LL bestows enforcement powers upon The Green Lanterns

Effective immediately, The Green Lanterns of Second Life have been given enforcement powers on the Second Life grid.

Contact was made with the superhero group on Monday, January 6, where the cooperative measure was discussed. The Game Gods were responding to a detailed proposal submitted to them in mid-December. The resulting agreement was surprisingly simple:

  • Past Abuse Reports by each prospective member of the new GTeam Volunteers would be reviewed for inaccuracies and falsifications.
  • A detailed training course would be set up where the remaining volunteers would be required to achieve a minimum score on a written exam and an inworld evaluation.
  • Those who passed would be given enforcement powers to eject and ban avatars grid-wide and return any objects they had created.
  • For the first 30 days, each volunteer would submit a multi-page report on any enforcement actions taken. The reports would receive detailed review, and a decision would be made about whether to let the action stand or reverse it.

Prior to conferring enforcement powers today, SL management had secretly run a 30-day pilot project where one member of the group (a test pilot avatar who shall not be named here) was empowered to see if the concept was workable. Management was so pleased with the results that they implemented the program enthusiastically.

So when griefers attack, call The Green Lanterns, now with new and improved powers!

The Ban Hammer

The Ban Hammer

– Hal Jordan
April 1, 2014



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1 Response to LL bestows enforcement powers upon The Green Lanterns

  1. Lesley says:

    April fools much. lol

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