Security settings for ignoring ad-hoc chats

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You’re having a quiet evening, enjoying Second Life, when suddenly a new chat window opens and you see this: Poppy Walcott (1madara): Someone please lend me these 100L I’m asking. I really need and promise to pay back. I beg … Continue reading

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How to stay safe from gift card scams

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One of the peacekeepers in another group posted the following notice recently: If someone offers you a gift card that says the name of the store you’re in and offers 80% off or free items, do not accept it! There … Continue reading

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How to stay safe from Second Life phishing scams

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On Friday, March 11, Linden Lab posted “A Reminder About Account Security” under “Featured News” on the Second Life blog. This blog post is about how to stay safe from phishing scams. Wikipedia says that “phishing is the attempt to … Continue reading

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The Wreck of Operation Battlecruiser

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The Wreck of Operation Battlecruiser by GreenLantern Excelsior The Great PN Raid of November ’07 Was planned to be vicious and mean, With sim-crashing style, And “lulz” by the mile, The worst Second Lifers had seen. The Green Lantern Core … Continue reading

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The Mega-Prim Griefer of Jeogeot

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I am a fan of combat so I visit Jeogeot Gulf fairly often where I enjoy flying my P-51 Mustang. In the past week though a griefer known as “TurdFergurson” keeps rezzing out massive prims that go up to 200 … Continue reading

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More proof that the lindens react to Abuse Reports.

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So one of our patrol members named Mitch sent out a warning last night about some extreme furry hate in the sandbox. We arrived and saw this monstrosity sitting in the sandbox. This is all we can show you of … Continue reading

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New Second Life Abuse Report form offers simplicity, problems

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The next release of the Firestorm viewer will include the new Abuse Report categories that are currently available on the default Linden Lab viewer. Currently, Firestorm shows the old list of 38 categories. The new category list (as shown on the … Continue reading

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