Good news – Linden Lab will close an autoreturn exploit

Earlier this year, some griefers calling themselves “Patriotic Nigras” were posting horrendous photos of animal abuse and sex acts in the Linden sandboxes, which are rated “General.” Even though those sandboxes have an autoreturn time of 3 hours, some of the griefer objects would stay there for days at a time, probably due to a scripted exploit that keeps rezzing new versions of the same object. As soon as the new object is rezzed, the autoreturn timer countdown on that object starts from 3 hours again. But no more! Maestro Linden discussed how this exploit was about to come to an end, in the Second Life Beta Server Office Hours session on Thursday, September 5, 2013.

[2013/09/05 15:57] Maestro Linden: Finally, there’s a fix to close an exploit in which certain types of objects made themselves immune from autoreturn. It looks like the kind of method that a griefer would use for annoying spam boxes, so that should be a welcome fix..
[2013/09/05 16:01] Maestro Linden: Okay, “the decision was to nerf the autoreturn bypass technology completely — since it violates the spirit of the parcel settings”
[2013/09/05 16:02] Maestro Linden: If ObjectA rezzes ObjectB, ObjectB will inherit the temp-on-rez and parcel time of ObjectA
[2013/09/05 16:02] Maestro Linden: So both ObjectA and ObjectB would be returned to the owner simultaneously, if autoreturn was in effect

Thank you, Linden Lab, for taking care of this problem!


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