A new way to help SL residents – The Red Alert HUD

UPDATE – We apologize, but the Red Alert HUD will be offline for the foreseeable future.


In our continuing effort to help Second Life residents, the technical division of The Green Lanterns has developed the Red Alert HUD. When activated, this device sends a distress call to members of The Green Lanterns. Lanterns will respond to the alert location and offer assistance. Here’s how it works.

Step One – Go to the Schylo Labs vendor and get a copy of the free Red Alert HUD. While you are there, pick up a copy of the free [AWP] Anti-Griefing HUD, which has some great features. The vendors are side by side at that location – just click to receive your HUDs.

Step Two – Right click on the Red Alert HUD in your inventory and select “Add” (the Anti-Griefing HUD requires unpacking). By default, the Red Alert attaches to the bottom left position on your screen. It is a small square that looks like the picture in this article. It contains only one script, and it has no hover text to cause lag. When the HUD attaches, you will see this message in local chat:

TGL – Red Alert HUD v1.01 (ADD): This tool is designed for help and security purposes, not for mediating personal disputes. You are responsible for any calls you make. False alarm calls will result in deactivation of your HUD.

Now you are ready. When you see a major griefer attack, click the HUD. A window will open, displaying the following text:

[YOUR NAME]’s ‘TGL – Red Alert HUD v1.01’

Are you sure you want to call for help from The Green Lanterns? Ignore if you are not sure.

Please tell what is happening and Send

Type a short description of what you are seeing into the text box and click the “Submit” button (or, if you decide not to call for help, click the “Ignore” button). You should get an immediate response from the Lanterns who receive the call. We will come to your location, send reports to Linden Lab about the problem, and recommend any possible changes you can make that will help you avoid future problems.

Here are the limitations on the system:

  1. HUD users must be at least 180 days old in Second Life. This is to prevent newborn griefers from getting HUDs and spamming hundreds of false alarm calls.
  2. You can only make one call every 5 minutes with the HUD. This is to prevent the Lanterns from being overloaded with messages in local chat.
  3. You are allowed one false alarm call, such as “I clicked it by accident” or “I was just testing.” After the second false alarm call, your HUD will be deactivated and you will not be able to get another one from the vendor. This is to keep Lanterns from chasing ghost calls all over the grid.
  4. This system is designed to be used only for emergency calls, hence the name “Red Alert.” If your sky is full of screaming porno cubes and bouncing pictures of bloody dead bodies, then please call us. If a branch from your neighbor’s tree extends onto your property, then please don’t call us. We especially do not want to be called out as a group for any personal disputes, although individual members may agree to help with those if requested.
  5. As always with any of our projects, it is our pleasure to help the residents of Second Life and to make those griefers cry, so we never charge a fee for our response. If we helped you, and you wish to say “thank you,” that would be fantastic. You could also consider recommending the HUD to your friends if they are plagued by griefers.

And if you are intrigued by the idea of a group of volunteers who give their time unselfishly to help others, consider joining The Green Lanterns. You probably won’t become rich or powerful or famous as a result, but you will be enriched beyond the power of money, by becoming someone’s personal hero. Also, we have cool spandex uniforms!


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