An ancient griefer full of hatred

It was the evening of December 2, 2013. Several members of different peacekeeper groups had been in Sandbox Island 2 (TG) writing Abuse Reports (ARs) on a large number of griefer objects. I found a large spinning cube that was the source of some persistent particles that were drifting through at least two sims. I set up an observation platform just below the cube and sent out notifications on several peacekeeper group channels. Residents had been arriving at the platform for some time, then flying off to report the griefer objects. Right after 9:30 p.m., another peacekeeper showed up at the platform and brought an observer, a club owner who had had trouble with griefers in the past. The players in this evening’s drama are the club owner, [Observer 1], and his partner, [Observer 2], three members of peacekeeper groups, your humble host, and a prolific and long-lived griefer named Puta3 Core (“puta” is the Spanish word for whore or bitch). Here’s what happened.

[2013/12/02 21:36:09] [Observer 1]: entered chat range (2.51 m).
[2013/12/02 21:36:09] [Observer 1]: entered the region (2.51 m).
[2013/12/02 21:36:32] [Peacekeeper 1]: Greetings GLE
[2013/12/02 21:36:38] [Observer 1]: hey Hal
[2013/12/02 21:36:43] [Observer 1]: omg
[2013/12/02 21:36:58] [Peacekeeper 1]: Mr [Observer 1] is hoping to pick up some tips on anti griefing
[2013/12/02 21:37:32] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Hey [Observer 1]
[2013/12/02 21:37:38] [Observer 1]: hey Hal
[2013/12/02 21:37:43] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): HI [Peacekeeper 1]
[2013/12/02 21:38:20] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): We have some other griefer objects in other parts of the sim but this seemed to me to be the major lag factor
[2013/12/02 21:38:23] [Observer 2]: entered the region (3.36 m).
[2013/12/02 21:38:23] [Observer 2]: entered chat range (3.36 m).
[2013/12/02 21:38:36] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Hello [Observer 2]
[2013/12/02 21:38:54] [Observer 2]: OH my gosh! HI Hal !
[2013/12/02 21:38:58] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): One thing you can do to be able to see more clearly is turn off particles
[2013/12/02 21:39:17] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): You can hit Ctrl-Alt-Shift-+ to do that
[2013/12/02 21:39:19] [Observer 1]: is it true that mostly griefers are youngsters between 16 and 18 I heard sometimes ?
[2013/12/02 21:39:43] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I don’t know about that but they are mostly less than 30 days old or so
[2013/12/02 21:39:49] [Observer 1]: yes
[2013/12/02 21:39:57] [Peacekeeper 1]: I told [Observer 1] same
[2013/12/02 21:39:58] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I haven’t heard of their real ages
[2013/12/02 21:40:07] [Observer 1]: I banned mostly that age
[2013/12/02 21:40:14] [Observer 1]: between 0 and 30 days
[2013/12/02 21:40:16] [Peacekeeper 3]: entered the region (216.62 m).
[2013/12/02 21:40:37] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Most griefers won’t risk having an older account banned
[2013/12/02 21:41:01] [Observer 1]: ok
[2013/12/02 21:41:30] [Peacekeeper 3]: entered chat range (15.96 m).
[2013/12/02 21:41:57] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): One way to determine where particles are coming from is to find a suspicious object, mute the owner, and see if the particles go away.
[2013/12/02 21:42:14] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): So if you mute the owner of this big cube, there will be no more particles.
[2013/12/02 21:42:17] [Observer 1]: ok
[2013/12/02 21:42:58] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Sometimes there will be objects owned by several different people, and you don’t know which person is causing the problem. That is a sure way to find out.
[2013/12/02 21:43:47] [Peacekeeper 3]: crtl shift alt + also works
[2013/12/02 21:43:53] [Peacekeeper 2]: entered the region (55.13 m).
[2013/12/02 21:44:03] [Peacekeeper 1]: entered chat range (9.32 m).
[2013/12/02 21:44:07] Puta3 Core: entered the region (54.42 m).
[2013/12/02 21:44:11] Puta3 Core: entered chat range (13.71 m).
[2013/12/02 21:44:19] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Hello Puta3
[2013/12/02 21:44:24] [Peacekeeper 3]: entered chat range (19.73 m).
[2013/12/02 21:44:28] [Peacekeeper 1]: entered the region (11.74 m).
[2013/12/02 21:44:47] [Peacekeeper 2]: entered chat range (14.24 m).
[2013/12/02 21:44:51] [Peacekeeper 1]: entered chat range (18.89 m).
[2013/12/02 21:45:01] [Peacekeeper 3]: she’s an example of a copybotter
[2013/12/02 21:45:11] [Observer 1]: hello [Peacekeeper 3] and Puta
[2013/12/02 21:45:18] [Peacekeeper 3]: hello
[2013/12/02 21:45:21] Puta3 Core: Hi.
[2013/12/02 21:45:24] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): So Puta, you are the owner of some of the griefer objects here?
[2013/12/02 21:45:33] Puta3 Core: Yes.
[2013/12/02 21:45:45] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Just out of curiosity, why did you do it?
[2013/12/02 21:45:51] Puta3 Core: For fun.
[2013/12/02 21:46:26] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): It’s not fun for the people who are trying to build things and can’t
[2013/12/02 21:46:39] Puta3 Core: I didn’t did things like that.-
[2013/12/02 21:46:41] [Peacekeeper 3]: grief’s don’t care
[2013/12/02 21:46:48] Puta3 Core: I just put some poneys on the floor.
[2013/12/02 21:46:53] Puta3 Core: In a desert place.
[2013/12/02 21:47:08] [Peacekeeper 2]: That’s a nice thought….but untrue.
[2013/12/02 21:47:24] [Peacekeeper 3]: it’s a selfish need to entertain themselves at other’s expense
[2013/12/02 21:47:25] [Peacekeeper 2]: Her words exactly were, “I’m gonna f*ck the sim” or something to that effect.
[2013/12/02 21:47:37] Puta3 Core: Prove it, Farspire.
[2013/12/02 21:47:48] [Peacekeeper 2]: At which point it dropped a number of objects to actually grief the sim.
[2013/12/02 21:47:53] [Peacekeeper 2]: I don’t have to, I already ar’d it.
[2013/12/02 21:48:01] [Peacekeeper 2]: And the fact that you copy botted.
[2013/12/02 21:48:02] Puta3 Core: Well, you can see all the objets floating around this land.
[2013/12/02 21:48:13] [Peacekeeper 3]: i’ll believe M, before anything u say or do
[2013/12/02 21:48:15] [Peacekeeper 2]: That look is I think Purple Primroses outfit?
[2013/12/02 21:48:23] Puta3 Core: I don’t own all of them, i don’t even own the things on the floor, they are already out of this island.
[2013/12/02 21:48:27] [Peacekeeper 2]: Then she copied Laurel’s hair.
[2013/12/02 21:48:36] [Peacekeeper 3]: <—saw that
[2013/12/02 21:48:38] Puta3 Core: Do i look like i need to copy hairs?
[2013/12/02 21:48:42] Puta3 Core: I’m using a mesh.
[2013/12/02 21:48:58] [Peacekeeper 2]: We watched you do it.
[2013/12/02 21:49:04] Puta3 Core: Prove it [2]
[2013/12/02 21:49:12] [Peacekeeper 3]: come here to gloat or bother or copy or?
[2013/12/02 21:49:12] [Peacekeeper 2]: If it wasn’t against TOS, I’d copy the chat log and show them.
[2013/12/02 21:49:21] [Peacekeeper 2]: I don’t have to, I already AR’d you.
[2013/12/02 21:49:27] Puta3 Core: Came here for fun with my friends, they are offline now.
[2013/12/02 21:49:29] [Peacekeeper 3]: as did I
[2013/12/02 21:49:39] Puta3 Core: Whatever, you don’t have to know my life.
[2013/12/02 21:49:46] Puta3 Core: I will copy if i want to
[2013/12/02 21:49:48] Puta3 Core: Now report me
[2013/12/02 21:49:49] Puta3 Core: Go ahead.
[2013/12/02 21:49:54] [Peacekeeper 3]: already done
[2013/12/02 21:49:57] Puta3 Core: [Observer 2]
[2013/12/02 21:49:58] Puta3 Core: I like your hair
[2013/12/02 21:50:07] [Peacekeeper 2]: Already done…I think around 5 times.
[2013/12/02 21:50:13] Puta3 Core: Print that
[2013/12/02 21:50:17] Puta3 Core: I’m copying her hair.
[2013/12/02 21:50:22] Puta3 Core: Well, i used to copy since 2009.
[2013/12/02 21:50:30] [Peacekeeper 2]: Why would I print it, I’m not going to mail it to LL?
[2013/12/02 21:50:33] Puta3 Core: My avatar is not banned yet…
[2013/12/02 21:50:38] Puta3 Core: You could report more 100 times.
[2013/12/02 21:50:42] Puta3 Core: I’m laughing at you.
[2013/12/02 21:50:46] Puta3 Core: Cause i have a Life.
[2013/12/02 21:50:51] Puta3 Core: Print it, guys.
[2013/12/02 21:50:53] Puta3 Core: 🙂
[2013/12/02 21:51:06] Puta3 Core: And also print that: I hope Linden Lab dies with cancer, they all are irrelevant to me.
[2013/12/02 21:51:15] [Peacekeeper 2]: Print it….no thank you. I’ll just hit the button under help that says Abuse Report.
[2013/12/02 21:51:20] [Peacekeeper 2]: I don’t need a paper copy of it.
[2013/12/02 21:51:26] [Peacekeeper 3]: AR’d
[2013/12/02 21:51:30] [Peacekeeper 3]: again
[2013/12/02 21:52:46] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): It’s not often that the griefer will talk to you.
[2013/12/02 21:52:46] [Peacekeeper 1]: PJ they will provoke you to get you to violate the rules and AR you. DO not let them upset you.
[2013/12/02 21:53:12] [Peacekeeper 2]: Sometimes they just need a bit of encouragement.
[2013/12/02 21:53:35] [Peacekeeper 3]: if they are not entertained, they move on
[2013/12/02 21:54:05] [Observer 1]: they allreday took a copy of [Observer 2]’s hair
[2013/12/02 21:54:36] [Observer 1]: unbelievable what kinda world were living in
[2013/12/02 21:55:16] [Peacekeeper 3]: entered chat range (12.95 m).
[2013/12/02 21:55:16] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): That was one bold griefer, wow
[2013/12/02 21:55:41] [Peacekeeper 2]: With as many AR’d as it got tonight…hopefully it’ll be depixalated soon.

After everyone had gone and I was alone, I noticed that there was a copy of [Observer 2]’s hair on the platform. The owner was Puta3 Core. So Puta got her wish – everything she said has been printed here. It is hard to know why someone would be so consumed by hatred that they would make such a horrible wish about another person. Several of my family members have had cancer, and some of them have died. It’s not funny, nor is it something to throw out as a casual insult. It is my fervent wish that in the near future, Puta3 Core receives an email explaining why her privilege to log in to Second Life has been permanently revoked. She needs to be an ex-resident.

Profile- Puta3 Core

Profile- Puta3 Core


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6 Responses to An ancient griefer full of hatred

  1. Unfortunately, I think the griefers are winning more and more in SL. LL seems to be unwilling or unable to do anything about it. I’ve had at least three griefer attacks in various regions I’ve lived. All were reported by multiple people, but exactly one was cleaned up in hours. Of the other two, one was active for over a week before the *landowner* finally came in and cleaned it up, the other was active for about four days before finally being cleaned up. The one that was cleaned up in hours was coincidentally reported by a land baron as a favor to a friend that was being affected by the griefing – I guess its not that you ARE a customer, it’s HOW BIG of a customer you are that determines your level of service.

    I used to file AR’s in situations like this, but honestly my interest is slowly petering out. I see nothing being done, nothing accomplished. LL conveniently doesn’t inform the AR creator of any steps taken to resolve the problem, or indeed whether anything was done at all. In a situation like this there’s no accountability, and it would be extremely easy to pipe the AR reporting form to /dev/null with no one the wiser. In my three and a half years in SL, I’ve seen precisely one Linden in world, but many many griefers. I’ve seen the suggestion posted before of how to stop griefers, or at least put a severe crimp in their activities, and I think its a good one. Institute a one time $5 fee to create an avatar. For your average user, its not really a wallet killer. For a griefer creating alt after alt after alt, it adds up quickly. If they want to entertain themselves at other peoples’ expense, let it be at theirs as well.

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  3. debbie says:

    In my 3 yrs in SL I have seen one linden and only because a large real estate company called them to adjust a region , their only reply to grief reports is a auto response which is less than nothing , Self professed griefers I know personally are still in Sl and linden labs does less than nothing to stop them, I like the idea of a 5 dollar expense to make an avi

  4. pedro says:

    I ve encountered this griefer
    She/he `s portuguese/brazilian.
    She also copied the hair of a friend I was with. I did a AR.

  5. MamoruTsunade says:

    Ran into this exact same person, I can’t believe she hasn’t been banned from SL yet.

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