More proof that the lindens react to Abuse Reports.

So one of our patrol members named Mitch sent out a warning last night about some extreme furry hate in the sandbox. We arrived and saw this monstrosity sitting in the sandbox.


This is all we can show you of it because inside the furry hate house was photos so graphic, so horrifying that several of our patrol members became physically ill. The part that makes this even worse is this contraption was located on a G rated sim that anyone could come and find including underage children.

With this in mind we had several members immediately Abuse Report these photos and we proceeded to contact Linden Lab.

Within an hour of this Governance16 Linden came and removed the mess from the sim and the owner, a one Xandall (SiloReturns Resident) was banned from Second Life.

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4 Responses to More proof that the lindens react to Abuse Reports.

  1. Hal,

    That’s truly sickening in light of the fact that children could see it, so thanks for your hard work. Nevertheless, I do think that 45 minutes to an hour for a Linden Labs’ employee to take action at a “G” rated sim doesn’t cut it these days. For example, if a patron at a McDonald’s spills a drink. I believe that (thanks to years of litigation) an employee would set up a barrier with a “wet floor” sign, and come and clean up the spill immediately.

    If LL wants a new generation of young people to enjoy the game with their parents building “stuff” at a sandbox, they need to step up their game and react within seconds. I hope Ebbe listens (as the current 2015 CEO/COO who also seems to be a reasonably prudent man and good parent).

    (DISCLAIMER: this commentary does not constitute solicitation or provision of legal advice).

    /s “hectorc2”

    • Drew says:

      I would tend to agree however one hour is not a bad response time compared to the much longer normal response times.

      • Iala says:

        and of course time of day is important to know. Given that LL only has employees in the US, and most or all of them on the west coast, there’s a considerable period of time every day that they’re not able to respond quickly (a few guys on night shift drinking coffee and eating pizza in an attempt to stay awake aren’t going to respond lightning fast, especially if there’s things going on hitting many sims at the same time).

  2. DD Ra says:

    I agree with both of you, this intervention was much needed, one our delay intervention is quick for Linden Standarts, but a bit too long for a virtual platform welcoming underage kids !
    I know some sim proprietors who do up their sim rating not to have to face such liabilities.

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