Confirmed on March 30, 2015, DANLlNDEN HAS BEEN BANNED. His name can no longer be found in the Search window in Second Life. It is unknown what, if anything, will become of Bug Island and any other regions owned by Dan Linden after this ban. And there is no word on whether this ban is related to Linden Lab’s implementation of the new two dimensional side scrolling mode. The photo below was taken in Dan’s personal region, Bug Island, on March 29.

DANLlNDEN in Bug Island

DANLlNDEN in Bug Island

Reference: Second Life forum


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3 Responses to Shock! DANLlNDEN BANNED!!!

  1. Wlfric Gausman says:

    Hmm.. Considering the Lindens all have a legacy name “Linden” and not “Resident” he might have been banned simply for pretending to be a “Linden”. They frown on impersonation of Linden Labs employees.

  2. What are you guys talking about? This guy is still here, still has the sims and according to his profile he is a Linden Lab Employee and he has been online within three (3) days from the posting of my (this) comment. I got to tell you, i’m real confused here.

    • Hal Jordan says:

      This one is a little tricky but there are some clues.

      1. The person you’re talking about is named “Dan Linden.” The person shown in the snapshot is DANLlNDEN Resident.
      2. If you look closely at the name, you can see that there is a lowercase “L” where there should be a capital “i”.
      3. The link to the Linden Lab news article about SL in side scrolling mode contains a clue to this post.
      4. The date this post was written is significant. 🙂

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