Linden Lab bans “PN” griefers

Griefer - October 29, 2007

Griefer – October 29, 2007

Back in mid-February peacekeepers noticed large numbers of obscene textures appearing in the sandboxes under the name “Patriotic Nigras.” There were several one day old accounts associated with this griefing, and all of the griefings were Abuse Reported repeatedly. Yesterday, while updating the group’s AR list, I noted that many of the “PN” accounts can no longer be found in search. Since they were used for repeated griefings over several weeks, I deduce with Sherlock Holmes-like precision that they did not delete their own accounts. Rather, they were removed from Second Life by someone at Linden Lab. These are the unfindable accounts and the number of ARs that I wrote on each one:

Name – Number of ARs
AnalRapture – 1
flopilicious – 2
Floptina – 3
MeekCitizen – 4
motlygirl – 1
motlygirlTWO – 2
sary Soup – 3
xBITCHx – 3
xxLULxx – 1

sary Soup was the perpetrator of a widespread grid attack using “tortured prims” on February 3 and 12, and probably was not one of the fake “PN” members. MeekCitizen Resident created scripted cubes that sent messages to selected peacekeepers starting in January. That account is gone, while its main account, SilverSilender Resident, still remains in Second Life. These two probably were also not members of the wannabee “PN” griefers.

This is another positive development from Linden Lab. Someone has taken an interest in protecting the grid from the awful pornography, bloody severed limbs, and animal abuse photos that we’ve seen in the Linden sandboxes. Thank you, unnamed Linden, whoever you are, for removing these miscreants from SL.


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