Removing Boxes from Body Parts and Unpacking Boxes


Thanks to Sarah Nerd for providing this great notecard created by Oriana Bienenstich (thanks, Oriana).

How to do it

1. Right click and detach the box from your head (lol yes we have all been there)

2. Drag the item from your inventory to the ground.

3. In your inventory go to CREATE and NEW FOLDER

4. Scroll down until you see the new folder, right click it and go to RENAME, call it something–preferably what is in the box you are about to unpack

5. Right click the box that is on the ground now and go to EDIT

6. Go to the tab marked CONTENTS

7. Drag the items from the contents to the folder you just created. It may say something about whether you really want to do this. You do.

8. Right click that box again go to MORE and DELETE. It’s not polite to leave your trash lying around. Lucrezia Note: If the items are copyable, create another folder in the one just created and place a copy of those items within it. This way you always have a back up!

9. Back to that folder… attach or wear the items you unpacked if they are wearables.

VOILA!! SL secrets revealed.

Oriana Bienenstich