The Wreck of Operation Battlecruiser


Banned griefer’s ghosted avatar stuck in a walking animation is decorated with props in Sandbox Cordova

The Wreck of Operation Battlecruiser
by GreenLantern Excelsior

The Great PN Raid of November ’07
Was planned to be vicious and mean,
With sim-crashing style,
And “lulz” by the mile,
The worst Second Lifers had seen.

The Green Lantern Core and the great Justice League
Were prepared to observe and report.
With their shields charged to max,
They’d AR the attacks
By the griefers they’d promised to thwart.

The Lindens were ready, their steely eyes steady.
The Grid was in perfect repair.
At the first sign of trouble
They’d move on the double,
Protecting the residents there.

The sim owners, managers, vendors and guests
Were unsure of just what to expect,
So they locked down their sims
And inspected their prims
And security they double checked.

The day came at last, and the griefers moved fast,
But anarchy failed to ensue.
Lack of participation
Was SL’s salvation,
So PN’s big plans all fell through.

A couple of longcats were all that we saw,
And a singular Shiny Fun Friend.
With a scroll and a click,
The cleanup was quick,
And Friday night came to an end.

Now somewhere the griefers are vicious and keen,
And cunning and ruthless and smart,
But the Second Life kind
Are the ones we don’t mind,
For their plans always just fall apart.

So my friends, just remember sixteenth of November
Two thousand and seven the year.
With its Battlecruiser,
PN was the loser.
We winners have nothing to fear.

I found this on my hard disk while looking for something else. It was posted in an article on the Alphaville Herald on November 17, 2007, so it turned 8 years old yesterday! I thought it would be nice to have it here, not to brag about writing a poem, but to make a point about griefing.

The Patriotic Nigras (PN), an organized griefing group that caused major problems in the early years of Second Life, has been gone for many years. The Alphaville Herald, a blog that was frequently sympathetic toward griefers, has been inactive for two years now. The Herald’s publisher, Pixeleen Mistral, is no longer found in Second Life search. But the peacekeepers remain, our numbers increasing  and our expertise improved. And we’re not limited to just two major groups now. Most peacekeepers are members of several different anti-griefing groups, so if one group decides not to protect residents any more or another group suffers a crippling decrease in membership, there is always a backup to take up the slack and continue the mission.

It is doubtful that Second Life will ever see another major organized griefing group like the PN (or an enabler blog like the Herald), but if it does happen, the peacekeepers will be ready!

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