The xChip Multitool – version 2 is on the way


In January, 2011 I wrote an article entitled The xChip Multitool – a peacekeeper opportunity. At the time, with the Teen Grid closing and 14,000 xChip users bringing their devices to the main grid. there was concern that griefing would be on the rise and the sandboxes would be full of xChip objects. The problems never arose, because apparently the xChip users are a well-behaved group that abides by the Terms of Service.

Tonight I received the following IM from Austin Zon, the creator of the xChip:

Hey there.  I see you are a user of the xChip device.  xChip is currently in development, and if you are interested in being one of the first people to try the new device, register for the BETA at .  The xChip2 is the most innovative free technology you’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to bring it to all of the users.  Thanks!

It looked like a generic message sent to all xChip users, but I responded to his IM (after registering to be a beta tester) and we talked for a while. Austin is looking for a large group of people to test the xChip 2 before it is released. He will be selecting 100 people from the beta registration to test the device a month early, and every beta participant will get a gift at the end of the testing period. There’s still a lot of work that needs to be done, so it may be a month or two before the testing starts.

I was a beta tester some time ago for a certain type of device, the specifics of which I will not reveal because I don’t have the creator’s permission to talk about it. As a lover of technology and gadgets, this was a dream come true. I got an early version of this new device, full of great new features and the best HUD I had ever seen, and I ran around Second Life clicking on buttons and watching the results. One of the coolest things about the test was that the creator was looking for ideas about new features that the users might need, so I would make suggestions and then he would script up a response and update my device, and I would go and test it. Even the most imaginative scripter in SL can’t think of everything, so the beta tester performs a valuable function by contributing ideas and testing the device under conditions that the creator might not have considered. The end users get a better product, the creator gets a device that has been tested much more than he could have done himself, and the testers (who are probably gadget freaks like me) get to play with the newest technology for free before it hits the market. There is no “down side” at all.

So head on over to the xChip beta test registration page and sign up for the test. It will be glorious!


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