Griefer reports part 2 – now easier to submit

A nice lady from Second Life visited this blog and sent me an IM inworld, suggesting that it would be good to have a form that people could fill out to report griefers. I had written this article back in October of 2011, hoping that readers would report griefers so everyone could look out for them, but no one ever sent in a report. Maybe that’s because there were too many rules and no report form.

So now we have a report form. It is on the Griefer Reports page. The results go into a spreadsheet which is not visible to readers. If any dedicated residents are considering sending in multiple forms full of garbage characters just to gum up the works, be aware that I can delete spreadsheet rows much faster than you can enter information in the form fields and hit Submit. So you would be wasting your time, and besides, we’re all nice people here and we don’t deserve to be attacked.

The reason for asking people to send in reports is that we are looking at ways to protect entertainment venues from griefers without the involvement of Linden Lab (whoa, I almost typed “Linden Lag” by mistake). People who are trying to run fashion shows and dance clubs don’t have a way to keep the griefers out, because the Lindens don’t seem to have governance team members on duty any more. Abuse Reports may be answered eventually, but that is not what club owners wants to hear when they have performers scheduled and their sim has been crashed. We want to build a list of places that are affected by griefing, so that when we develop methods of keeping the griefers away, we will know who to contact.

If your sim or entertainment venue is currently a griefer target, or you know someone who is a victim of serial griefing, please fill out a report form. We will contact you if you ask for it, and we hope to have some interesting solutions available in the future.


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