Governance User Group meeting log for September 18, 2018

The first in this series of ongoing meetings was held in the Havenhurst region, from 1 to 2 p.m. Second Life time. 18 residents and 4 Lindens (Alexa, Corky, Kristin, and Mazidox) were in attendance. Here are some highlights from the meeting.

  • It was stipulated at the start that we would not discuss sensitive information such as security measures.
  • The Governance Team consists of 5 people who handle all Abuse Reports (AR) in Second Life.
  • We discussed Abuse Report categories and how limited they are.
  • The most important message they would like to send to AR writers is to include enough information so that someone who wasn’t there can understand it. They get many ARs with not enough information to be actionable, or something that happened ages ago. If you send a screenshot with your AR, don’t have your screen all cluttered or too dark for Governance to see what’s happening. If you’re reporting an object, have the object’s profile open so they can see the owner. If abuse is continuing, then continue to file ARs on it.
  • They handle older ARs first along with higher priority ARs like griefing, some harassment, or ageplay.
  • They do get ARs that are filed for revenge, but those are fairly easy to spot. Even if multiple people file false ARs, Governance will not take action automatically. They investigate to see if there’s a real violation.
  • Phishing and fraud reports are sent to a fraud team, not handled by Governance. Compromised accounts should be reported by a support case, not by an AR.
  • The “Gaming Policy Violation” AR category refers to skill games, not Second Life as a game. Some people use that as a catch-all category, and it clogs up the process.
  • It was suggested that 2 factor authorization would increase security. Governance does not handle that. LL has been looking at it, but there are “issues with how to approach it.”
  • We discussed permission stealing. The Governance Team was not aware of this problem but they will look at the JIRA.
  • We talked about the old Incident Blotter. This was ended due to privacy concerns.
  • Governance will not reveal action taken on an Abuse Report beyond acknowledging that they have received it. They will not tell you how many ARs were written on you and will not confirm whether a specific account has been banned.
  • The Governance Team receives an average of 1000 Abuse Reports every week.
  • They are aware of some “problem children” and groups. They keep an eye out for any issues.
  • They take threats very seriously. If someone is threatening you and you are afraid for your life, you should notify your local authorities.
  • If your friend is having problems, have your friend file an AR. If you write an AR it ends up being a hearsay or third party report.
  • We discussed residents collecting IP addresses. Your IP address is visible to everyone, but other people shouldn’t be divulging it, and Governance will tell them to stop if you report it.
  • Linden Lab will not accept video or audio evidence of Terms of Service violations. They also don’t accept Gyazo or Imgur screenshots as evidence, because those could be altered. They also don’t accept chat logs typed into the AR window as evidence, since those could be altered. They do accept screenshots of a chat log though, and that’s the best way to report.
  • For continuing offenses by one person, Governance might start with a warning or a suspensions of up to two weeks, then a permanent ban. But if it’s clear that the person isn’t going to stop, then they’re banned immediately. Governance keeps records of prior offenses for each resident.
  • We talked about what happens when a premium member doesn’t keep up with their payments, but that isn’t a Governance concern.
  • We discussed griefers who keep returning with new accounts. Governance has ways of blocking certain things, but people have ways of getting past that. Governance will ban alt accounts of permabanned members but will not do IP bans, because that can prevent legitimate residents from logging in from Internet cafes or shared computers. Some people get tired of being banned and don’t come back, but others keep Governance very busy.
  • Governance monitors the Second Life forums. This has been a recent addition to their responsibilities.
  • We talked about Abuse Reports being delivered to region owners rather than to Linden Lab. This may have been true a long time ago, but all ARs go to Governance now. Region owners should try to take care of their own problems first, but if that can’t happen, then Governance wants to know.
  • We discussed asset blacklisting. Governance will add something to the blacklist if they decide it shouldn’t be in SL any more. They are careful about using it, because it can break some things. If you are aware of something specific that needs to be blacklisted, drop Kristin a message and she will look into it. She likes breaking griefer objects. They don’t know where ban boxes (weapons caches) are located, but feel free to report one if you find it.
  • I asked when it was okay to contact a Governance Team member directly. Kristin Linden said we can feel free to ping her when she is online. It’s important to use the AR system to report violations, because otherwise they won’t get entered into the system. Kristin said that the Governance Team comes inworld and visits various regions from time to time, and the Havenhurst region is their informal base of operations, so if you want to find one of the team members, check there. They may not always answer messages right away because they are usually busy doing many different things. Kristin is the supervisor of the Governance Team.
  • The numbered Governance avatars like Governance2 Linden are usually “piloted” by the same person every time, but you won’t know the pilot’s real name.
  • Governance staffers are now all Linden Lab employees. None are outsourced.
  • Abuse Reports from any Linden go right to the top of the list, because it’s assumed that they are very important.
  • Governance User Group meetings will be scheduled every other week. The schedule is here and the overall list of user groups is here.
  • The Lindens received a nice round of thanks from most of the attendees at the end of the meeting.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since previous GTeam office hours were all conducted in local chat, your editor was not prepared for this meeting to be conducted in voice. Luckily, Nalates Urriah was nice enough to make a YouTube video, and here it is. Watch it in 1080p, it’s beautiful!


emDash: Entering Havenhurst

TossMeA Twig: Hi Hal!

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Howdy!

Kristin Linden: Hey there Hal!

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Hello Kristin!

Beq Janus: Hi all

TossMeA Twig: Hi Beq!

Kristin Linden: Hello!

Corky Linden: hello everyone! 😀

Nal (nalates.urriah): Hi

Mαcє (mace.redstar): hello

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Hi!

Willow Wilder: Hello

Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Hello,.

Beq Janus: /me shakes Maz vigorously for 2 minutes so he’s ready for use in the meeting

Nal (nalates.urriah): Is voice being used for this meeting?

Mazidox Linden: But contents are already under pressure Beq!

Kristin Linden: Yup! But if you prefer to type any questions you’re more than welcome to do so 🙂

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): heya all

Beq Janus: eeps and rummages for a headset

Beq Janus: hmm not eharing anything

Mazidox Linden: No one is saying anything yet… There we go.

Beq Janus: \o/

Mazidox Linden: Hi Whirly.

Kristin Linden: I *may* have to step away briefly (I’ve got some shenanigans involving a ceiling leak, yayyy) but hopefully shouldn’t be more than a moment or two.

Mαcє (mace.redstar): how fun

Mαcє (mace.redstar): sure can

Beq Janus: yep yep

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): u I hear ya

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): yep

Corky Linden: heard! 😀

Mazidox Linden: Sure *can*

Mαcє (mace.redstar): xD

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): awesome

Mazidox Linden: I’m going to go get food and drink after the last usergroup, back in a moment.

Mαcє (mace.redstar): well ty

TossMeA Twig: Great!

Willow Wilder: Well behaved.

Nal (nalates.urriah): So… you won’t be naming the biggest abuse in SL and listing their sins?

Beq Janus: I don’t believe that for a minute Willow

Willow Wilder: hush Beq!

Nal (nalates.urriah): abuser^

Nal (nalates.urriah): Aaaw. No drama

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): lol

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): I only came for the drama!

Willow Wilder: But we made all this popcorn.

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): always drama in life …its just how you handle it lol

Mazidox Linden: Back, now with 100% more tea.

Mαcє (mace.redstar): with popcorn?
3 minutes missing due to a relog
Willow Wilder: What about phishing and fraud ones?

Corky Linden: Correct, Sweet Valentine! Sometimes we get reports that are unactionable because the report was filled out incorrectly.

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): the choices are very limited also so people think they can’t file one

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): there is one today trying to sell accounts in groups

Willow Wilder: Sorry, phishing should not be ARed?

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): that’s how the ar system is limited hard to explain it all

Nal (nalates.urriah): Submit a case…. as in trouble ticket?

Mαcє (mace.redstar): the abuse categories do seem limited sometimes

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): the MP ones are very slim

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Yeah sometimes it’s difficult to know which category to use

Mazidox Linden: Second Life Is Not A Game

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): lol Mazidox

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): talking about comprised accounts, I believe that 2 factor authentication should be implemented as an option for accounts. I have been reading past jiras and think that is something that should be looked at for additional security

Mαcє (mace.redstar): good idea

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): yes tessa that would be good

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): what about ban abuse or alt abuse, heh

Rex Cronon: wikipedia says sl is a game…

Beq Janus: We’ve raised it with Oz in the past (2 factor) I think it is on a list someowhere from what I recall but there are issues about how to approach it

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): alts made to bypass previous bans

Mazidox Linden: Rex, it’s like you don’t trust me 😦

Corky Linden: Shame on wikipedia!

Mαcє (mace.redstar): ban evasion?

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): yes, ban evasion, heh

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): I report it a lot sadly, heh

Willow Wilder: How can you not trust a can with a chicken on its nozzle?

Mαcє (mace.redstar): that seems hard to combat

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): harrawssment is what I would choose

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): haha harrassment*

Rex Cronon: i trust u mazidox, but whoever wrote the wikipedia page doesn’t seem to

Mazidox Linden: No original sources, Rex. They can’t ask me.

Alexa (alexa.linden): lol

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): if it is not in the region and is identified as someone who should not be there, you could use their key as the location to make it easier to pinpoint the original name. likewise, use the group key if its seen in a group

Mαcє (mace.redstar): it’s a multi purpose social platform if you ask me

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Since at least January of 2014, Second Life residents (including me) have had their “permissions” stolen by griefers, who can then animate the resident in any way they choose. The Soul Seize HUD on the Marketplace is one example of how this can be accomplished. The victim clicks on a transparent object, or sits on something, or accepts a seemingly friendly hug and kiss animation, and then the griefer has their perms. I don’t know of a way for a victim to fix this problem using the viewer settings or an Abuse Report. Is this a problem that’s “on your radar,” and do you know if the company is working on a fix for it?

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): most of the time I can only reference their previously banned account and hopefully you can verify that as their current incarnation may not being committing the same offenses that got them banned before at the time

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): When an AR comes in with the included screenshot as prrof, do you always check that what’s shown in the screenshot is legit? Because since the feature was added to reload the last AR shot into the AR floater, those screenshots can be faked.

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): even when I change the location, Lindens still tp into my home, heh

Alexa (alexa.linden): not sure if anyone asked… are there things users can do to make their ARs more userful for support?

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): @Whirls, even the original pic can be faked

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): There is a JIRA for Hal’s issue. let me find it

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): As I understand it from the research I’ve done, once someone has your perms, there’s nothing you can do, and no settings you can change on your viewer, to block him. There was talk about the owner possibly being able to give or sell your perms to other people, but I’m not sure that’s possible (I guess if the perm object wasn’t set to “No Transfer” then it could be done). One thing everyone tells me is that the bad guy can’t steal your perms without you clicking on something. It could be something as simple as one of those hug and kiss animations, where you get a message that “So and so wants to animate your avatar, Y/N?” Or sitting in a chair that has the perm stealer script in it, or surrounding you with a transparent sphere like the one that got me. But supposedly he can only animate you when the two of you are in the same sim. He can animate you and leave, and you’ll stay animated. If you leave and come back, then the animations stop, and he will have to animate you again if he’s still there.

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): WoT

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): revoking permissions doesn’t work?

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Sorry for the wall of text. I was trying to help a lady with this last night.

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Hals issue:

Joe Magarac (animats): Hal, try Avatar->Avatar Health->Stop Avatar Animation and Revoke Permissions.

Beq Janus: /me grumbles about the stupid new oauth

Mαcє (mace.redstar): what about video capture with audio?

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): dang it won’t let me in jira lol…I been banned haha

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): revoke won’t revoke perms in attached containers

Corky Linden: And if for some reason you can’t send a screenshot of the exact issue, make sure that the description box is very detailed in what is being reported.

Corky Linden: You are more than welcome to file multiple ARs if needed.

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Wow that JIRA is from 2007?

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): one thing that needs to also be addressed. in regarding to chat logs. chat logs can also be altered.

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): in-world

Rex Cronon: hal the viewer should be able to stop anybody animating u

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Oh 2009

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): No it can’t

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): if you close the chat, modify the chat logs off world, open the chat back up, the chat logs are modified

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): “Stop animating me”, which now also revokes permissions only works for objects rezzed on the region, NOT for objects worn by other avatars. There is no way you can revoke your perms from an object worn by another avatar

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): times stamps help

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): [13:19:06] Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): if you close the chat, modify the chat logs off world, open the chat back up, the chat logs are modified

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): The only way I found to stop someone from animating you is to leave the region, or to play another animation that is Priority One.

Mαcє (mace.redstar): there is one way to revoke perms from a worn object

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): This is not from a worn object

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): in the FS viewer there is an area that revokes permissions and ends animations

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): That won’t work

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): We tried it

Mαcє (mace.redstar): i was able to revoke with tp’ing out of the region while the object was actively animating me

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Sweet, that only worlks for objects rezzed in the same region as you, not from attachments worn by avatars on the same region

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): is it that RVL or RLV?

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): bottom line, once someone has a container with your perms, they only need to rez or wear a new copy from inv to be able to animate or track your cam forever

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): ok gotcha

Mαcє (mace.redstar): that’s true lucy

Joe Magarac (animats): Oh.

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): What Lucia said

Rex Cronon: or transfer you perms to others… 4 $

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): LL could implement a viewer setting such as “do not animate me unless I’m sitting on the host” but they’re afraid it woudl break content and create a support issue, heh

Willow Wilder: At another meeting, we were remembering the old incident blotter. Any possibility, something like that could be revived so residents could see action is being taken on ARs?

Mαcє (mace.redstar): when is it appropriate to re-sens an AR?

Mαcє (mace.redstar): re-send

Willow Wilder: The incident blotter never disclosed who.

Alexa (alexa.linden): it was

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): the blotters were easy to figure out back in the day lol cus u knew the region and the crime lol

Alexa (alexa.linden): it was a long time ago

Alexa (alexa.linden): 8+ I’d say

Alexa (alexa.linden): +1 Sweet

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): The old incident blotter

Mαcє (mace.redstar): seems like a simple “your ar has been processed” would be nice.

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): @Rex, an agent cannot transfer perms to another agent

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): they were kool lol

Mαcє (mace.redstar): i do, but a simple “your ar has been processed” would be nice.

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): On a normal weekday, about how many ARs do you guys receive, and about what percentage of them can’t be completed?

Rex Cronon: too bad all ARs r handled behind closed doors. if lawsuits in rl where handled the same way…

Mαcє (mace.redstar): imho

Willow Wilder: Thanks Whirly

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): note. yahoo and a few other servers are blocking certain domains. if you have these domains as email providers, might want to consider changing

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Okay thanks

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): yeah even aol mail blocks a lot of mails

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): if u delete them a few time sthey auto filter it seems

Zell Christensen: Sometimes I don’t seem to get object emails to my gmail but its only like one or two out of 500 or so lol

arton Rotaru: aol works for me

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): lmao arton

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): If you could send a message to everyone who writes an AR to make things easier on your end, what would you say?

Mαcє (mace.redstar): do you have methods to detect false ‘retalliation’ ARs that people get their friends to submit?

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Inara wrote an excellent post about how file file an effective AR:

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): what about when it crosses lines …death threts ect

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): oh thank you whirly

Inara Pey: /me slips Whirly her PR fee 😉

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): “flagrant AR’s” heh

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): lol

Willow Wilder: \o/

Alexa (alexa.linden): 😀

Nal (nalates.urriah): What about the vigilante groups? Do you pretty well know who they are?

Willow Wilder: lol

Mαcє (mace.redstar): i’ve heard of those groups

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Only a few? hehe

Willow Wilder: I need a posse

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): not me but been helping a few people that are having issues

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): ar them and fbi tip them

arton Rotaru: lol

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): they didn’t know how to file

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): I helped them to file ticket

Mαcє (mace.redstar): there is a community page on that too i think

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): ever play telephone. using a third party a lot of time is like playing telephone, once it reaches the final destination, the message is garbled

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): the hard part is language barriers

arton Rotaru: I thought you handle such stuff by voodoo dolling Sweet :p

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): lol only you arton haha

arton Rotaru: dammit

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): ok and the old MP team lolol

Kristin Linden:

Kristin Linden:

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): ok awesome will pass it on

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): There used to be a rule that said residents could not collect IP addresses. I was searching for that rule to show someone that it’s still “illegal,” but I couldn’t find it. Is IP collection still prohibited?

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): sorry. am lagging bunches

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): every DJ in sl can get your IP

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): everyone’s viewer is collecting everyone’s IP’s here

Mαcє (mace.redstar): they’re public info

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Yeah you’re broadcasting it wherever you go.

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): There was a device that collected them a while back, Red Zone or something, caused a big stir and was deemed illegal.

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): yeah the guy went to jail lol

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): Red Zone just used media

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): he from seattle area

Rex Cronon: i don’t this u can collect anybody s id

Beq Janus: IPs are public but also personally identifying, so under EU law someone can’t store it without my permission.

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): he used a 3rd party site you had to login also

Mazidox Linden: I remember RedZone

Mazidox Linden: (And then GreenZone, IIRC)

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): voice, MOAP, media, streaming audio all make you broadcast an IP

Mαcє (mace.redstar): do actual video captures with audio count as proof of an action?

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): There was a GreenZone too, detected the RedZone detectors, LOL

Rex Cronon: lucy. i am not using right now any of those. how can u collect my ip?

Mαcє (mace.redstar): gotcha

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): @Rex, maybe, heh

Rex Cronon: i am not clicking nor standing on anything either

Mαcє (mace.redstar): so governance isn’t as quick to ban as a lot like to claim.

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): LL still does not monitor voice, correct?

Mazidox Linden: I have a chicken on my head. I think that qualifies as “general shenanigans”

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): heh

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): behave lolol

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): how progressive is that considering span of offenses over account age?

Nal (nalates.urriah): But is that chicken flow abuse?

Rex Cronon: i guess the chicken is an AI construct that can help with todays meeting:)

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): I mean I’ve received temp bans in my distance past, I hope they’re not cummulative in a literal sense

DarjeelingJelly: ‘_’;;;

Mazidox Linden: Kristin totally isn’t talking about me here.

Mazidox Linden: Nope.

Mazidox Linden: I have no comment.

DarjeelingJelly: whispers: did i come to the wrong place

DarjeelingJelly: ‘-‘;;

Beq Janus: Is it a governance matter when a premium member goes into arrears? I’ve raised this before but it’s never clear where the rules get discused. I would happily become a premium if it did not carry the risk of locking out my account just because in 12 months I was not in a position to renew. Your subscription should simply revert to “free” and privileges be removed

Willow Wilder: Can we find out our own history?

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): like crashing ur sim lol over and over and over

Zell Christensen: 90 days is a pretty long grace period

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): We know of a pedophile who keeps returning, using the same name and an incrementing number at the end. You guys are good at banning his alts but not so good at keeping him from returning. Is there no way to permanently ban a griefer’s computer from coming back to SL? I know there used to be something called a “hardware ban” in the past.

[Kristin’s response to this was “I think I know who you’re talking about” but of course we didn’t mention the name.]

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): ban VPN’s, heh

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): LOL yeah

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): other platforms have

Beq Janus: At least he keeps himself easily identifiable

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Very true!

Alexa (alexa.linden): lol

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): they just need a new pc tho to get under those hardware bans

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): you can also threaten their ISP to block then at the ISP level too depending on how prominent said ISP is

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): hardware banning similar to the microsoft activations

Mαcє (mace.redstar): there’s no sure fire way to prevent someone from coming back

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): uses the hardware id info as the key

Mαcє (mace.redstar): except jail lol

Rex Cronon: u can buy relatively cheap computers

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): This guy seems to enjoy the banhammer

Beq Janus: There’s every kink in SL, even the banhammer kink

Rex Cronon: u can rent them or use public computers

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): he probably enjoys the attention

Willow Wilder: I was just wondering say if Whirly wanted to find out how many times I’ve ARed her, could she do that?

Willow Wilder: or not necessary me, but if she has a history

Nal (nalates.urriah): Do you get involved in forum problems or different people?

Willow Wilder: What about not specifics

Joe Magarac (animats): ?

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): what about in general? “How many AR’s have been filed on me?” heh

Rex Cronon: in rl u have the right to know your accuser(s)…

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): the fraud on MP the empty box syndrome there are accounts…pop up on friday and usually gone or dealted on a monday but there damage is there a way that these can be addressed faster?

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): flagging doesn’t seem to help cus if u flag them all u get in trouble yourself

Mαcє (mace.redstar): could there be a notification when your AR has been processed? with no indication of what action, if any, was taken of course

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Wow

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): are there any plans on putting an abuse report system alternative to the web. for instance, some people use radegast. i’m sure that there are others. those tools, there are no abuse report features

Corky Linden: Who says flagging them all would get you in trouble Sweet Valentine?

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): the stores are gone tho by monday and they have scammed the people

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): I flagged one was told to and I got a warning for flagging

arton Rotaru: lol

Rex Cronon: did a linden tell u that?

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): yes sir

Zell Christensen: Oh i have a question, are you able to confirm or deny if a specific account is banned or not?

Zell Christensen: okay

Joe Magarac (animats): Maybe Marketplace selling should require, or at least indicate, premium membership.

Zell Christensen: Just a specific account

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): sounds like a group of reporters at an event. haha

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): you can tell whether they are blocking search or not

Zell Christensen: I sometimes have tenants who disappear and thier accounts don’t show up anymore in search

Zell Christensen: lol

Rex Cronon: no kidding joe

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): You can easily telkl if an account is inactive. But you can’t tell if that’s because they got banned or deleted their own account

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): I didn’t flag all but flagged a few there is no way to stop a store once its up and u see them selling the scam stuff they sit there for the weekend and then gone on monday usually

Zell Christensen: yea

Joe Magarac (animats): But how do they get the money out of SL?

Zell Christensen: I had a tenant say their account was “hacked” recently but i think they may have just had it banned

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): you could always find the tenants doing an abuse report window, typing in their name, when it comes up, right click their name and click open profile and then close the ar window

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): they don’t

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): A long time ago I recall that people were saying some Abuse Reports were delivered to region owners rather than Linden Lab. Was that ever true?

Mαcє (mace.redstar): the timing of certain things can be an indicator

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): they do it somehow joe

Zell Christensen: yea, i understand lol

Zell Christensen: it’s just more difficult when they wanna take over someone’s old spot and i don’t know who they are

Zell Christensen: haha

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): if you’re hacked, and you have an alt, you could have your alt abuse report the hacked account.

Mazidox Linden: I recall something like that Hal, a long long time ago.

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): and then contact LL

Zell Christensen: Client used to say that they woudl go to the region owners

Zell Christensen: this was like in 2008

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): I heard that rumour but just presumed it was bollocks

Zell Christensen: that was for private estates where the owenr set it like that

Willow Wilder: This is a bit depressing. :/

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Yeah, there was usually a question whether ARing someone on private land would do any good.

DarjeelingJelly: whispers: cya later zell

Mαcє (mace.redstar): i seem to remember that too

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): the reports of abuse would go to region owners to seal with is what I heard years back they were trying to do

Zell Christensen: yea, i’m pretty sure it was the case at one time

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): to let region owners deal with it instead of LL

Zell Christensen: this was like 2008 and before

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Sounds like it’s not the case now.

Alexa (alexa.linden): never heard that one

Joe Magarac (animats): SL has feudal aspects.

Zell Christensen: it would just go to the estate manager’s email lol

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): I think it was discussed thats how we got all the region estate controls

Mαcє (mace.redstar): MC’s are notorious for feuding Joe lol

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): I need a tool lol but it got shut down

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): Does Governance notify anyone of assets that need blacklisting? We have a major problem of spammer/lagger/crasher proliferation for years and years.

Mαcє (mace.redstar): some have minions

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): I need one that blocks subscrivbers that they rerez and use the members list each time there eis no way to block or mute that

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): only per instance I need something that blocks them forever muting member doesn’t work

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): Ancient content that constantly keeps being picked up from ban boxes or alt accounts.

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): they refuse to remove you

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): If you’re doing it, I’m not seeing it, heh

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): ok

Mazidox Linden: I just like taking them apart and seeing how they tick, personally.

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): I’d prefer you shut down the ban boxes peopel leave on 0 return time parcels abroad too

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): When is it okay to contact a Governance Team member directly? And can you give us a list of who’s on the team now?

Mαcє (mace.redstar): can help patching exploits

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): I just like to be able to mute and block it forever lol

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): problem solved then

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): ie, back track where day1 accts are getting their gear and shut them down

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): or come to the meeting hehe

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): is direct IMing of Governance of incidents frowned upon?

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): thank you for this btw

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Sweet, thanks. It seems like most Lindens have some text that says “Don’t talk to me” in their profiles.

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): yeah that was previos CEO lol dumb rule lolol

Rex Cronon: seems time is up, and so many problems got resolved…

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): its nice to see ya all back in

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): are the same staffers tied to teh same number accounts? gheh

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): what I thought

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Yes this was awesome to see the GTeam office hours again

Nal (nalates.urriah): The gov avatar are all big scary avatars?

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): I seen the sharks they are scarey

Mazidox Linden: I can’t speak for Governance but I know when I’m in-world I’m either in a meeting or focused on a specific task, with very few exceptions.

Mazidox Linden: When I want to do fun things, I’m on one of my many (*many*) alts.

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Busy building that bear Mazi 😉

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): are all gov staffers hired through the company or are any outsourced?

Zell Christensen: I’d assume they don’t want you to contact them because you’ll be bypassing the ticket system too, so there won’t be a record of your interaction if it’s something that needs to be handled

Rex Cronon: every day he adds a new pixel to it;)

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): the Scouts were though, right?

Mazidox Linden: I set aside time for that week Whirly.

Zell Christensen: i’m sure most would talk to you generally though yea

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): @Zell, correct and that has happened many times, heh

Zell Christensen: lol

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Do AR’s filed from Linden accounts go right to the top of the list?

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): thanks for the time

Rex Cronon: don’t they have an internal chat for that whirly?

Mαcє (mace.redstar): good info yes

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): So awesome! Thanks very much for doing this.

Loading… (whirly.fizzle): Thanks very much

Willow Wilder: Thank you

Beq Janus: Thank you, good meeting thank you

Joe Magarac (animats): Thanks.

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): thank you

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Is there a meeting calendar?

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): stay safe, play nice, heh

Corky Linden: Bye everyone! 🙂 Good meeting!

Mazidox Linden: Thanks for coming out everyone. 🙂

Mαcє (mace.redstar): bi-weekly still?

Nal (nalates.urriah): Thank you.

Rex Cronon: tc corky

Rex Cronon: tc mazidox

Loading… (whirly.fizzle):

Kristin Linden:

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Great, thank you

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): ok so its gonan be changing?

Rex Cronon: u guys need to open an permanent office:)

Mazidox Linden: Who says this can’t be a permanent office?

Willow Wilder: This isn’t permanent?

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): looks like a great office space to me lol

Mαcє (mace.redstar): thanks for your timer here

Sweet Valentineღ™ (sweet.valentine): thank you all

Willow Wilder: bye!

Joe Magarac (animats): Bye/

Mαcє (mace.redstar): you as well

arton Rotaru: have a good meal

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): you as well. ty

Yuzuru (yuzuru.jewell): Thank you, Kristin.

Kristin Linden: 😀

Rex Cronon: u will need an complains desk

Kristin Linden: You’re welcome, and thanks for stopping by!

Rex Cronon: and a suggestion box:)

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Now I can update my Linden Gallery °͜°

Rex Cronon: tc kristin

Tessa Alvarado (tessaalvarado): yvw

Lucy daughter of the Devil (lucia.nightfire): back to Animesh testing, heh

Rex Cronon: tc lucy

Beq Janus: bye all

Mαcє (mace.redstar): tc everybody

emDash: Entering Dimitrios







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