Investigating a rape tool in Second Life

Recently a friend was describing a horrific experience with a scripted male attachment called the ONDUTY Penis. She was desperate to spread the word about this device due to the pain and anguish it caused her and others. I found that our friends at the SL Enquirer were happy to do a full investigation and print a story about this topic. As always, the Enquirer’s two-part article is comprehensive and well-written. Here are the links:

SLE Investigative Report Part 1: Open Letter to The SL Enquirer About the ONDUTY Penis- Lanai Jarrico Reporting…

Investigative Report on the ONDUTY Penis Part 2- Conducted by Lanai Jarrico and Hal Jordan

The Green Lanterns will help to provide information for more of these articles. Information sources may remain anonymous, as my friend did in this one. If you know of something similar to this that needs to be reported, we will be happy to assist. We go above and beyond the call of duty with some of these stories.

Blood Sample Hal Jordan

Blood Sample Hal Jordan


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