More Abuse Reports, more missing griefer names, Part 3

The list keeps getting longer. You may have seen some of these names listed as owners of griefer objects that impacted your Second Life. You won’t see them any more, because their names can’t be found in Search. As someone (correctly) pointed out, being missing from Search doesn’t mean Linden Lab banned the resident as a result of Abuse Reports. The resident may have deleted his own account, or LL may have banned him for an unrelated reason. But whatever happened, these folks will not be around to make people’s Second Life miserable any more. And that’s a good thing! Here’s the latest list:

  • 1lluminat3 – Mass rez lantern attacks, in connection to Mieomnnc/L1fehax
  • BlackFaceSam – Attacked with black blocks that follow and cling on to avatars
  • cerealxkiller – Mass rez sandboxes
  • Ch1kan – Massive rezz attack with laggers and sounds and attacking a sandbox with Green Lantern Rezzers and then Mario Rezzers
  • C4H10FO2P – Display name is Sarin in Japanese. C4H10FO2P is the chemical formula for Sarin Nerve Gas. connected to L1fehax/Toilet Rain
  • DamnTheMatrixHasMe – Rezzed large rotating prims on mainland regions that pushed everyone like ragdolls
  • desirekk – Owner of a lantern griefing at TG
  • DobbyT – Attacked Sandbox Island with huge laggers
  • Edgar Button – Griefed Brunes auction house, with Emma Folger, together with members of the fake “Pink Lanterns Corps” and some “SL military community” members
  • ElsaTheBitch – Massive attack with red/blue objects and unbearable noise
  • KeanuReevesMarkII – Mass rez in sandboxes
  • KingEdgeLord – Was being watched for griefing
  • kooanorooves – Rezzed large rotating prims on mainland regions that pushed everyone like ragdolls
  • kopke00 – In connection to Edgar Button
  • LndenLabPublicToilet – Mass rez in sandboxes
  • Lepen1 – Massive rezz of objects covering great part of the sandbox (SI 2 TG), making movement impossible
  • LulzMan – Attacked at Goguen with particles depicting Jesus Christ having sexual intercourse
  • Mieomnnc – Mass rez Lantern attacks – connected to Toilet Rain/L1fehax
  • Mortimaria – Attacking at Barbarossa with gtrap, laggers, particles. connected to Riulinda
  • mrmeeep – Attacked with particles and pushers
  • niggastraightoutacompton – Afro Bug island troll < possible L1fehax alt
  • nYfjJcYa – Rez self reproducing objects on Ebisu
  • poozjym – SB TG The sandbox was littered with numerous scripted objects
  • Renanstimpy – Mass rez Linden home lands
  • Riulinda – Massive attacks at Barbarossa with lights, sounds spam, gtrap, Baneblade Cannon
  • Squirting Pussey (SquirtingPusy) – Hundreds of blinding mega prims at sandboxes
  • swvy3eke resident – CHOPPA MAN attack on Mooaleo
  • takadddair – In connection to Edgar Button
  • TH0RRET0 – Scamming. Object name: Sex and Dance HUD [KRING]
  • Tom Jones – In connection to Edgar Button
  • TrullZor – Massive rez of giant follower chickens covering the whole parcel, making movement impossible
  • UghTheMatrixHasMe – Rezzed large rotating prims on mainland regions that pushed everyone like ragdolls
  • UnapologeticWhhore – Mass rez hundreds of blinding megaprims at Newcomb

Step right up. Don’t be shy. Who’s next?

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3 Responses to More Abuse Reports, more missing griefer names, Part 3

  1. Strider says:

    add Malackeye (key: a2cf7024-cae2-4b07-9f13-dbec733758af) He’s the latest one dropping the “green lantern particle emitters/ shouters (as per
    ~ all over Sutekh…

  2. Hal Jordan says:

    Thank you, Strider. Is he missing from Search now? Hope so.

  3. Anonymous says:

    At least three of those I am sure are alts of Sweetdick Bigdipper who’s been causing grief on SL for ages. He was also recently spotted (and reported ) as PANDIT Resident, spamming various chat groups with racist content and using a viewer crasher to knock (mainly new) residents offline.

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