Barbarossa sim – Griefers Gone Wild

WARNING: Obscene language below

On October 30, a resident contacted me to report “major griefer issues at Barbarossa.” He told me that the issues had been going on for weeks, that the griefing had been witnessed personally by Eric Linden and Governance6 Linden, and that hundreds of Abuse Reports had been sent out about it. I promised to go look at it to see what I could do.

So on the evening of October 31, I arrived in Barbarossa. This is a Linden-owned sim. Apparently it is part of the Second Life sailing scene. The sim is mostly water with one small island in the southwest corner. On that island there was a resident sitting in a beach chair with some kind of moving object on top of him, a truncated cone with two rigid arms and a box on top with an uglified photo of a woman’s face. Closer inspection showed that the object was an avatar by the name of Niyanah Resident. Here’s what I saw:

Niyanah griefing Mega Larsson in Barbarossa

Niyanah griefing Mega Larsson in Barbarossa

I spoke to the victim, Mega Larsson.

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I met a guy last night who said there is a lot of griefing here. This is some pretty basic griefing though. Is Niyanah an enemy of yours?
Mega Larsson: tons of griefing here, all this box lady. She also spams and uses crashers, five avs in all, drives everyone nuts
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Aha, thank you
Mega Larsson: she uses a headstand script that we can’t break, we can do a region cross and that does it fast enough
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I see
Mega Larsson: and LL has clamped down here making it worse for us, and we have to do it over and over again, as the head stand script is tied to our UID
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Ouch
Mega Larsson: LL is doing nothing, oh, and this griefer is reporting innocent individuals who are trying to fight back, and they are losing their accounts

Mega moved down to a small dock where build was turned on. He teleported away, then TPed back to another area on the island. Niyanah was on him instantly when he returned.

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Came right after you as soon as you returned, wow.
Mega Larsson: see what I mean, Alexander75 Borgin and DarkLord Alectoris are avs over by the Portal that are scripted to notify the griefer that we are on, scans, sends out an IM to probably a gmail account, and even text message, so whenever we get on, the box ladies show up immediately. We can no longer move those bots.

Barbarossa - scanner bots Alexander75 Borgin and DarkLord Alectoris

Barbarossa – scanner bots Alexander75 Borgin and DarkLord Alectoris

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): But only in this sim?
Mega Larsson: others too, LL locked down our ability to clear out the bots and avs, no push, no cages
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I see that. It’s the only thing that’s turned off on this dock.
Mega Larsson: so LL has screwed us from dealing with the griefer, partially, We could write a tp script that would break the head stand and do an orbit, triggered every 30 seconds or so, but no point now.
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): This might not even be a real person running this avatar, just a bot
Mega Larsson: exactly, there are both types in play. I’ve seen up to five here at one time
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I have heard that the Lindens have been in here watching this, and they do nothing.
Mega Larsson: that is true, they have been here twice now. Many think that it’s them doing it for some reason. Doesn’t make sense to me but it does to some. The people on the “list” are harmless.
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Would you mind if I wrote this up in my blog?
Mega Larsson: go right ahead please. Use my name if you wish.

So I made a few calls on some group channels to see if other people might have ideas about how to solve the problem.

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I’ll call some friends so they can see what’s happening. Maybe they might have a suggestion.
Mega Larsson: Please do
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I have lots of anti-griefer friends
Mega Larsson: I’ve a few too, we’re stumped. Oh one other thing, the people on the list, if they have property, they get a visit by the griefer. He/she drops a scripted object on the nearest rezable land that does a page spam, puts up a text screen with a URL to a website that doesn’t exist, saying something usually nasty. Triggers every few seconds. A standard script scan finds them.
Mega Larsson: parcel is now full, also SOP for the griefer. She/he is here in person, at least I think so, but the scripting is getting better. It’s 24×7 now, non-stop.
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): She/he sent me an IM and we are chatting.

I received an IM from Niyanah Resident to warn me not to help. So of course I continued trying to help. Silly me.

Niyanah: it would be nice that u dont get involved, i didnt mess with this person, he messed with me.
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Is there a way to bring this to an end somehow?
Niyanah: let me look at his case
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Okay, thank you
Niyanah: yw, one sec
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): It’s in my nature to try to help if I can.
Niyanah: ok, “this” will be brought to an end once all offenders are removed., mild offenders can apologize and they get off the list
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Removed as in removed from the list? Or removed from the sim?
Niyanah: bad offenders, removed from sim
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I guess it would be good to know what the offense was, so others can keep from getting on the list too.
Niyanah: and surroundings, and mild ones can get off the list. offence is insult or attack, all offenders from the list insulted me, or attacked me or both. i never messed with them. they messed with me. i never start first
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I see. I’m not sure Mega knows that he attacked or insulted you. How about a promise never to attack or insult you in the future? Would that be sufficient?
Niyanah: one sec, pls
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Okay. I can wait. 🙂
Niyanah: sorry, one person just apologized to me in other place
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I see
Niyanah: ok, mega didnt talk to me. that means, he is not interested in sorting this out.
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Let me try to reason with him
Niyanah: if you wish
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Thank you
Niyanah: yw, i prefer nice, polite talk
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I do too 🙂
Niyanah: but when others go straight to insults, i insult them back

It sounds very positive, doesn’t it? Too bad things didn’t stay that way. I was chatting with some of the local residents who were also being attacked, and we said this:

Kim (kimberly.silverblade): this is more fun than being crashed by maits
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Maits?
Julia Pentulia (juliapentulia): maits is another griefer
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I see
Julia Pentulia (juliapentulia): but him we can handle easily
Kim (kimberly.silverblade): yeah only good thing about maits is he can sometimes try and be normal
Julia Pentulia (juliapentulia): even little old me
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): So you guys are all experienced griefer targets?
Julia Pentulia (juliapentulia): yeps,  sad. i just want to sail with my friends.

26 seconds later, my IM window became active again:

Niyanah: you are on the list. you insulted me, you asshole
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): How did I insult you?
Niyanah: you called me a griefer and that is an insult!
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Perhaps I was mistaken. Are you not attacking another resident in a non-combat sim?
Niyanah: i am punishing ones who insulted and/or attacked me. i do not grief. i am not a griefer. you will be dealt with in proper time.

A short time later, the real verbal abuse began in the IM window, and Niyanah broke out the obscenity generator.

Niyanah: i belive you are an asshole and a piece of shit because you insulted me.
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I believe you are violating the Terms of Service
Niyanah: and now u play games
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Do you deny that?
Niyanah: i believe u should go SUCK SOME COCKS!!!  YOU WANT IT, DO U DENY THAT ??? FAGGOT !!
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): That is not on my list of goals 🙂

Shortly after that, rosella8 Resident and skyflower1 Resident arrived and began griefing also. I wrote Abuse Reports (and misspelled “multiple”).

rosella8 griefing Mega Larsson in Barbarossa

rosella8 griefing Mega Larsson in Barbarossa

skyflower1 griefing Hal Jordan in Barbarossa

skyflower1 griefing Hal Jordan in Barbarossa

I have another snapshot showing some extreme griefer intolerance, and I have more chat logs showing griefer obscenities being shouted across the sim that are worse than those above, but I won’t include them, because other than shock value, there would be no point. The point of this article is to show that this blatant griefing has been going on for months, that multiple residents have witnessed Linden Lab employees watching it happen and doing nothing, that hundreds of Abuse Reports have been sent in and Linden Lab still does nothing, and that innocent residents can’t even walk down to the dock and rez a boat to go sailing with their friends without being subjected to shouted obscenities and physical attacks from this bold, blatant serial griefer. And to me, the inability or unwillingness to deal with griefing in a timely fashion is the worst aspect of Second Life, one that Linden Lab needs a crash program to clean up.

I want to thank the residents who stopped what they were doing to give me information about what’s been going on in Barbarossa. It’s easy to TP out to a dance club and let someone else deal with the griefing, but you stayed there and tried to make a difference. There’s no doubt about it – you guys are heroes. Thank you.


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12 Responses to Barbarossa sim – Griefers Gone Wild

  1. SAlix Bing says:

    I’ll stop by as an alt and see what I see. SAlix

  2. Pumpernickel Barthelmess says:

    Glad to read this. I was harassed by that same person countless times for the same “offense” that you were, suggesting that he is a griefer to someone else (not directly). Sociopath.

  3. Hal Jordan says:

    After what happened today (more about that tomorrow), I received an IM from someone who asked to remain nameless. He writes:

    “idk what u guys did but i have been able to sail back and forth from my land today in relative peace … so i wanted to say thank you”

    And that makes it all worthwhile!

  4. Bobbie Namiboo says:

    Hi! I love Barbarossa. I love the people who visit there. It is a great place with incredibly intelligent and talented (as well as funny) people who made it a cool hangout. Then the griefer came and made everyone miserable. The griefer was relentless and was there for months, MONTHS! (did I mention that this griefing was relentless and went on for months?). Despite hundreds of reports nothing seemed to work. Now Barbarossa is free of this griefer and I want to thank you guys; if you had anything to do with it – or if this blog had anything to do with it – THANK YOU. Sincerely THANK YOU.

    I hope the griefer won’t be back.

    • Hal Jordan says:

      Thank you, Bobbie, you’re very kind. I don’t like to brag, but I think it’s safe to say that the griefer is gone because of us. Here’s what happened. On the afternoon of Monday, November 4, wendy1993 Resident arrived in Barbarossa and started griefing people. I had already spread the word about this blog post, so I did a callout on twelve different peacekeeper group channels, giving the griefer’s name and a clickable SLURL. Not every channel had group members online at that time of day, but we had a pretty good turnout, and people started writing Abuse Reports. As more people arrived, so did two more griefers, AlexKlingonClayton Resident and skyflower1 Resident. As they started griefing, the peacekeepers began writing ARs on them too. Rather than flying around and trying to escape, those of us who were being attacked sat in the row of beach chairs so our friends could get a good clear snapshot to send along with their ARs. In less than an hour from the time I wrote my first AR, Governance7 Linden arrived on the scene. Here’s what it looked like when he arrived:
      Governance7 Linden with 3 griefers
      After a short time, AlexKlingonClayton Resident stopped moving, began to drift upward, then disappeared. Here’s what it looked like after that – you can see that Reno Zeno is now free of his griefer:
      And then there were two
      It wasn’t long before the other two griefers followed Alex into the sky, and Governance7 Linden disappeared with everyone’s thanks echoing in his ears. Right after that, one of the peacekeepers noticed that one of the griefers was no longer findable in search. Before the night was over, AlexKIingonClayton Resident, skyflower1 Resident, and wendy1993 Resident were all missing from search. They will never bother anyone again. To paraphrase Robert Duvall in Apocalypse Now, “I love the smell of permabans in the evening. Smells like…victory!”

      The griefers are gone because of a great effort on the part of peacekeepers from several different groups. We are loosely allied friends who wear several different tags above our heads, but we all share the same goal: to help residents by eliminating griefers. Also, let’s not forget that the griefers are gone because of a great effort on the part of Linden Lab, who listened to the residents and took action. This is how it used to look years ago, when the Lindens had more members on their Governance team. We always used to thank them for their efforts, and we should remember to thank them now.

      If anyone would like to be part of an anti-griefer team but not necessarily a superhero group, let me know, and I will invite you to join the Assistance Notification Network. You can call for help and know that usually someone is online and willing to show up, or you can go and assist someone else who calls for help. It’s a great feeling to watch a griefer float impotently skyward as he leaves Second Life for the last time.

  5. Hal, Hope this finds you well. I would like to add to your article that I sent a notecard and a formal letter to Michael Linden (as an agent of Linden Labs) and their attorneys threatening legal action, including the pursuit of attorney’s fees and costs, on behalf of some banned residents (late October 2013), since they had blocked residents and access to their respective inventories when in fact they had used “justifiable use of force” (anti-griefing tools) against the many faces of Niyanah and what I felt was a LL violation of the T.O.S for depriving residents of property without notice, just compensation, and a right to be heard. As a result of this action, we took care of this Niyanah situation permanently by making LL institute a permanent IP Address Ban on Niyanah. Best of luck! Sincerely, Hector R. Cuprill, Jr., Esq.

    • Hal Jordan says:

      Very interesting, thank you, Hector! It’s good to know that the problem was being addressed from several directions.

      • Thanks for your quick reply, Hal. It was an interesting set of circumstances to say the least. As always, we all know that It is a game, but it is one intertwined with human factors such as real life monetary, social, and political consequences (from copyrights topics to the NSA investigation).

        Thanks, for speaking and for bringing a collective voice as a Green Lantern to those who are weakened and silenced by LL and/or its “Griefers.” Stay vigilant, as always, and Happy New Year!


  6. Pingback: Proof that Abuse Reports cause griefers to be banned | The Green Lanterns

  7. kim says:

    We know this griefer is still on Barbarossa, the name is definecompassion, no more cone follower but same behaviour!!!

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