New Second Life Abuse Report form offers simplicity, problems

The next release of the Firestorm viewer will include the new Abuse Report categories that are currently available on the default Linden Lab viewer. Currently, Firestorm shows the old list of 38 categories.

Old Abuse Report categories

Old Abuse Report categories

The new category list (as shown on the current LL default viewer) has been simplified to only 14 categories.

New Abuse Report categories

New Abuse Report categories

Here are the changes, and some of them are surprising.

  • Age > Age play
  • Age > Adult resident on Teen Second Life
  • Age > Underage resident outside of Teen Second Life

…have all been combined into…

  • Age > Age play

Obviously an adult can’t be on Teen Second Life – it’s been gone since 2011. Removing the category for reporting underage residents is a problem. [1]

  • Assault > Combat sandbox / unsafe area
  • Assault > Safe area
  • Assault > Weapons testing sandbox

…have been combined into…

  • Assault > Shooting, pushing, or shoving another Resident in a Safe Area

This is the exact definition of Assault from section 3 of the Community Standards.

  • Commerce > Failure to deliver product or service

…has been removed.

  • Disclosure > Real World information
  • Disclosure > Remotely monitoring chat
  • Disclosure > Second Life information/chat/IMs

…have been combined into…

  • Disclosure > Real world information

This will be a big problem. [2]

  • Disturbing the peace > Unfair use of region resources
  • Disturbing the peace > Excessive scripted objects
  • Disturbing the peace > Object littering
  • Disturbing the peace > Repetitive spam
  • Disturbing the peace > Unwanted advert spam

…have been combined into…

  • Disturbing the peace > Excessive scripted objects
  • Disturbing the peace > Object littering
  • Disturbing the peace > Repetitive spam

The two deleted categories were somewhat subjective anyway.

  • Fraud > L$
  • Fraud > Land
  • Fraud > Pyramid scheme or chain letter
  • Fraud > US$

…have been combined into…

  • Fraud > L$ or USD $

I wonder how to report a problem if the fraud is in Euros.

  • Harassment > Advert farms / visual spam
  • Harassment > Defaming individuals or groups
  • Harassment > Impeding movement
  • Harassment > Sexual harassment
  • Harassment > Soliciting/inciting others to violate ToS
  • Harassment > Verbal abuse

…have been combined into…

  • Harassment > Targeted behavior intended to disrupt

That seems like a good “catch all” definition.

  • Indecency > Broadly offensive content or conduct
  • Indecency > Inappropriate avatar name
  • Indecency > Inappropriate content or conduct in a PG region
  • Indecency > Inappropriate content or conduct in a Moderate region

…have been combined into…

  • Indecency > Broadly offensive content or conduct
  • Indecency > Inappropriate avatar name
  • Indecency > Inappropriate content or conduct for Region Rating

This was another example of obsolete terms being removed.

  • Intolerance

It’s still intolerance, simply a single word.

  • Land > Abuse of sandbox resources
  • Land > Encroachment > Objects/textures
  • Land > Encroachment > Particles
  • Land > Encroachment > Trees/plants

…have been combined into…

  • Land > Encroachment > Objects or textures

Apparently tree encroachment is not a big enough problem to need its own AR category any more, LOL.

  • Wagering/gambling

…has been changed to…

  • Gaming Policy Violation

And finally…

  • Other

This has been removed as a category. This is another big problem. [3]

For those of us who report abuse every day in opposition to griefers, there are several problem areas in the revised AR categories.

  1. We will be unable to report underage residents in Second Life using the new AR form.
  2. Community Standards section 4 still states that “Remotely monitoring conversations in Second Life, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without the participants’ consent are all prohibited,” but we cannot report these violations using the new AR form. This is a common violation that we see all the time. If, as the Community Standards states, “Residents are entitled to a reasonable level of privacy with regard to their Second Life experience,” then the prohibited sharing of inworld chat logs warrants its own AR category.
  3.  There is no longer an “Other” category, so residents cannot report problems that do not fit into one of the current 14 categories. For example, what if someone is impersonating a Linden or another resident? How do we report someone whose account has been hijacked, where the griefer is sending out fake Marketplace links? There are many different situations that are Terms of Service violations that we cannot report, using the new AR form.

This is an important change for peacekeepers, who write Abuse Reports almost every day. Because most of us use Firestorm, we may not have been aware of these changes. The new AR form will be released with the next revision of Firestorm, though, so we will be faced with a simple form that does not do everything that we need. If the situation is not fixed, we may have to start submitting Support Cases or using Live Chat as a workaround to report problems.

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8 Responses to New Second Life Abuse Report form offers simplicity, problems

  1. anything that can’t be ARed can be posted here
    some Lindens are MODS on the forum

    • Hal Jordan says:

      That is a good point, but I wonder if that forum is monitored at all times.

      • JTW says:

        it isn’t, and it’s explicitly NOT intended for reporting people. In fact naming residents in a negative way (which calling out abuse by someone would be) is “naming and shaming” and will get you banned from the forums.

        Of course you can and should just pick the nearest matching category and use that. So fake MP links for example become “fraud, L$ or US$” as that’s the intent of the scams.

  2. Lindal Kidd says:

    LL’s rules for the use of Live Chat and the Support portal expressly state that its workers cannot and will not respond to reports of abuse or griefing, so that isn’t an option. I’m sorry to see some of the other categories go away, especially since “Other” is one of them. However, we should still be able to submit ARs on the other violations, by simply choosing the closest available category and providing adequate explanation.

  3. Nibor Shoreland says:

    I was scammed out of my entire savings (69K L$ = approx $250 US) before Christmas last year. I duly reported it with copies of the incriminating convos, Now, three and a half months later the avi who scammed me still appears in search and i haven’t recieved a single Linden back, so my question is this: as LL, despite their enormous power, refuse to give ANY FEED BACK whatsoever, what is the point in making ANY Abuse Reports?

    • JTW says:

      An in world scam like that would be a “conflict between residents” and therefore explicitly not handled by the Lindens.
      If you give someone money and they run with it, nothing they will do about it.
      And rightly so. Otherwise they’d be swamped with people fraudulently complaining about poor service from vendors and things like that and effectively scamming a store or service provider by demanding the Lindens refund them their purchase. This would hit land rental agents especially hard. Rent a sim or parcel, pay a month in advance, and at the end complain to the Lindens about the lack of service and you get your money back, effectively defrauding the rental agency.

      And no, the Lindens won’t tell you what if any action is taken on your reports. As it should be, to prevent vigilantism, people being hunted down by irate residents after their unwarranted ARs went unactioned.

  4. Aion says:

    Someone named Startnewlifeagain is returning objects that are not set to be edited by others and it is saying “Governor Linden” returned them. I haven’t seen this before. The person definitely wasn’t actually a Linden.

  5. JP says:

    Ive been harassed for 3 years and my personal information scattered all over sl. Chat logs shared …everything. I reported him daily. LL did nothing though he kept going. He has harassed others thinking its me. Report after report, and LL acts like they never heard of the TOS. Would be nice if the truth were known. Linden Labs TOS is a joke.

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