (i.e. search for “beautiful”, “shoes”, “garden”, “freebie” etc.), events, for shopping and so much more.

Unfortunately, the “most popular” places appear at the top of the results list and popularity is based on traffic, which is often artificially inflated by those who are being paid to be there — the results are, therefore, highly inaccurate with respect to what really is popular or of quality. What I do is scroll right to the bottom of the results and work my way up backwards through the alphabetical list results (which is listed after the “popular” results).

Once you find a place of interest, then click [Teleport] to go there. Don’t begin walking straight away upon arrival as you may run into someone who you can’t see yet. I like to walk a step or two and then wait for the world to rez in around me before proceeding. Or, you can click the [Mini-Map] button on the bottom of the screen to see if there are any green dots (people) in your immediate area.

If you finish exploring that one location, click [Search] to bring up your list again and continue.

The icons

What the heck do the little icon pictures mean next to the results in the Search?

Classifieds = green SL symbol.

Events = pink star.

Popular Place (ignore these for the most part) = orange thumbs up.

Land Sales = reddish auction gavel OR yellow price tag.

Places = blue house.

People = grey generic person from the shoulders up.

Groups = tan-brown of three generic persons from shoulders up (looks like a cannon to me LOL).

All tab

Search for pretty much anything in this tab including people, stores, places and more. Your result list will be massive. See above for my tip on reviewing the results of your list.

You can try searching with one word, or several to narrow your results a little more. I pretty much use the All tab for most of my searches.


Searching for a person or place that has placed a classified for their products and/or services? Search here. Don’t forget to check the [Include Mature content] check box. You can also refine from the drop down box next to the [Find:] text field.


This is a great place for newbies or those finally deciding to take the plunge to be more social or learn to build and so much more. Have fun with this tab.

Popular places

What’s the point, I’d like to know? But if you’re really bored, why not.

Land sales

Looking to buy land? This is your tab.


These could be sims or parcels, commercial or personal.


This should be self explanatory. If looking for someone, I usually enter their name in All as it saves a step.


These are groups that someone has created so that persons with similar interests can receive notices from the creator. This is often used by shops to inform their client base of new creations, or social groups of activities and so forth. Quick Etiquette note: It’s considered rude to just chatter without purpose on a group’s Chat channel (there are exceptions, but not many).

Lucrezia Lamont