Evidence that Linden Lab does respond to Abuse Reports

It was the evening of Wednesday, February 29, 2014. Our group members had been attacked in one of the TG sandboxes earlier that evening, and we were back on patrol. I teleported into Sandbox Island and noticed my friends Lori and Judy (Electra Woman and Dyna Girl) standing near a naked lady.

[2014/01/29 21:00:55] Judy Strangis (Tinkerbell Catseye): entered the region (58.39 m).
[2014/01/29 21:00:56] Lori Hall (Sk00biJ0257): entered the region (61.84 m).
[2014/01/29 21:00:58] emDash: Entering Sandbox Island

I stayed some distance away to keep nakey lady from feeling uncomfortable. Suddenly I noticed that a guy named TheBestEver420 Resident was standing near Lori and Judy, wearing a large penis. So I immediately flew over and stood in front of him.

[2014/01/29 21:04:33] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Hey you should put that away
[2014/01/29 21:04:43] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): This sandbox is rated G for no nudity

He turned and walked some distance away so that he was not near anyone else, but he did not remove the penis.

[2014/01/29 21:04:47] TheBestEver420: left chat range.

I received an IM from Electra Woman!

[2014/01/29 21:04:37] Lori Hall (sk00bij0257): You got here just in time.
[2014/01/29 21:04:39] Lori Hall (sk00bij0257): Thank you
[2014/01/29 21:05:00] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): You’re welcome
[2014/01/29 21:05:10] Lori Hall (sk00bij0257): good grief.
[2014/01/29 21:05:12] Lori Hall (sk00bij0257): LOL
[2014/01/29 21:05:16] Lori Hall (sk00bij0257): You know what I mean.
[2014/01/29 21:05:34] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): He’s old enough to know better, too
[2014/01/29 21:06:20] Lori Hall (sk00bij0257): He is still as he was. Just walked away from us

Back to local chat…

[2014/01/29 21:05:12] Judy Strangis (tinkerbell.catseye): did he go?
[2014/01/29 21:06:37] Lori Hall (sk00bij0257): no he is still here
[2014/01/29 21:07:27] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Looking for other ladies to victimize

At least nakey lady was no longer confronted by the perv. She never spoke a word to us the whole time, and I wonder if she even knew that he was there. We wrote Abuse Reports (ARs) on Mr. 420.

[2014/01/29 21:12:37] Judy Strangis (tinkerbell.catseye): reported our flasher
[2014/01/29 21:13:15] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Good!
[2014/01/29 21:13:27] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Maybe a Linden will swoop down and delete him
[2014/01/29 21:15:02] Judy Strangis (tinkerbell.catseye): hope so. he was doin something
[2014/01/29 21:15:04] Judy Strangis (tinkerbell.catseye): ewwww
[2014/01/29 21:15:10] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): AR submitted

21:15 Second Life time – Email response from Linden Lab – Re: Abuse: E:1 P:1 |Sandbox Island| (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sandbox%20Island/121/132/27) [Indecency > Inappropriate content or conduct in a PG region] {TheBestEver420} “Naked male in a General sim”

[2014/01/29 21:16:40] Governance6 Linden: entered the region (66.28 m).
[2014/01/29 21:16:57] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Ooh, Governance6 Linden is here
[2014/01/29 21:17:09] Judy Strangis (tinkerbell.catseye): yay
[2014/01/29 21:17:24] Lori Hall (sk00bij0257): Good!!!!
[2014/01/29 21:17:25] Lori Hall (sk00bij0257): yay
[2014/01/29 21:17:26] Judy Strangis (tinkerbell.catseye): never saw one
[2014/01/29 21:17:43] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): He’s made out of bacon, awesome!
[2014/01/29 21:17:54] Judy Strangis (tinkerbell.catseye): ?
[2014/01/29 21:18:13] Judy Strangis (tinkerbell.catseye): electra lewd
[2014/01/29 21:18:38] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): The Linden was actually made out of 5 pieces of bacon
[2014/01/29 21:18:46] Judy Strangis (tinkerbell.catseye): odd
[2014/01/29 21:18:47] Lori Hall (sk00bij0257): aww
[2014/01/29 21:18:53] Lori Hall (sk00bij0257): I was going to thank him
[2014/01/29 21:18:56] Lori Hall (sk00bij0257): he is gone!!

[2014/01/29 21:18:03] {IM to Governance6 Linden} Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Thank you for removing penis guy 🙂

Governance6 Linden never did respond to me, but in my head I heard two words from him, triumphantly directed at those who keep saying “LL never does anything about griefers.” In my mind, this was his response:

“We’re back!”

Governance6 Linden January 29, 2014

Governance6 Linden
January 29, 2014

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7 Responses to Evidence that Linden Lab does respond to Abuse Reports

  1. Hall,

    Good Job, Hall, and TGIF! Does anyone know how old was this TheBestEver420 bastard? Maybe LL, needs to institute a policy on the G rated sims to trespass Avatars who have not verified payment and who are not at least 180 days old “in-world”, or something to that effect. My kids were playing “Cloud Party”, soon to be offline, and I did not have to worry about them being exposed to graphical lewd behavior. The same protections are not being afforded to minors “in-world” in SL. It appears that LL’s business model is short term, and since children do not have the deep pockets to pay for inventory, land, and/or tier property, there’s a total disregard for a generation that has grown up playing Webkinz, Minecraft, and other MMORPG games–totally missing out on a great opportunity to catch a new generation and new profits. By the time this new generation is old enough, they will be playing console games online (such as GTA Online, Battlefield 4), and have grown accustomed to much better graphic speed and lack of latency. (Note: LL is well aware of this). After all, the most important fact is that they will want to be where there friends are. Only time will tell . . . if there will ever be an LL about face and prove me wrong. Thanks for volunteering to keep the SL waters, sky, and land safe, since there’s a place and time for adult conduct to take place and outside of the presence of minors. –Hector

    • Iala says:

      G rated regions are the only regions minors can enter (SL is open to people 16 years and older).
      Avatar age restrictions on regions do little but shift the problem elsewhere.
      Requiring payment info has the same problem, obviously, as many minors don’t have credit cards.

      Mr 240 btw behaves the same in A rated regions, and is not welcome in those either (at least in the ones I help police, where he’s been estate banned).
      Just because it’s A rated doesn’t mean you’re allowed to be a jerk, you know? We ban people there who behave like Mr 240 behaved in that G rated region, not because he’s naked or wearing a penis, but because of the way he behaves towards other avatars, which is obnoxious.

      There have been calls to require payment info to enter A rated regions, which also has massive problems.
      Outside the US (and for large groups in the US) it’s in many places hard to get a credit card.
      I know a lot of people who can’t get payment info on file because they either don’t have a CC or share one with a spouse who tightly controls it and doesn’t allow them to use it online without permission.
      Requiring a copy of a passport or driver’s license to be sent to LL to get age verified has even bigger problems, as doing so is both a logistical nightmare as well as being illegal in many countries.
      People from over half the world would be incapable of ever entering A rated regions, or M rated regions as those too require age verification (they can only be accessed if you’re 18 years or older).

      It’s so easy to scream that “LL should block this or demand that for people who don’t have X” but the execution would exclude so many people from so much content it’s simply not feasible.

      So we have to do the best we can, which is to ourselves, with the help of the Lindens where needed, actively police the regions we administer and make jerks like Mr 240 (and the goonsquad kiddos, though they’re a special case as it appears that they may be a commercial griefing venture paid by some unscrupulous people in sl to harass people they want to get rid of) unwelcome in such a large part of the grid that they’re left with nowhere to go except a few places where they can grief each other.
      Most will then eventually (and many quickly) get the message that they’d best either seek some other place to grief or mend their ways.
      Sadly a lot of region owners don’t do this, thinking that a strict policy against troublemakers is going to cost them traffic (and of course, more traffic means higher search ratings means you get more visitors).
      But if people (and especially your regulars) stop coming because of the constant griefer attacks you do nothing about you’re losing customers for the sake of inviting troublemakers.

  2. Hal Jordan says:

    Hello, Hector. TheBestEver420 was born in SL on April 29, 2013. His profile says he is “9 months old, 279 days”. That’s very old for a griefer. I don’t know why someone would expose himself in a sandbox other than being intoxicated.

    • That’s old for a griefer. A modern day virtual flasher. I wonder if he was payment verified. For the record, I still think SL is a lot of fun and I think it will get only better with time. Thanks again!

    • Iala says:

      Several reasons, none of which apply here.
      There is a lively community of (near) fulltime nudists in SL, though we tend to know the TOS and either avoid G rated regions or (if there’s no other option) wear something there to comply, ditto with other places that bar nudity.
      Also, when creating clothing, it helps being naked while testing it.
      Ditto when trying on demos for a skin or clothing items you’re interested in buying. While ever more stores have shopping bags that you can unpack by wearing them, it’s still far from universal.

      Myself, I rarely visit sandboxes anymore as I have a largish parcel of my own with a generous prim limit (and have rez rights on several sims with lots of room if that’s not enough). But not everyone is so lucky.
      In fact one of the reasons I got that parcel was to have room to build in peace and quiet without being bothered with the griefer attacks which you can in many sandboxes almost set the clock to.

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