Here’s how to defeat graphics crashers

Way back in May of 2013, we wrote an article entitled Debug settings to make graphics crashers obsolete. It was the most popular link on the blog to date, and generated some good discussion. The method involved making changes to three different settings in the debug menu, but it had “side effects.” If you ever tried it, you know that it would cause floors and walls to disappear, and not in a consistent way. So I put my settings back to normal after enduring all of the problems, and I suppose everyone else did too.

After dealing with graphics crashers for so long, Second Life peacekeepers have tried many different ways to be able to stay in the same region as a graphics crasher so we can write an Abuse Report. Those with low end computers can’t stay around for long, and even high tech systems will crash after a long exposure. But finally we have discovered a way to minimize the effects of a graphics crasher. This will work for everyone.

In your viewer’s Advanced menu (hit Ctrl-Alt-D if you don’t see it), you will see a menu item called Rendering Types. Toggling these 13 different settings allows you to see or not see things in Second Life. To turn off your view of a graphics crasher, you want to turn off your view of Volume. You will see on the menu that the shortcut for that is Ctrl+Alt+Shift+9


If you hold down the Ctrl, Alt, and Shift keys you will be able to hit the 9 key and toggle your view of Volume on and off. I knew that this worked for prims, but wasn’t sure whether it also works for mesh objects (and mesh graphics crashers). So we did a test. Here is my friend Lucy sitting on a mesh park bench:


And here is the same screen after turning off the Volume view:


You can see that the view of the floor and the other objects and Lucy’s mesh boots and the bench itself is gone. The only reason you can see the outline of the bench is that it is still being edited. That’s good to remember – if you are holding the graphics crasher in edit, whether it is rendered or not, you will see your speed decreasing, headed for the ultimate crash (using the Statistics display, Ctrl+Shift+1).

So that’s it! The end of the rule of graphics crashers over Second Life residents. If you turn off Volume, you can’t see them and they can’t crash you. Granted, everyone else looks weird with no hair or furry heads or prim boobs, but at least you get to stay online.

As always, if there are issues with this method or someone has a better solution, please post in the comments.


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6 Responses to Here’s how to defeat graphics crashers

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  3. Hal Jordan says:

    Here is a YouTube video that demonstrates how well this works.

  4. Hal Jordan says:

    Whirly Fizzle commented on Inara Pey’s blog article to update the “mesh crashers” issue. She describes what peacekeepers have been seeing in the field, rezzed objects that we call simply “graphics crashers,” as “standard lagger mesh crashers.” That is what our blog post was about, and those graphics card crashes are easily avoided by disabling the display of Volume, as demonstrated in the above YouTube video. Whirly’s post is here:

    Whirly clarified the issue by further describing the mesh crashers in question. They are rigged mesh attachments worn by the agent. They cause a crash not by overloading the graphics card but by exploiting a bug in the viewer code. The worn mesh objects have a very high vertex count that crashes not the graphics card, but the viewer itself. The Firestorm team is working on a feature to defeat this type of crash.

    Other mesh crashers, which caused problems in the past due to “corrupted” mesh, have been rendered ineffectual by viewer code updates. One remaining rigged mesh crasher, already fixed in Firestorm, still causes problems in the standard LL viewer. This problem can be fixed by disabling the Advance Lighting Model.

    As far as I know, peacekeepers in the field have not been affected by rigged mesh attachment crashers. Maybe the griefers no longer have the capability to create and distribute this type of item before the viewer code experts have fixed it. The issue here as I see it is that griefers are still using the most common type of “standard lagger mesh crashers” to attack residents’ graphics cards. These graphics card crashers are being rezzed all over the grid on a daily basis, and no one that I know of is working on a fix for that problem. If any of our readers can suggest an approach to make these crashers obsolete, please let me know.

  5. susie q says:

    just a report I experienced the children “hackers” attention here for this reason I came here reading these informations of this sad dynamic…

  6. Patrick Emry says:

    this doesn’t work when they can crash you so fast you don’t get to press ctrl alt shift 9

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