Given the global nature of SL, and its broad appeal, there is much diversity to be found. Whether or not something is your cup of tea or not is irrelevant. Respect the choices of others. If you are confronted with something you do not like, then please be mature and simply teleport away (World> Teleport Home is real fast). Please refrain from belittling another person’s lifestyle choice. If you are genuinely curious, however, ask questions. Most alternative lifestyle practitioners will be happy to point you in the direction of some solid information.


What is a Furry?

A non human avatar, usually a canine or feline, but also a rabbit, bat, horse and just about any anthropomorphic animal. Furries are, unfortunately, discriminated against from time to time, and therefore many reside and travel in Furry-friendly regions only. Also see Wikipedia Furry Fandom.

What is a Neko?

Technically – Japanese for “cat.” Often referred to the Japanese pop culture manifestation of a human with cat like features such as ears and tail, and may also include paws and whiskers. Boys and girls can be neko. Neko are very popular in SL, but like Furries, are discriminated against by some. For your information, “neko” is both singular and plural (i.e. “Nekos” is not the plural of “Neko”). Also see Wikipedia Catgirl.

What is Gor?

Based on John Norman’s novels, there are a multitude of Gorean regions (mostly role-play) which recreate the setting and lifestyle as depicted by the author, and with varying degrees of adherence to its lush culture. It is a male dominated universe, replete with BDSM undertones, and hence very popular amongst some fantasy sexual role-players. Also see Wikipedia Gor.

What is a Tiny?

In short (no pun intended), a miniature Furry. I once heard it said that if you are shy and uncertain about SL, try being a Tiny avatar in a public place. They are just too cute to not engage in social activities. There is a huge market in SL for Tiny furniture, clothes, avatars (of course), houses, accessories etc.

Is there a BDSM/Fetish community here?

BDSM and Fetish exist in SL, but it’s a little different than RL. While SL is a great place to explore your fantasies, most individuals are just as new to The Scene as they are to SL (SL provides a far safer playground for exploration than RL for many). Experience will therefore vary from person to person. If you’re interested, find someone with RL or solid SL experience to show you the way. Please beware. Someone who claims to be a Dom/me, Sub, Slave etc. may not be as conversant in the SL Scene as you think. So please take your time before making any rash decisions, and ask around regarding a person’s reputation.

Do Escorts really exist in SL?

Yes, they do. All types, all sizes, all persuasions. And yes, they can make money. It is, after all, the oldest profession in the world, and SL is the perfect place to provide safe sexual services.

How do I go Clubbing in SL?

Find a club that looks interesting to you. Learn their business operation times or schedule. Show up. Dance and socialize. Clubs are a great way to socialize, meet people, show off your new clothes and just have fun. Most clubs have dances set up for you, some have contests, some have live DJs, and most rely on tips to stay alive.

From Nathan Childs: HOW TO DANCE

Dancing with dance balls is easy.

Find a partner, find a pair of dance balls (usually one blue, one pink).

Each person right-clicks on the dance ball and chooses sit.

Boy goes on Blue ball, girl on pink ball.

If you want to change balls, press the Stand Up button before changing.

If dancing animation is wrong then turn off all animation overriders before using dance balls.

If you get out of sync with partner, either wait for sync to occur (every few minutes) or stand up and then sit on dance ball again.
(the easiest way to resynchronize is to hit Ctrl-S – Hal)

Have fun.

What’s the deal with kids in SL?

From time to time you will come across children avatars. Sadly, they’ve been given a bit of a poor reputation due to some “age play” wherein the child avatar was involved in sexual situations. Not all children avatar are used in this fashion by their real life persons — in fact, most are not. So why would someone, an adult, choose to be a child avatar?

Plenty of reasons. Being a true child again. Playing the part of a child to an SL couple who cannot have children in RL. A means to get in touch with one’s inner child. And simply because it’s fun. Some child avatars role-play their personaes to perfection. Others just want to play.

Don’t assume every child you run into wants to play perverted games. Treat them as children. In fact, treat everyone according to their SL personaes.

The best place to learn about child avatars is this Second Life wiki article.

Lucrezia Lamont