The limits of Second Life

Yesterday the White Tiger Mentors group chat came to life with a request for information:

1. hello Tigers 🙂 pls.. does anybody knows how many words or characters a notecard support? if there is such a thing… 🙂

What’s the answer? How would you find out? Where would you look if someone needed other information?

2. How many attachments can I wear?
3. If I create a new avatar, how long can my name be?
4. How high can I build or rez objects?
5. How high do ban lines reach if I have turned off public access to my parcel?

A short Google search showed the Second Life wiki page called Limits. Even if you’ve been in SL for many years, there are things on this page that you didn’t know. It’s one of those resources that you may not have known about, but once you find it, it’s an absolute treasure. And even if you knew about it before, it’s worth the time to take another look. Oh, and here are the answers to the questions above:

  1. Maximum notecard line: None, but scripts can only read the first 255 bytes. Maximum notecard size: 65,536 bytes
  2. 38 combined HUD or body attachments
  3. 31 characters
  4. 4096.0 meters
  5. Ground elevation plus 50 meters

Just like in real life, you need to know your limits.


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