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Beware of third party viewers

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Yordie Sands wrote today about SSB: What Happens Now? which discusses how Linden Lab’s upcoming Server Side Baking project may break several third party viewers, including the immensely popular (and rightly so) Firestorm. I don’t want to see Firestorm broken, … Continue reading

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An interesting griefer discussion on Treet TV

This is wide-ranging panel discussion about griefing in Second Life. It runs about one hour and 8 minutes. Topics discussed are club griefing in the Junkyard Blues sim, the legal and criminal ramifications of griefer extortion, recent serious griefer extortion, … Continue reading

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Diplomacy 101

It is Sunday, May 5, 2011, and I see a griefing conversation in one of my group channels. Someone has been griefed repeatedly for a long time, and Abuse Reports have had no effect. Well I can’t let this go … Continue reading

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New Hero Universe websites

I’m the co-owner of Broc Janus’s Hero Universe group. I’ve been working for a long time on several Hero Universe websites. Last night I sent out notices to most of my groups about two of the websites, which are “ready … Continue reading

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How not to run an event

I was part of an event this past weekend that didn’t go well. I want to document it so we don’t forget these kinds of things the next time we’re planning for an online concert or festival. This was a … Continue reading

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