Recent griefer attacks show Hal Jordan as the object creator

On May 23, 2014, the headquarters parcel of The Green Lanterns was visited by three avatars: Contbach (draig.norse) and two others. Contbach, whose account is more than 7 years old in Second Life (!), rezzed more than 30 objects on the parcel, one of which was a common griefer object, a bloody horse head that screams “Brains!” Since the three were still present on the parcel, I spoke with them and asked them respectfully to leave, which they did. After they left, I added Contbach to the parcel’s ban list.

On May 24, 2014, the headquarters parcel of The Green Lanterns was visited by Nigr0npr1m3 Resident (2 days old), who dropped several different types of objects including a striped pool ball with the Green Lantern symbol on it, a spinning Green Lantern power battery, and a cube showing a photo of persons identified as belonging to the Green Lantern Core. Some of these objects emitted chat spam and particle spam, and some of that was intolerant, offensive, and/or just plain annoying. Here are some of the less offensive examples of the chat spam:

  • b45273f8-9042-fed7-884c-695ebd40d175 shouts: Hal Jordan is God, and god hates YOU!
  • d92960ee-4993-c313-8d14-e9adef408a61 shouts: Green Lantern Corps.
  • 6bc89494-2519-b776-3847-0720ce39a5c3 shouts: Hal Jordan is God
  • a97ea9a8-cae8-fdf2-1281-15608caa5096 shouts: Hal Jordan is God, OBEY!
  • a011a295-4a28-5d5c-c8e7-14def0225a87 shouts: OBEY! Hal Jordan for he is GOD!
  • f0497367-c8a1-988a-413e-cdb6025f149b shouts: Green Lantern Corps, Hardcore PowerRanger Gang. Griefing your Second Life since 2006
  • 15f4f145-64ca-1ecc-b4ec-cf86b24b4bec shouts: Green Lantern Corps, Hardcore PowerRanger Gang

As we worked to get the items removed from our parcel and the surrounding sims, I realized that the objects, although owned by Nigr0npr1m3 Resident, showed me, Hal Jordan (GreenLantern Excelsior) as the creator. Then I realized where I had seen the pool ball before. It is one of the “bullets” in a device called a “Mega Cleaner” created by a good friend several years ago to help clean griefer objects out of the Linden sandboxes. The bullets contain a script that causes them to die after a few seconds, but sometimes during extreme lag events they don’t self-delete. One of the griefers had probably found one and took it into his inventory. Likewise, the large spinning green power battery is another object from my inventory, this one completely unscripted. Someone found this and took a copy and it ended up in the hands of the griefers. The cube with the Green Lantern Core texture is not something I recognized, but it could have been created from the Mega Cleaner bullet.

As we were removing the griefer objects, I was called to Sandbox Newcomb by a friend who pointed out similar griefing objects owned by D0raExpl0rer Resident. The previous owner was Nigr0npr1m3 Resident, who probably created the new account and gave the objects to D0ra knowing that he would be permanently banned from Second Life soon. As the griefing continued by D0ra in other locations, I began to realize that this was not a simple act of revenge because three people had been asked to leave our parcel. This attack must have been planned for quite a long time. I have not used the Mega Cleaner for several weeks, so someone had to have collected that pool ball bullet quite some time ago and added the griefer scripts to it in preparation for that day’s attacks. The three visitors to our parcel were probably scouts sent to see which parcels allowed objects to be created.

I receved only one inquiry on May 24 about those objects:

  • [2014/05/24 22:04:03] REDACTED: Hello. Is there a reason why you are listed as the creator of the items the sandbox and other sims?
  • [2014/05/24 22:04:20] REDACTED: that are getting griefed at this moment?
  • [2014/05/24 22:04:29] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Yes they found a prim of mine and used it for evil purposes. Check the owner.
  • [2014/05/24 22:07:40] REDACTED: i did. i made sure i reported the owner
  • [2014/05/24 22:07:57] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Thank you, that’s helpful

On May 25, 2014, the griefing continued with a new griefer, GreenLanternC0rpz Resident, and I began to receive other notifications and inquiries about the objects. Many of the inquiries were downright unfriendly.

  • Hey there. Just FYI, it’s a holiday weekend so there’s a GreenLanternC0rpz Resident lolcubing the Blake Sea. ARs are already flying, so I don’t expect he’ll last, but figured you might wish to know for your own records.
  • hey asshole grow up and stop griefing
  • keep your crap off my land griefer
  • you dum ass
  • Hello Hal, grifers have been hitting several sims by using alts with names similar to the Green Lantern and your name as well, gridwide
  • WTH is goinf on?
  • thoes pictures are cool
  • do you realize people are working here, you have crap all over the place here i have a rebuild ghoing on and got all my damn objects returned all my products, not only aare you banned from all aour parcels but we have filed an abuse report on you
  • Hiya Hal, someone’s using objects created by you for griefing in the hydra nova region, thougt you’d like to know
  • I’m removing you from my friendslist. Apperantly you created something that GRIEVERS use to crash and herass sims. If you fight grievers you shouldn’t have created devices that can be used against you. I won’t report you. I will report secondlife:///app/agent/baffbc4a-9baa-4201-ba37-41a40142d429/about
  • I read on the web page that I was referred to on your group site that Green Lanterns are a community watch group and report griefers to Linden Labs ~ then why are you griefing in Sailor’s Cove at the moment?
  • what’s the deal with creating griefing objects??
  • ,,,,,
  • Reported!
  • hi Hal… I am not sure what is going on but you were just banned and ar turned in on your for griefing Little blue fermi. It was a giant griefing. I am hoping someone spoofed you but it had green lanterns all over… but was very racist
  • There is a griefer attack on several sims, Bay City, blake, etc. We are filling Ar’s. This is an anti Green Lantern grifer that is spamming the local chats with messages about you. let me send you an example: sending you the url of one of the sims in case you come online inbetween, Thank you Hal.
  • Just an FYI… you are getting comments on your profile in the WEB section. RE: Griefing
  • your account could be used for griefer attacks or you are the griefer. be aware of the fact that your actions or actions with your account are reported to LL immediately.
  • Hello Hal i had to report you to lindenlab couse of attacking my real life business . by griefing the amsterdam sims. grief stuff was at your name and came with ava GreenLanternC0rpz Resident.
  • griefing occurring in Charteuse with your name attached to the objects.
  • REDACTED has offered you ‘anti-TGL defamatory griefing attacks 5-25-2014’ in Second Life. Log in to accept or decline the offer.

I have been in Second Life since October 19, 2006. For seven years I have opposed griefing. During that time, I have written more than two thousand Abuse Reports against griefers, and I have never attacked anyone using a griefer object. It disturbs me that some people might have the misconception that I created objects and added griefer scripts to them, but I suppose that is a natural reaction. Just like anything in SL or RL, when you become an expert on something it is easy to forget that what is common knowledge to you can be completely new and unknown to others. It is obvious from these events that one of the goals of The Green Lanterns should be to educate residents on how to write Abuse Reports. Here are a few closing notes.

  • In almost all cases, the creator of the object is not the griefer and has no idea that his object is being used for evil purposes. A common griefer tactic is to add griefer scripts to a prim owned by a Linden to make it look like Linden Lab itself is doing the griefing. A notable exception might be an object created by a griefer HUD that’s being sold on the Second Life Marketplace. If its only purpose is to cause a violation of the Terms of Service, that warrants an AR.
  • The category of abuse for these attacks is most likely “Disturbing the peace > Excessive scripted objects.”
  • The Abuser Name in the Abuse Report should be the owner of the object. This is the resident who left the object in your region or parcel. He is the cause of the griefing, not the object’s previous owner or the creator.
  • There is one exception to the previous statement, covered in my training page Class 4 – Responding to and Recovering from a Griefer Attack. Sometimes a griefer will give an object to a new resident, telling them that it is a “Ring of Protection” or something else that’s desirable. When the new resident rezzes the object, it turns out to be a replicating porno cube or some other awful thing. So before you enter the Abuser Name, send them an IM and ask if they rezzed it on purpose.
  • Linden Lab’s official AR page: Filing an abuse report
  • My training page about writing an AR: Class 5 – Filing an Abuse Report
  • To those who do not know me and who have sent me angry IMs because of an object owned by someone else, I forgive you. I hope this article helps you to understand the situation.
  • To those who know me and have sent messages of support, thank you for your friendship. Along with love, it is the most valuable thing on this or any other planet.

– Hal Jordan (GreenLantern Excelsior)


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11 Responses to Recent griefer attacks show Hal Jordan as the object creator

  1. BITRATE says:

    Yeah, these people are pretty epic griefers. They made us lock down our sim at NULL. We can’t open it without them trying crash us and stuff. We would like for you guys to provide us with some security. Contact me at gethsynapse so we can discuss this matter.

  2. Hal Jordan says:

    Nigr0npr1m3 Resident was the first griefer we saw. Then came D0raExpl0rer Resident. Both names can no longer be found in search. Ha1j0rdan Resident is currently griefing in several sims. Also, beware of an object called “Ring Of Protection.” This object, when rezzed, creates the other griefer objects.

  3. MisChefE says:

    Ha1j0rdan Resident currently is griefing our sim, too. Submitted ARs. I’ve also IM’d the person whose land currently holds the griefer objects, which as you noted display Green Lantern graphics and name. I set my particles to 0, and wonder if there is anything else one can do…

  4. Hal Jordan says:

    You don’t have to turn off particle viewing completely. If you Block the owner of the griefer objects, you will not see their particles, hear their music, or see any text messages that they send. There are things you can do to protect your sim, too, like turning off object entry and scripts for those who aren’t members of your group. There’s more information here:

  5. Pingback: Proof that Abuse Reports cause griefers to be banned | The Green Lanterns

  6. skidz Tweak says:

    Can you believe that Nigr0npr1m3 has not been banned yet? I mean come on.. he attacked my sim today…

  7. carlrobbice says:

    Reblogged this on carlrobbice and commented:
    Pretty informative

  8. Oni says:

    This happened at my sim this morning. It was my first experience on SL with griefing ever. I am surprised to hear that Green Lanterns is an anti-griefing group.

    • Hal Jordan says:

      Thank you for your comment. We have seen some of these attacks starting up again recently. They seem to be isolated problems created by one or two bored users, rather than the hardcore grid-wide attacks we were seeing back in May.

  9. Erin says:

    I have been dealing with that since day one in SL and they try to make me out to be the bad person , being nice and honest and asking questions got me on a vodoo ban list i do a RPG role play game and all i got was attacked on mass ;the things i have had to deal with in SL have made me not care about others in SL and did my best at first being honest and ask questions on why what or how my very first friend had a huge sim 2 of them 2006 -2008 and took me on a SL tour of what i need to learn and said it could take 4 years to learn and now i have not seen my friend in 2 years or that matter any of them even the one i invited to SL , plus nobody i know in real life like Sl because of the people they run into … best i end it there it as been a adventure into evil thats for sure

  10. Paul4573 says:

    Hi, watch out for 2 griefers which have been causing trouble (nico.blogger) and (caohq) both speak german, we got attacked by them 2 days ago and they filled half the sim with blocks which they thought was quite funny, unfortunately I can’t remove any of them as the land owner forgot to give me permissions before she went on holiday :/

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