Linden Lab Governance in action

On April 7, 2014, the “Goon Squad” filled several sandboxes with objects emitting particle spam and dialog spam, and peacekeeper groups swung into action to write Abuse Reports. We know that Linden Lab does respond to ARs, because we have seen it many times in the past and recently. But other than this 2010 video, I don’t know of any other videos that show Linden governance team members responding to ARs and removing griefer objects. But now we have one more, and IMHO it’s excellent.

A bonus in this video is that Governance Linden, who responded to the ARs, was nice enough to chat for a couple of minutes after his work was done. And in response to his request, I have this to say:

Griefers beware!

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3 Responses to Linden Lab Governance in action

  1. “…peacekeeper groups swung into action to write Abuse Reports.” Unfortunately in my experience, this is an excellent example of what needs to be done to get LL to make a timely response to a griefing incident. If you don’t have clout, i.e. – you’re a major Land Baron, or numbers – 30 people writing ARs, LL gets to you when they get to you. Or if they get to you. We’re now on day 3 of a Badlab griefing in our area and between two of us have written 7 or 8 ARs. I’m not sure how many our neighbors have written. I know my tier isn’t the thousands of dollars a month that some of the land barons pour into LL’s coffers each month, but it would be nice to get a response once in a while when I need some assistance.

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