Governance Team meetings starting September 18

Back in 2007, the Linden Governance Team used to conduct weekly “office hours” meetings in the Kremer region. The meetings were always well attended, with most residents asking pertinent questions, and lots of good discussion and information from the Lindens. There were always certain questions that the Lindens wouldn’t answer, like questions about some specific occurrence or something that would have revealed security information, and that was easy for most attendees to understand. In the beginning, the meetings were somewhat random and confusing, with several people asking questions at the same time. But the Lindens soon set up a system with a clickable microphone that improved the process. If you wanted to ask a question, you clicked on the microphone, and that added your name to the list. The Lindens would work their way down the list of speakers, and that helped to ensure that people weren’t talking about several topics at the same time. There was even a certain amount of fun to be had at times! But (as I recall) less than a year after the meetings began, suddenly there were no more meetings, and no explanation of why they ended.

The meetings are back on the schedule, as announced by Alexa Linden inΒ this wiki post. This is great news! On September 18, be in the Havenhurst region at 1 p.m. Second Life time and have your questions ready.

Here is a chat log from the GTeam office hours meeting of November 12, 2007, provided to show the topics that were discussed. The snapshots of the sign were taken on the same day and on November 19. Everything discussed in that meeting was current in 2007, but many of the topics and policies are not applicable in 2018. The log was formatted using the excellent RP Log Cleaner.



[9:59] Aree Lulibub: Hi Everyone

[9:59] Jeamstine Jurgis: Hi Aree

[9:59] Pierce Kronos: Hi babe

[9:59] Tengu Yamabushi: Hello, Aree.

[9:59] Jordan Islander: Hi Aree πŸ™‚

[9:59] You: Good morning Aree

[9:59] Jeamstine Jurgis: yeah, schools here are open today, but state employees have it off

[9:59] Jeamstine Jurgis: don’t understand that one

[10:00] Jordan Islander: huh…

[10:00] Jordan Islander shrugs

[10:00] Pierce Kronos: OMG, is that GLE in normal clothes and AV?

[10:00] Aree Lulibub gasps

[10:00] Jordan Islander: LOL

[10:00] You: Yes sir it is

[10:00] Jordan Islander: about as normal as he gets πŸ˜‰

[10:00] Pierce Kronos: HI Zara

[10:00] Destiny Niles: Hello Zara

[10:00] Zara Linden: hello all

[10:00] Aree Lulibub: I’ve never seen you in anything but your Chlorine Dude

[10:01] Zara Linden: morning πŸ™‚

[10:01] Jordan Islander: Hello Zara πŸ™‚

[10:01] Aree Lulibub: Hi Zara πŸ™‚

[10:01] You: I rez the chlorine gas right into my lungs

[10:01] Jeamstine Jurgis: Hi Zara

[10:01] Destiny Niles: poor thing didn’t get V-day off

[10:01] Aargle Zymurgy: Agenda today, Zara?

[10:03] Zara Linden: the floor is open..please give everyone a chance to participate.

[10:03] Zara Linden: each question will be addressed briefly to give everyone here a chance to speak

[10:03] You: Hi Katar

[10:04] Katar Supercharge: hi Gl, all

[10:04] Aargle Zymurgy: I’m spending quality time in the Jira today.

[10:04] Zara Linden: what are you looking at aarg?

[10:04] Mistr Vacano: hi everybody

[10:04] Jeamstine Jurgis: Hi Mistr

[10:04] Aree Lulibub: Hi Mistr. Cute av

[10:05] Aargle Zymurgy: oh, just looking at what features were good… voting on a few.

[10:05] Mai Yip: Zara, on saturday, you spent an hour looking on my estate, im concerned theres some kind of Abuse repot

[10:05] Aargle Zymurgy: I had someone very upset with me that I didn’t deliver a product and wouldn’t return money, etc. and it’s obvious I’ve been muted.

[10:05] Zara Linden: does anyone have a question about the governance team process?

[10:05] Tengu Yamabushi: Zara, yes.

[10:06] Tengu Yamabushi: Ah, Zara, your mic is open πŸ™‚

[10:06] Destiny Niles: Zara your mick is open πŸ™‚

[10:07] Tengu Yamabushi: Zara, a question: can you describe the ‘blacklist’ (the mechansim by which an avatar’s objects are deleted from the grid, and how well that process works/doesn’t work?

[10:07] Mistr Vacano: hi weedy

[10:07] Aargle Zymurgy: is there a list of who is on the team? I know you and Michael.

[10:07] Weedy Whitfield: hi

[10:08] Weedy Whitfield: Hi Ms. Linden o.O

[10:08] Zara Linden: tengu, the process works well. but, we are trying to implement a system whereby the g-team can handle the blacklisting directly- right now we are collaborating with the developers for removal.

[10:08] Zara Linden: the g-team consists of myself, michael, trinity, socrates, harry, plexus, and nicole πŸ™‚

[10:09] Zara Linden: (michael will be joining us shortly)

[10:09] Mistr Vacano: and me?

[10:09] Zara Linden: hi weedy, welcome!

[10:09] Aargle Zymurgy: cool.. thank you.

[10:09] Aargle Zymurgy: Trinity is a new name for me.

[10:09] Weedy Whitfield: !hug Mistr

[10:09] Zara Linden: there will be weekend hours implemented shortly too

[10:09] Zara Linden: yes, Trinity has been on the team for 2 months.

[10:09] Pierce Kronos: How does one file an AR on an item left behind by someone already banned but that needs to be reported?

[10:10] Weedy gives Mistr a big hug.

[10:10] Mai Yip: Zara, on saturday, you spent an hour looking on my estate, im concerned theres some kind of Abuse repot, is this the case?

[10:10] You: Excellent question!

[10:10] You: (Pierce)

[10:10] Zara Linden: mai, unfortunately we can’t address specific abuse reports in these office hours

[10:11] Pierce Kronos: HI Michael

[10:11] Mai Yip: well can u tell me why a Linden Lab employee would be there, is there any other possible reason?

[10:11] Jordan Islander: Hello Michael

[10:11] Zara Linden: if the person has been permabanned- go ahead and AR yourself and put the abuser’s name in the ‘details’ field πŸ™‚

[10:11] Michael Linden: Hello all, sorry I’m late … tons of Monday e-mails!

[10:11] Zara Linden: hi michael!

[10:11] Aargle Zymurgy: hi Michael

[10:11] Jeamstine Jurgis: Hello Michael

[10:11] Mistr Vacano: np michael

[10:11] Aree Lulibub: Hi Michael

[10:12] Jordan Islander: Hi Jeremy

[10:12] Jeremy Keiko: Hi everyone

[10:12] You: Hey Jeremy

[10:12] Mistr Vacano: hi jeremy

[10:12] Pierce Kronos: Hi J

[10:12] Jeamstine Jurgis: Hi Jeremy

[10:12] Jeremy Keiko: everyone is rezzing yet

[10:12] Michael Linden: At some point this week we will probably try out an explicit “soap box” object to organize speakers at this office hour session …

[10:13] Mistr Vacano: good point

[10:13] Michael Linden: Heh, if only to make people stand on the soap box, which the Linden moderator can delete when time’s up!

[10:13] You: LOL

[10:13] Weedy Whitfield: Hi Mr. Linden

[10:13] Weedy Whitfield: o.O

[10:13] Pierce Kronos: Prokovy is not here today, lol

[10:13] Michael Linden: I dunno, anyway, we’ll figure out how it works. Some ejector sit script … ?

[10:14] Jingyi Davies: My home got attacked by millions millions particals

[10:14] Jingyi Davies: in the weekends

[10:14] Aargle Zymurgy: we’ll give Prok his own custom soapbox…. approximately 100m away

[10:14] Michael Linden: On that point: I’m gonna make a sign, but everyone should sort of expect that anything said here will be posted in some blog outside of SL.

[10:14] Michael Linden: Please don’t make abuse reports here …

[10:14] Aree Lulibub: lol Aargle

[10:14] Jingyi Davies: oki l;ol

[10:14] Michael Linden: … or even by IM or e-mail later.

[10:15] Jingyi Davies: anyone saw those things in the weekends?

[10:15] Weedy Whitfield: Damn IM-Storm πŸ˜€

[10:15] Michael Linden: Speaking of *that*, we thought today’s topic would be … the Abuse process.

[10:15] Aree Lulibub: Oh yes, Jingyi

[10:15] Jingyi Davies: Ok so I am not crazzy lol

[10:15] You: It’s not uncommon, Jingyi

[10:15] You: Happens all the time

[10:15] Aree Lulibub: You’re not. The griefers were busy this weekend

[10:15] Jingyi Davies: oh lol

[10:16] Jingyi Davies: those were everywhere lol

[10:16] Jordan Islander: yes they were

[10:16] Michael Linden: So: we’ll leave off to one side the custom “abuse reports to estate managers” deal, it’s in beta still (I believe) and I’m not too sure about all of it’s details.

[10:17] Michael Linden: Under the Help menu are two abuse-related items: Report Abuse, and “Bumps, Pushes, and Hits … ”

[10:17] Michael Linden: The BPH window is mostly to help you figure out who exactly just hit you with an attack.

[10:17] Jingyi Davies: cool

[10:17] Jordan Islander nods

[10:18] Aargle Zymurgy: hm… ok, I was just made an estate manager at my home and at a friend’s sim. does that mean I’ll start getting abuse reports myself?

[10:18] Mai Yip: no

[10:18] Michael Linden: I think it’s a sign-up Aargle … still in beta testing.

[10:18] Mai Yip: where do u sign up?

[10:18] Aargle Zymurgy: ok, thanks. I mean, I dont’ mind, but I wasn’t sure what that got me caught up in

[10:18] Michael Linden: I’m not part of that project. The concierge I’m pretty sure would have info about that.

[10:18] Mai Yip: kk

[10:19] Michael Linden: Anyway: the Abuse Reporter tool ….

[10:19] Mai Yip: dinner, bye

[10:19] Jingyi Davies: yummie

[10:19] Michael Linden: The popup still claims that you’ll get notified of resolution, that won’t go away until some (imminent) UI update.

[10:20] Michael Linden: So, anyway, there’s the window called “Report Abuse”.

[10:20] Mistr Vacano: how can someone who is reported defend him or herself?

[10:20] Michael Linden: Object picker seems to be fairly understood … most of our Abuse reports come with an object identified.

[10:21] Jingyi Davies: no idea man lol

[10:21] Aree Lulibub: I have a question

[10:21] Mistr Vacano: anyone can report abuse

[10:21] Michael Linden: Well, Mistr, you’ll be able to appeal if something is done. We’ll get to that in a bit.

[10:21] Mistr Vacano: without a good reason

[10:21] Astarte Artaud: Can’t remember Michael can object also pick person

[10:21] Jingyi Davies: I think we can arm ourself and fire back in our own land

[10:21] Michael Linden: Anyone, yes, Mistr ..

[10:21] Mistr Vacano: ok

[10:21] Michael Linden: I don’t think so, Astarte.

[10:21] You: Jingyi, that’s assault

[10:21] Michael Linden: Hmm,correction, it can.

[10:21] Jingyi Davies: in your own land

[10:22] Jingyi Davies: self defence

[10:22] Astarte Artaud: Might be nice now with all these weird names OO good

[10:22] Michael Linden: “Self-defense” or “retaliation” is not a justification for abuse in SL.

[10:22] You: It’s different if it’s a combat sim

[10:22] Aargle Zymurgy: nothing like an old-fashioned freeze on your own land

[10:22] Jingyi Davies: I got shot in my back in my own land lol

[10:22] Michael Linden: If you use the Object Picker (the button on the upper left) you can choose a Resident or object.

[10:22] Astarte Artaud: kk

[10:23] Michael Linden: Shooting in a combat area is generally not a violation by anyone.

[10:23] Michi Lumin: I’m not sure if freeze works so well anymore or at all, but that’s probably for another group and time…

[10:23] Jingyi Davies: How can I tell who shoot me? I was shot 2 or 3 sims away lol

[10:23] Michi Lumin: Help -> Bumps, Pushes and Hits.

[10:23] Michael Linden: Look at the Bumps, Pushes, and Hits window.

[10:23] You: Help > bumps, pushes, and hits

[10:23] Jingyi Davies: oh oki lol

[10:23] Jingyi Davies: next time I will .. dope lol

[10:23] Jordan Islander: and then AR Jingy πŸ™‚

[10:23] Aargle Zymurgy: heh, well, Michael… I tried it for fun this weekend. it seems to work.

[10:24] Jingyi Davies: It even happens after I set my land on safe

[10:24] Jeamstine Jurgis: I’d like to have the mass abuse report addressed. Even though in some cases it may be warranted to take quick action, but yet the same it should be investigated quickly and thoroughly or else its used as a griefing tool yeah? As was the case i witnessed last week.

[10:24] Michael Linden: Now, I don’t want to spend too much time on the layout and features of the Abuse Reporter window … Abuse Reporter 2.0 is gonna be a web-based form.

[10:24] Michi Lumin: Michael, will Abuse Reporter 2.0 be able to incorporate screenshots, and would we have to supply them on our own, or would it be integrated?

[10:25] Michael Linden: I have to say, Jeamstine, that EVERY case of “they mass reported me” has turned out to be four or five reports, tops!

[10:25] Jingyi Davies: ?

[10:25] Jingyi Davies: I fileed twoo lol …

[10:25] Jingyi Davies: It was only in the old sims..

[10:26] Michael Linden: There are cases of a lot of people reporting an abusive incident … but in each case where a Resident has complained that they were the subject of a presumably “unfair mass abuse reporting” …. they weren’t.

[10:26] Jeamstine Jurgis: As i said Michael, if a thorough investigation was done before the hammer was slammed, it would’ve been clear that it was grief

[10:26] Michael Linden: I can’t comment on a specific incident, Jeamstine.

[10:26] Jeamstine Jurgis: Reports that merit such quick action should be thoroughly investigated.

[10:26] Michael Linden: But we do not base our action on the number of reports.

[10:26] Weedy Whitfield: Do the Sims log crashes?

[10:27] Pierce Kronos: quick and investigated seem to be diametrically opposed Jeamstine.

[10:27] Mistr Vacano: weedy lol dont interfere

[10:27] Michael Linden: We *do* notice reports sooner when there are a lot of them against one person, or in one Region.

[10:27] Jeamstine Jurgis: A picture is worth a thousand words, but to not read the open chat with all the evidence is accused guilty before proven innocent

[10:27] Weedy Whitfield: And the stuff that have been rezzed before the crash happens?

[10:27] Pierce Kronos looks for that soapbox Micheal was talking about.

[10:28] Jingyi Davies: what is soap box?

[10:28] Michael Linden: I can’t answer your question, Jeamstine.

[10:28] Jeamstine Jurgis: I don’t want an answer Michael, I want some resolution

[10:28] Michael Linden: Not this session, but soon, we’ll have an object for speakers to stand on during the Q-and-A part of office hour.

[10:28] Aree Lulibub: what recourse does a resident have that has gotten a ban and does not know the reason why and can not access their account and has no alt to contact LL?

[10:29] Jingyi Davies: make many lol

[10:29] Michi Lumin: ticket system is open even if banned.

[10:29] Michi Lumin: (ibelieve)

[10:29] Jingyi Davies: maybe ask other friends

[10:29] Zara Linden: yes, that is true michi. a ticket can be filed.

[10:29] Weedy Whitfield: You dont know bout the server or?

[10:29] Weedy Whitfield: o.O

[10:29] Weedy Whitfield: *servers

[10:29] Weedy Whitfield: *sims

[10:29] Jingyi Davies: Can we set mines in our own land?

[10:30] You: Assault

[10:30] Michael Linden: And the ticket will be (soon) transferred to our group for an appeal process. We’ll be adding the appeal process .. uh, process .. to the outbound discipline letters soon.

[10:30] Aree Lulibub: Thanks, Zara and Michael πŸ™‚

[10:30] Jingyi Davies: and guard towers?

[10:30] You: In our ARs if the sim is lagged, we have been including time dilation and fps in the comments section. Is that helpful or do you guys already see that?

[10:31] Michael Linden: Anyway … on about the process: the categories of abuse will probably be increased, with some sub-categories. It doesn’t hurt, GreenLantern, but I’d say it’s not usually pertinent to the report. But no, we don’t log that as part of the abuse report automatically.

[10:31] Michael Linden: So feel free to include it.

[10:32] You: Okay, thank you

[10:32] Jordan Islander: In the comments section, do you like it if we repeat the Abusers name and location or is that redundant?

[10:33] Jingyi Davies: breath breath lol

[10:33] Michael Linden: Some future session we’ll talk about the “literature” of filling out a good abuse report. It’s very useful, Jordan … especially if you’re filing the report from a different Region from where the abuse took place.

[10:33] Jordan Islander: kk, ty

[10:33] Michael Linden: The “location” field is auto- filled in based on where you are when you open the abuse reporter.

[10:33] Jordan Islander nods

[10:34] Michi Lumin: hm… The “Include chat” option went away a long time ago. Is there a chance of that making a reappearance? Or is it not useful.

[10:34] Michael Linden: You can edit it, but we get a lot of reports that are filled in somewhere entirely separate from the actual abuse location.

[10:34] Michael Linden: Not too useful. We can get chat logs pretty easily anyway.

[10:34] Michi Lumin: Ok.

[10:34] Michael Linden: Though cutting and pasting a sentence or two as an example is sometimes useful.

[10:35] Michi Lumin: Just enough to search/match if need be? There have been times I’ve run to the field limit with it, I presume that’s not neccessary?

[10:36] Michael Linden: Anyway, a future session might be about “good report writing”. So … you (or a Linden staffer) hits the Report Abuse button. I think the Abuse Reporter 2.0 form will have much less limit on text fields, Michi … I’ll ask.

[10:36] Pierce Kronos: cool, that would be great

[10:36] Michi Lumin: (nods) ok.

[10:36] Jingyi Davies: yeh!! lol

[10:36] Michael Linden: We send an automatic e-mail saying thank you, more or less.

[10:36] You: Is there a projected implementation date for AR 2.0?

[10:36] Michael Linden: Make sure your e-mail address is correct, of course!

[10:37] Michael Linden: Uh … I doubt we’ll see it in 2007, GreenLantern …

[10:37] You: Okay, thanks.

[10:37] Jingyi Davies: omg

[10:37] Mai Yip: i’ve logged ar in the past there was no feed back at the end, is this something that will ever be added?

[10:37] Michael Linden: The Community team is working on that …

[10:37] jasong Dagger: hi all

[10:37] Jingyi Davies: hi

[10:37] Jeamstine Jurgis: Hi jasong

[10:37] Michael Linden: We’ve removed the “resolved” letter, Mai … we’ll talk about that in a bit.

[10:38] Mai Yip: kk

[10:38] Michael Linden: So: abuse reports come in …

[10:38] Jingyi Davies: It would be cool if Linden can lauch missle lol toward those massive griefers

[10:38] Michael Linden: Our “abuse tracker” tool sorts them into a bunch of categories (a report will often be in more than one category).

[10:38] You: Jingyi please

[10:39] Jingyi Davies: lol

[10:39] Michael Linden: Most reported Resident, Region with the most reports, most reported Resident about gambling, reports on the OI/HI/WA regions … a lot more.

[10:40] Michael Linden: The tracker also searches the text of the reports for key words …

[10:40] Jordan Islander: Are categories in the AR sorted by the severity of the abuse?

[10:41] Michael Linden: Nah, who’s to judge severity? Though we do look at, say, Intolerance before Parcel Encroachment …

[10:41] Michi Lumin: Are there any conditions which automatically delete/reject an AR? based on content, lack thereof, keywords, etc?

[10:41] Michael Linden: “Severity” isn’t something that a computer can find; and the, uh, victims would all choose “very severe” if asked to rate the trouble, I’m afraid.

[10:42] Michael Linden: Nope, Michi …

[10:42] Jordan Islander: yep, agee not to allow victims to rank severity themselves

[10:42] Michael Linden: Though the webform version may require you to fill in at least something in some fields.

[10:42] You: Could the abuse tracker be made available for all to view?

[10:42] jasong Dagger: how about other hosts i have one host rude to me coz i am new to them

[10:42] Jeamstine Jurgis: that would be good

[10:42] Michael Linden: Hmm, no, it’s got all the names, chat text …

[10:43] You: I see. Maybe a subset of the full report then.

[10:43] You: Just current trouble spots

[10:43] Michael Linden: We’d be pretty far from our current privacy policy if we provided the full info. An interesting idea, Greenlantern, not too different from the Police Blotter after all.

[10:44] You: Right. We go where the trouble is and submit ARs. That report would be very helpful.

[10:44] Aree Lulibub: Will we still have an in-game abuse report as well as the webform version? If it will only be through the web, it will seriously slow down the AR writing process for groups like ours that are out there fighting griefers.

[10:44] Jordan Islander: exactly would work Police blotter style…that level of detail only

[10:44] Michael Linden: I’m sure it wouldn’t violate our policy, not sure if we’ll put the programming resources into it soon.

[10:44] Jordan Islander: Good point Aree

[10:44] Aree Lulibub: ty Jordan πŸ˜€

[10:44] Michi Lumin: Would it help LL and the workload if there -was- the option to submit lower priority reports? I think that in some situations, people actually would select non-urgent, rather than not submitting at all in a situation they’re unsure of. Just a suggestion, don’t know if it’d help at all anyhow.

[10:44] Pierce Kronos agrees

[10:45] Michael Linden: Why would it slow down the reports, Aree?

[10:45] Aree Lulibub: Because we have to go out of the game to file it. Sometimes we’re writing ARs so fast that having to do that would make it much slower

[10:45] Jordan Islander: yep, she is right

[10:45] You: I have seen times when I was unable to submit an AR from SL because of server errors. So maybe both options would be good to have.

[10:45] Katar Supercharge: Offender and object name wouldnt be auto-filled, we would have to c & p a lot more

[10:45] Michael Linden: Hmm, I don’t know that lower priority would help, Michi … the abuse team is working every report they get time for.

[10:45] Jeremy Keiko: It would be a lot of going back and forth to web and SL for information

[10:46] Aree Lulibub: Good point, GLE

[10:46] Jingyi Davies: but usually the abuser doesnt stay to let you make an AR …

[10:46] Michi Lumin: The abuser doesn’t have to stay, Jingyi.

[10:46] Michael Linden: Actually, I presume that some of the features would still exist … offender and object name are pretty important.

[10:46] You: If you know his name and what he did you can still write an AR on him.

[10:46] Astarte Artaud: Is it possible with snapshot to include sevral people at once in the report and will they get picked up ?

[10:46] Jordan Islander: GLEs suggestion is best…keep both

[10:46] Michi Lumin: That’s one question I had from earlier, Michael — Screenshot submissions; they’ll be part of AR 2.0 somehow, I’d hope?

[10:46] Aree Lulibub agrees

[10:47] Jingyi Davies: last time I cant find his name in the persone search very strange

[10:47] Michael Linden: I haven’t seen their latest mockup, but I imagine about half of the current Abuse Reporter tool would still be part of the regular client …

[10:47] Michael Linden: I hope so, Michi …

[10:47] Weedy Whitfield: Can Lindens read IM’s?

[10:47] Michi Lumin: (the whole ‘picture is worth a thousand words’ thing – often, it has been.)

[10:47] Pierce Kronos: Is there anyway to give them feedback on the AR offline thing?

[10:47] Jeamstine Jurgis: not if you can’t hear what’s going on

[10:47] Mistr Vacano: hi rie

[10:48] Michael Linden: Well, you can report a bunch of people in a report now, Astarte … though only one is the “subject”, so we have to read the report before we realize the other folk are involved.

[10:48] Jeamstine Jurgis: or read even

[10:48] Weedy Whitfield: hi rie

[10:48] Rie Hitchcock: hi all

[10:48] Michael Linden: Sure we can, Weedy, it’s no secret.

[10:48] Mistr Vacano: this here is micheal linden

[10:48] Mistr Vacano: behind you

[10:48] Weedy Whitfield: Shut the FUCK UP!

[10:48] Weedy Whitfield: Mistr, in IM now, they gonna break ur neck then o.o

[10:48] Rie Hitchcock: aww

[10:48] Pierce Kronos: ooops

[10:48] Aree Lulibub: 0.o

[10:49] Jingyi Davies: How is the railroad going Michael?

[10:49] Weedy Whitfield: Oh

[10:49] Pierce Kronos: someone is not too bright

[10:49] Michael Linden: Hey, hey, PG region here …

[10:49] Weedy Whitfield: damn gestures

[10:49] Weedy Whitfield: Sorry :/

[10:49] Aargle Zymurgy: LOL

[10:49] Michael Linden: Heh, railroad questions aren’t part of Governance ..

[10:49] Jingyi Davies: lol

[10:49] Mistr Vacano: micheal did you develope or make SL?

[10:49] Jingyi Davies: : )

[10:49] Jingyi Davies: I only hold a small piece there …

[10:49] Pierce Kronos: No, I made it.

[10:50] Aargle Zymurgy: does the AR system address complaints about financial doings?

[10:50] Zara Linden: haha

[10:50] Michael Linden: No, except in the sense that all of the staff are developing “the world”.

[10:50] Mistr Vacano: ok

[10:50] Michi Lumin: Michael – IMs, just curiosity and don’t know if you can say: In realtime, or by going to logs? I always wondered if Lindens that were around were snickering at my IM comments, heh.

[10:50] Michael Linden: Sure, Aargle … though in some cases we pass them along to the billing or fraud teams.

[10:50] Jingyi Davies: brave new world : )

[10:50] Mistr Vacano: weedy whats youre problem

[10:50] Jingyi Davies: too much weeds hehe

[10:51] Rie Hitchcock: O.o

[10:51] Michael Linden: Oh, I don’t think we can answer your question about our technical surveillance methods to that level, Michi.

[10:51] Weedy Whitfield: o0?

[10:51] Jingyi Davies: wow lol

[10:51] Weedy Whitfield: Rie, do I know u?

[10:51] Aargle Zymurgy: ok, the reason I ask is I know I have a customer who didn’t get delivered product during the night while I was sleeping because he accidentally muted me. He’sprobably already AR’d me. so I got wondering.

[10:51] Jingyi Davies: top secret : )

[10:51] Mistr Vacano: rie is japanese

[10:51] Michi Lumin: I’ll be sure to keep it pleasant and clean in IM, then. πŸ˜›

[10:51] Rie Hitchcock: nope its first time to mme

[10:51] You: One thing that slows down AR writing is the splash screen that comes up every time, explaining what an AR does. If that could be made a one-time occurrence, and not displayed after you write your first AR, it would be a significant improvement.

[10:51] Rie Hitchcock: meet u*

[10:51] Michael Linden: A lot of financial misdoings are agreements between Residents, which we don’t uphold, investigate, adjudicate, etc.

[10:51] Weedy Whitfield: ah ok

[10:52] Jingyi Davies: ah

[10:52] Michael Linden: Hmm, we could add a “don’t show this again” box, GreenLantern?

[10:52] Jordan Islander: Good GLE, or have an option to click and not see splash again

[10:52] Aargle Zymurgy: I thought perhaps. do those tend to clog the AR system?

[10:52] Pierce Kronos agrees with GLE

[10:52] You: YES!

[10:52] Katar Supercharge: actualy, GLE, there is a reason for that screen, or was, anyway…

[10:52] Katar Supercharge: it used to inform you if your AR was going to LL or the estate owner….

[10:52] IM: Sen Pixie: Heya GLE. I have some updated materials for you. I’ve been working on a ring revision today. Also have a general JLU device manual.

[10:52] Katar Supercharge: but if thats stil te case, i dont know

[10:52] Destiny Niles: The Lindens are like doctors when it come to reading IM, they seen it all already, don’t worry about what you say in IM

[10:52] Macca Courtois: Justice League?

[10:53] Jeamstine Jurgis: seems it

[10:53] Pierce Kronos: Yes, Justice League.

[10:53] Jingyi Davies: eh! someone is invading my land!

[10:53] IM: Sen Pixie: You have to put on the HUD and ring. And then recharge.

[10:53] Michael Linden: I wouldn’t say they clog the system, Aargle … they’re usually pretty easy to “resolve”, since we don’t actually make a decision in favor of one Resident over another.

[10:53] Macca Courtois: Im a black angel

[10:54] Zara Linden: well, you still want to be mindful in an IM. use the golden rule πŸ™‚

[10:54] Aargle Zymurgy: hm… add “Financial Dispute” to the AR drop-down and then automatically file it in the bit-bucket. πŸ™‚

[10:54] Michael Linden: One definite part of the new Abuse Reporter is going to be an automated transaction dispute resolution process.

[10:54] Macca Courtois: Hi

[10:54] Aree Lulibub: Have a seat Macca πŸ™‚

[10:54] Michael Linden: Kind of like what PayPal and eBay use, I’m told.

[10:54] Jordan Islander: Good Michael

[10:55] Michael Linden: SquareTrade, that’s one of those I believe …

[10:55] Astarte Artaud: aka ebay ?

[10:55] Aargle Zymurgy: that would be nice. I had to have PayPal resolve something for me recently. I’m still out US$160 despite it.

[10:55] Michael Linden shrugs.

[10:55] Macca Courtois: Where are you? xS

[10:55] Katar Supercharge: stupid question… do ARs still ever go to estate owners, or always to LL?

[10:55] Michael Linden: I stay away from dodgy eBay transactions.

[10:56] Michael Linden: There are a few estates in a beta program about estate-based abuse resolution .. so they could. But you’d be notified …

[10:56] Aargle Zymurgy: Michael, I’d agree, but I thought I’d be ok with someone with 90+ successful big sales.

[10:56] Macca Courtois: Not any room, sorry

[10:56] Michael Linden: … I have to say I’m not as far up on that process as I could be (estate based abuse that is).

[10:56] Pierce Kronos: sit by Michael, he doesn’t bite.

[10:56] Pierce Kronos: much

[10:56] Michael Linden: Anyway, on with the abuse process:

[10:57] Katar Supercharge: then is it possible to get rid of the little popup likeGLE said, at least for now?

[10:57] Michael Linden: So, our staff looks at the Abuse Tracker …

[10:57] Jordan Islander hopes pop-up goes quick

[10:57] Katar Supercharge: nvm, lost te answer in the scroll πŸ™‚

[10:57] Michael Linden: (Katar, probably we could make it a “don’t show this again” check-box)

[10:58] Michael Linden: Our staff, the “G-Team” choose reports to work, based on region, number of reports, other factors …

[10:58] Michael Linden: In most cases, over half, there’s no action to be taken (nobody to be warned or punished).

[10:59] Jordan Islander surprised

[10:59] You: WOW how could there not be a perpetrator?

[10:59] Michael Linden: Poorly worded report, agreement dispute, reported Resident already disciplined for the reported act, or permanently banned from Second Life …

[11:00] Michael Linden: … or the reporting Resident doesn’t understand what Linden Lab’s TOS and CS will and won’t punish.

[11:00] You: Or deliberately false report, I suspect

[11:00] Michael Linden: Or that, sure.

[11:00] Jordan Islander: kk

[11:00] Michael Linden: Another meeting about “good reports vs bad reports”!

[11:00] Mai Yip: is there any come back on false reports?

[11:00] Zara Linden: i like that idea michael

[11:00] Michael Linden: Not at this time, Mai.

[11:00] Mai Yip nods

[11:00] Michael Linden: It’

[11:01] GreenLantern Excelsior wonders if there’s a “False Report King” in LL statistics.

[11:01] Michael Linden: It’s pretty hard to tell “wrong due to not clear on the TOS” from “wrong because they want to get someone in trouble”.

[11:01] Jeamstine Jurgis: that should be an issure Michael

[11:01] Michael Linden: If someone really tried, they could get a ding from us about it, sure.

[11:01] Destiny Niles: MIchael any thoughts or opionins if reports from SL Mentors have higher priority in the system?

[11:01] Jeamstine Jurgis: issue*

[11:02] Michael Linden: Hmm … thinking about whether to answer that …

[11:02] Jeamstine Jurgis: Having a higher body of peers is not a bad idea

[11:02] Astarte Artaud: I suspect I already know !]

[11:02] Michi Lumin: i highly doubt anyone has ‘more weight than other’ when filing an abuse report.

[11:02] Michi Lumin: *another

[11:02] Pierce Kronos having met some Mentors, I’d hope not.

[11:02] Michael Linden: We don’t want to go into much detail about our precise “what reports get more priority” tags.

[11:02] Jordan Islander: lol Pierce

[11:03] Astarte Artaud: please note the avoidance of a direct answer πŸ™‚

[11:03] Jeamstine Jurgis: so noted

[11:03] You: Noted

[11:03] You: And apporoved

[11:03] Pierce Kronos: seconded

[11:03] Jordan Islander: third

[11:03] Aree Lulibub grins at GLE

[11:03] Zara Linden: i have to go, all. nice seeing all of you! if i don’t see you soon, have a nice week πŸ™‚

[11:04] Pierce Kronos: Bye Zara,

[11:04] Aree Lulibub: TC Zara πŸ™‚

[11:04] You: See you later Zara

[11:04] Aargle Zymurgy: bye Zara

[11:04] Jordan Islander: Bye Zara πŸ™‚

[11:04] Jeamstine Jurgis: likewise Zara, have a nice day

[11:04] Destiny Niles: have a nice week Zara

[11:04] Aargle Zymurgy: thanks forhosting

[11:04] Jeremy Keiko: Bye Zara

[11:04] Michael Linden: To go back for a second: “they filed a bunch of fake abuse reports about me, to get me in trouble” is really NOT a problem at this point.

[11:04] Michael Linden: The most we’ve ever seen that were clearly just “grudges” was about four or five reports.

[11:05] Jeamstine Jurgis: The perpetuators should have consequences

[11:05] Mai Yip nods

[11:05] Michael Linden: If they did so enough for us to notice, it might come under spamming …

[11:05] Aargle Zymurgy: I know of at least 1 grudge report, myself.

[11:05] Aargle Zymurgy: at least, on that resulted in suspension

[11:05] Aargle Zymurgy: *one

[11:06] Mai Yip: then they must have found something

[11:06] Pierce Kronos: New pet, Aree?

[11:06] You: Informally, do the G Team members recognize people who repeatedly “cry wolf” and those who repeatedly submit good, verifiable ARs? Or are there just too many coming in to differentiate the individual submitters?

[11:06] Jordan Islander: lol

[11:06] Aree Lulibub: Yes, isn’t she cute? lol

[11:06] Michael Linden: There are cases of several reports saying, more or less, “This person is being annoying, and is bothering me.” But the most common category of “abuse report that doesn’t result in discipline” is just like that.

[11:06] Jeamstine Jurgis: me too Aargle, which is why I’d like to it addressed for more investigation before such severe actions are taken to suspend someone’s account

[11:07] Michael Linden: Not that many people cry wolf, Greenlanter. How do you know that *any other Resident* is filing an Abuse report?

[11:07] Jordan Islander: call him GLE Mchael, it will save your typing πŸ™‚

[11:07] Michael Linden: Because they say so?

[11:07] You: We go out as a team and make sure we get 5 of them in at once.

[11:07] You: Yeah, GLE

[11:07] Jeamstine Jurgis: yes

[11:07] Aargle Zymurgy: Jeamstine, I’m not sure how you even go about protecting yourself from things like that.

[11:07] Jeamstine Jurgis: i’ve heard it

[11:08] Jeamstine Jurgis: dude said let’s mass report her

[11:08] Jeamstine Jurgis: it was in open chat

[11:08] Jeamstine Jurgis: and it worked

[11:08] Jeamstine Jurgis: just like a griefer’s tool

[11:08] Michael Linden: I suspect that most of the time when a Resident is standing around in a group, and some member of the group says “Everyone report so-and-so” … almost nobody does.

[11:08] Michael Linden: I can’t comment on a particular incident, Jeamstine.

[11:08] Aargle Zymurgy: Michael, probably true, unless the group was well organized prior to it.

[11:08] Jeamstine Jurgis: but organized griefers obviously do

[11:09] Jeamstine Jurgis: exactly Aargle

[11:09] Michael Linden: As I said Aargle: only four or five is the most in obvious cases.

[11:09] Michael Linden: And even so, we check chat logs, dwell logs …

[11:09] Jeamstine Jurgis: Michael does there need to be more before change is warranted?

[11:09] Michael Linden: … just because several people make a report doesn’t mean there is any automatic discipline.

[11:10] Jeamstine Jurgis: in this case it was

[11:10] Aargle Zymurgy: to be honest, I think, I think those of us who put the time in to visit the Linden meetings, and contribute get known to the Linden staff. but clearly not everyone can (or will) do that.

[11:10] Jeamstine Jurgis: without even an investigation

[11:10] Michael Linden: Send me an e-mail about it, Jeamstine … I’ll take a look …

[11:10] Jeamstine Jurgis: thanks Michael

[11:11] Michael Linden: On with the process:

[11:12] Michael Linden: So, the Governance team member might decide, based on chat logs and other evidence, that Resident So-and-so violated the TOS or Community Standards.

[11:12] Michael Linden: We can send a warning e-mail, or issue a suspension, or permanently ban a person. For some fraud cases, L$ might be moved from “violator” to “victim” accounts.

[11:13] Michael Linden: (Fraud is another session, too)

[11:13] Pierce Kronos: Will you post the agendas for the differing sessions?

[11:13] Michael Linden: Important point: never give a free genital attachment debit permissions!

[11:13] Pierce Kronos: LOL

[11:13] You: OMG!

[11:13] Jordan Islander: LMAO

[11:13] Katar Supercharge: uh… wow

[11:14] Michael Linden: Yeah, it]s a good idea Pierce .. probably on a sign here.

[11:14] Katar Supercharge: well, shucks , there goes my plans for the weekend πŸ˜‰

[11:14] Pierce Kronos: Cool.

[11:14] Michael Linden: Talk about thinking with your … uh … attachments.

[11:14] Jordan Islander: lol Katar

[11:14] Aree Lulibub giggles

[11:14] You: Signature on the credit card slip looks a little wobbly.

[11:14] Michael Linden: Really, it’s one of the sadly commonest ways of, er, sucking L$ out of an account.

[11:14] Pierce Kronos: bad pun

[11:15] You: Perfect!

[11:15] Jordan Islander hits GLE on the arm

[11:15] Katar Supercharge: yeah, you could really blow a load of L$ that way

[11:15] Aree Lulibub: lol

[11:15] Jordan Islander: ahhhh….

[11:15] Pierce Kronos gorans

[11:15] Pierce Kronos: groans too

[11:15] Destiny Niles: someone asked earilier about blacklisted objects – can that item be blacklisted?

[11:15] Michael Linden: Anyhow: based on the severity of the violation, and on the prior discipline history, the LL staffer applies discipline, which automatically generates an e-mail to the violator.

[11:16] Michael Linden: Well, alas, the script part of the debit-permissions scam is very small, and gets added to some “modify-yes” existing thing usually.

[11:17] Michael Linden: They do get blacklisted; we’re working on more warnings (if we can find space!) in the debit permissions window.

[11:17] Michael Linden: Anyway … we don’t provide a resolution letter to the Resident(s) filing abuse reports. Warnings and suspensions go into the police blotter automatically.

[11:18] You: All of them?

[11:18] Michael Linden: Alas, permanent bans (being kind of manually applied) don’t appear in the blotter … we’re pondering how to add them in.

[11:18] Pierce Kronos: please don’t provide a resolution letter, unless it’s requested, too much mail.

[11:18] Michael Linden: The police blotter only shows 25 items …

[11:18] Astarte Artaud: Well the old one that referred you to the police blotter would always arrive after the fact of it appearing there.

[11:18] Jingyi Davies: police?

[11:19] Michael Linden: … the items with the most current resolution dates, I’m pretty sure.

[11:19] You: It’s here, Jingyi:

[11:19] You:

[11:19] Jingyi Davies: thanx

[11:19] You: YW

[11:19] Michael Linden: Yup.

[11:20] Michael Linden: So a lot of stuff is only on there momentarily. Actually, I think items appear there based on violation date … so if we resolve something, uh, late, it might not make it onto the page.

[11:21] Jingyi Davies: I heart rumor about a cornfield.. as SL prisom

[11:21] Michael Linden: Thus between the permanent bans not appearing at all, and the fact that it’s only 25 items … you may not see your resolution.

[11:21] Jordan Islander: don’t use it anymore right?

[11:21] Aree Lulibub: Alas, the cornfield no longer exists

[11:21] Pierce Kronos: cornfield regions no longer exists

[11:21] Irish Etchegaray: I actually saw that on you tube

[11:22] Michael Linden: Plus, when a violator does something that covers several regions, we have to pick just one for the discipline letter and the police blotter … might not be the one you were in.

[11:22] Jingyi Davies: I was there when I was flying over a Linden Road then I saw a guy on a motor bike there

[11:22] Jeremy Keiko: One of the mentors groups gave out a section of the cornfield πŸ™‚

[11:22] Michael Linden: The cornfield was too easy to escape from.

[11:22] Michael Linden: It might appear someday if an engineer can make it escape-proof.

[11:22] Jordan Islander: plus no access is a better punishment than ANY access

[11:22] Michael Linden: You could escape from it with landmarks, alas … far too easy.

[11:22] Jingyi Davies: how does it work? I can fly in and out.

[11:23] Jingyi Davies: it is connected to the road

[11:23] Jeremy Keiko gave you Cornfield remnants.

[11:23] Aree Lulibub: Thanks, Jeremy πŸ˜€

[11:23] Jeremy Keiko: πŸ™‚

[11:23] Jingyi Davies: where is the cornfield LM?

[11:23] Destiny Niles: nice to know incase I ever get sent to the cornfield

[11:24] Katar Supercharge: make the next one Boot Hill πŸ˜‰

[11:24] Aree Lulibub: Heh

[11:24] You: Ha!

[11:24] Jingyi Davies: Cornfield -> home of Cornholio’s

[11:24] Michael Linden: So: we don’t provide resolution letters, but we do sometimes contact the “victim” (report filer) if we need more info, or if we think that we can advise them how to improve their parcel settings (for example).

[11:25] Michael Linden: And some reports require us to travel to “the scene of the crime”. Gambling (for takedowns of casino machines), parcel encroachment (to evaluate and take down encroaching prims), etc.

[11:25] Jingyi Davies: if you can set up a “acces” line that actually de-materialise anything unwelcome objects.. it will stop a lot of things

[11:26] You: Parcel owners have that power

[11:26] Michael Linden: I spoke with some of our programmer/engineers about this last year.

[11:26] Mai Yip: is there ever going to be a clear definition of broadly offensive?

[11:26] Michael Linden: Defining the edge of an object in relation to the parcel boundaries using “visual” methods is too complex.

[11:27] Michael Linden: There’s a good chance though that Havok4 will be able to do object-penetration detection for parcels.

[11:27] Jingyi Davies: aha , so de-materialising acces line wont be possible in the future?

[11:27] Michael Linden: And it will fix the stock market, bring a golden age of progress to humanity, and cure the common cold.

[11:27] Calmee Clip: hello

[11:28] Michael Linden: “Broadly” offensive, Mai? It’s in the Community Standards.

[11:28] Astarte Artaud: can it be done just for objects or would that affect us as well ?

[11:28] Jingyi Davies: and make interstella travel possible , I know : )

[11:28] You: Oh boy where can I contribute to the implementation fund?

[11:28] Astarte Artaud: Sorry Michael …It isn’t

[11:28] Astarte Artaud: It is so vague and nobody knows what it means

[11:28] Michael Linden: I suppose it’ll be done so that a parcel owner can keep objects from crossing the parcel boundaries … maybe not for trees though.

[11:28] Jingyi Davies: trees are nice

[11:29] Pierce Kronos: and tasty

[11:29] Michael Linden: “Content, communication, or behavior which involves intense language or expletives, nudity or sexual content, the depiction of sex or violence, or anything else broadly offensive … ”

[11:29] Mai Yip: thats not clear

[11:29] Jingyi Davies: wow I think if anyone who came up with a de-materialise force shield for personal use will make many Lindens in SL

[11:29] You: Common sense clarifies many things

[11:30] Michael Linden: Hmm, well, Mai, if Linden Lab can do something that RL courts and lawmakers can’t agree on, it’d be … interesting.

[11:30] Jordan Islander: that would be some trick Michael

[11:31] Michael Linden: I think it’s *clear* Mai, but of course it’s not a specific, objective list of attributes, colors, locations, words, etc.

[11:31] Jingyi Davies: If some day the world in ruine lol, and only SL is here lol

[11:31] Michael Linden: Actually we used to have an objective definition of nudity for SL:

[11:32] Michael Linden: it’s what remains covered if you run the underwear sliders all the way down.

[11:32] You: Good definition

[11:32] Jingyi Davies: hahahhaah

[11:32] Pierce Kronos: How do you tell if a furry is nude then?

[11:32] Michael Linden: They’re covered in fur.

[11:32] Jingyi Davies: as long it isnt shaved !! lopl

[11:32] Jordan Islander: lol

[11:32] Jingyi Davies: hahaha

[11:32] Pierce Kronos: πŸ™‚

[11:32] Michael Linden: Are horses nude?

[11:32] Aree Lulibub: lol

[11:32] Jingyi Davies: hahaha

[11:32] Jingyi Davies: dope..

[11:33] You: Yup

[11:33] Jeremy Keiko gives pierce a sideways look

[11:33] Jingyi Davies: horse are nude..always..

[11:33] Jeremy Keiko: πŸ™‚

[11:33] Aree Lulibub: Unless they’re wearing a blanket

[11:33] Mai Yip: or a sadle

[11:33] You: Or a horse diaper

[11:33] Michael Linden: Actually and semi-seriously, the line at which a furry isn’t nude, and a “person” with some furry attributes is nude, isn’t subject to hard definitions.

[11:33] Jingyi Davies: still the private part is exposed lol

[11:33] Aree Lulibub: lol GLE

[11:33] Jingyi Davies: lol

[11:33] Jordan Islander: yeah that would be an interesting debate πŸ˜›

[11:34] Michael Linden: Punishing realistic frog avatars for “nudity” would be pretty silly.

[11:34] Jingyi Davies: wow SL will provide new legal issue thingies lol..

[11:34] Mai Yip: but frogs are offensive

[11:34] Mai Yip: they’re slimey

[11:34] Aargle Zymurgy: LOL

[11:34] Jingyi Davies: lol

[11:34] Michael Linden: But putting on a pair of cat ears and a tail doesn’t make a Resident immune to charges of indecency in a PG region.

[11:34] Jingyi Davies: kill the frogies lol

[11:34] Pierce Kronos: Sorry, was factious question, couldn’t resist though.

[11:34] Jordan Islander: hehe

[11:35] Jingyi Davies: wow I guess same thing will happen in the future if aliens arrives,.,. we will have totally new def. of nudity.. lol

[11:35] Michael Linden: Pornography is alas a “I know it when I see it” area of human experience. It’s culturally and personally mutable.

[11:35] Mai Yip: is porn against the tos?

[11:35] Michael Linden: Linden Lab nonetheless attempts to provide a reasonable and somewhat predictable response.

[11:36] Pierce Kronos: only with child avatars involved

[11:36] Mai Yip: du

[11:36] Astarte Artaud: Not on a mature sim….Or coming adult

[11:36] You: Or in a PG sim

[11:36] Mai Yip: duh

[11:36] Mai Yip: kk

[11:36] Michael Linden: No, Mai … but pornographic content or behavior in a PG region is (or in the “global” functions, such as profiles, search, parcel names, etc.)

[11:36] Mai Yip nods

[11:36] Astarte Artaud: Can I quote you on that in future Michael ??

[11:37] Jingyi Davies: but is ok if aslong you are in your own house and doing something ?

[11:37] Michael Linden: Sure.

[11:37] Katar Supercharge: as long as its nto a glass house πŸ˜‰

[11:37] Michael Linden: In a PG region, Jingyi?

[11:37] Jingyi Davies: yes

[11:37] Jingyi Davies: once a friend ask me ,

[11:37] Mai Yip: nope

[11:37] Michael Linden: It’s a violation in that case, Jingyi.

[11:37] Pierce Kronos: Incecent avatar names then would be Arable as well?

[11:37] You: Item #6 here:

[11:37] You:

[11:37] Jingyi Davies: she want to do something with her partner in a close house

[11:37] Pierce Kronos: indecent*

[11:37] Michael Linden: Certainly, Pierce.

[11:37] Jingyi Davies: oh lol

[11:38] Jingyi Davies: so nothing sexual at all : )

[11:38] Jingyi Davies: Now I understand why PG are a bit cheaper than mature : )

[11:38] Mai Yip: lol

[11:38] Aree Lulibub: Thing is, Jingyu, even if the house is closed, anyone can cam in and look

[11:38] Jingyi Davies: I have to sell my pg’s asap lol

[11:38] Jingyi Davies: how about skybox?

[11:38] Jordan Islander: lol

[11:38] Mai Yip: same

[11:39] Michael Linden: Obviously, there’s some incidental “nudity” in PG regions that, if keep low-profile, we won’t punish. Mostly involving appearance editing and changing outfits.

[11:39] Mai Yip: or network problems

[11:39] Jingyi Davies: lol

[11:39] Michael Linden: I’m not sure if “missing image” counts as “nude” … “I don’t have any clothes on, but I’m not naked!”

[11:39] Jingyi Davies: in the welcome area.. when I was in the first day.. everyone was naked lol

[11:40] Michael Linden: Unintentional nudity isn’t a violation of the Community Standards.

[11:40] You: I found a couple in Sandbox Island once (PG) making love with their clothes on. After asking them to stop, I wrote an AR due to “depiction of sex.” Seems to fit the definition in CS but I was still a little unsure about it.

[11:40] Michael Linden: Unintentional, or at least unforeseeable actions, in general aren’t violations of the Community Standards.

[11:40] Jingyi Davies: lol

[11:41] You: They said there was no nudity so no violation.

[11:41] Destiny Niles: like when a sim crash an they are sent to a pg welcome area

[11:41] Michael Linden: “Sexual content”

[11:41] Michael Linden: Lenny Bruce would mock us, I know …

[11:41] Jordan Islander: lol\

[11:41] Jingyi Davies: huhuh

[11:41] You: And everyone here is over 18 by definition…

[11:42] Jingyi Davies: you never know

[11:42] Michael Linden: Well, not everyone in the “main” part of Second Life wishes to be exposed to “non-PG” stuff.

[11:42] Jingyi Davies: mostluy over 50

[11:42] You: Yes, some of that is hugely offensive to some people.

[11:43] Jingyi Davies: lol

[11:43] Michael Linden: Anyway, I gotta get going. Lots of e-mails to catch up on. We’ll try to put up an agenda billboard here, or something like that.

[11:43] Pierce Kronos: like the goatsie image

[11:43] Jingyi Davies: aye aye

[11:43] Tengu Yamabushi: And a soapbox? πŸ™‚

[11:43] Pierce Kronos: Thanks Michael

[11:43] Astarte Artaud: that would be great Michael

[11:43] You: Thank you, Michael, this was an excellent session.

[11:43] Jeremy Keiko: Thank you Michael

[11:43] Tengu Yamabushi: Yes, thank you πŸ™‚

[11:43] Aree Lulibub: TC Michael

[11:43] Aargle Zymurgy: Michael, thank you much for your time.

[11:43] Jordan Islander: ty Michael, very informative πŸ™‚

[11:43] Aargle Zymurgy: I know you went much overime.

[11:43] Michael Linden: I don’t think we’ll be posting a log of these sessions soon … the blogs were doing a good job of that last week.

[11:43] Jingyi Davies: here is much nicer than other chat places : ) ehehh eheh

[11:43] Katar Supercharge: thanks Michael

[11:43] Jeamstine Jurgis: Michael I’d like to have resources in a sim that houses infohub on the agenda for Tuesday.

[11:43] Pierce Kronos: Amazing what you can learn when folks don’t dominate the session with an agenda.

[11:43] Destiny Niles: thanks Michael

[11:44] You: True, Pierce

[11:44] Michael Linden: Soapbox to come. Have fun all, and thanks for coming!

[11:44] Jordan Islander: thanks again

[11:44] Jingyi Davies: have a nice day..

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