Alt abuse – Thatoneguy Lawl

Profile page for Thatoneguy Lawl

Profile page for Thatoneguy Lawl

Once upon a time there was a very bad Second Life resident named Thatoneguy Lawl. He did so many bad things that Linden Lab finally had enough of him and terminated his account. But instead of walking away from Second Life and finding something else to do, he created a new account and returned. After a while, that account was also terminated, so he returned with a new one. This behavior continued over the years, with account after account being terminated and new accounts being created. Here is the history of the accounts that we know about:

Lawlypants Alts

Lawlypants Alts

Lawlypants usually can be found in Arapaima or one of the other safe hubs, trying to attract young ladies, or pontificating about how sexual ageplay is great or his religion is better than yours. The residents keep reporting him, Linden Lab keeps terminating his accounts, and he keeps creating new accounts and coming back. So if you are in one of the Safe Hubs and you see this guy, please remember that he is not supposed to be in Second Life. Sending Linden Lab an Abuse Report will help the rest of us to live happily ever after.

Lawlypants 470 in Arapaima

Lawlypants 470 in Arapaima

While we are on the topic, one of the ways to find out whether a resident’s account has been suspended or terminated is to look for their name in Search. If you don’t find it, then they are temporarily or permanently gone. An account can be suspended if Linden Lab is investigating it being hijacked, or terminated for repeated violations of the Terms of Service. But just because you can’t find the resident’s profile in Search doesn’t mean it’s unavailable. Here’s how you can find someone’s profile page if they are missing from Search.

  • From your Second Life client, click Help > Report Abuse
  • In the Abuse Report window, in the area of “Abuser name:” click the Choose button
  • Type in all or part of the resident’s Second Life name in the window and click the Go button
  • In the resultant list, find the name you want, right click on it, and select View Profile

This should bring up both current and former resident names. It’s not perfect, though: for some reason lawlypants470 is not found when searching for “lawlypants,” and many of his former alts don’t show up either. But if you know the resident’s exact name, you can expect to find the profile.

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1 Response to Alt abuse – Thatoneguy Lawl

  1. Erin says:

    thank you i see lots of those type in SL no wonder things turned out a mess

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