Security settings for ignoring ad-hoc chats

You’re having a quiet evening, enjoying Second Life, when suddenly a new chat window opens and you see this:

Poppy Walcott (1madara): Someone please lend me these 100L I’m asking. I really need and promise to pay back. I beg you, please… I’m desperate.

Argh! A beggar bot again! It set up an ad-hoc chat with hundreds of members. Even if you close the chat window, the bot can start a new chat and invite you again if you haven’t blocked him. Annoying, isn’t it? You can stop being annoyed, because you can stop random strangers from including you in their chat sessions. The Firestorm viewer has a great way to make that happen.


Hit Ctrl-P to open Preferences, then go to Chat > Chat Windows. Near the bottom of the window, check the box that says “Automatically ignore and leave all conference (ad-hoc) chats.” To see a message when Firestorm clobbers the beggar bot’s chat request, check the box that says “Report ignored conference chats in nearby chat.” And if your friends sometimes start ad-hoc chats and you still want to be included in those, check the box that says “Don’t ignore conference chats invitations from my friends.” I have all three of those boxes checked, and here’s what I see in local chat when the beggar bot tries to spam me:

[You’ve been invited to a conference (ad-hoc) chat, but viewer automatically ignored it because of your settings.]

If you leave the second box unchecked, you won’t even see that report. But I get a certain satisfaction in seeing that the beggar bot was thwarted. Good people have a natural instinct to help others who are in trouble. These bots are taking advantage of people who are trying to be nice to their fellow residents. Let them eat static!

EDIT – I do not see similar settings in the Second Life viewer.


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1 Response to Security settings for ignoring ad-hoc chats

  1. Hal Jordan says:

    During the chat spam sessions this evening, one of the participants told me that this method does not work for the Singularity viewer.

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