The pointless sandbox griefing continues

This is what Sandbox Island Extension looked like at noon today. I wrote an Abuse Report on one of several megaprims that covered the ground at various levels. The green and black one was named “65535x65535x0.01”. I gave my AR the title “Sandbox is a griefer dumping ground” and wrote this in the description:

“Sandbox Island Extension contains megaprims, particles, and giant rotating cubes with various obscenities and intolerance, owned by ApCr33d2, Green Lantern Sexy Baby (greenlanternbitch), SamualDrakey, WARRlOR, and others. This PG sim is not usable for anything at this time.”

Every open Linden sandbox I could find looked the same: Newcomb, Wanderton, the Teen Grid sandboxes, even Plum (and Plum rarely gets griefed). Using flycam to explore, I discovered that behind some of the flashing objects there were rotating cubes with textures best left undescribed, and definitely not to be viewed by the squeamish.

I know the general reasons that people commit acts of griefing. Those reasons are listed in the very first post in this blog. But this seems to be a particularly pointless type of griefing. To the griefers: If you know that Linden Lab won’t clean up the sandboxes, and you know that no one will be in the sandboxes building while your griefer objects are there, and you know that autoreturn will get rid of your objects after a few hours, then you have lost the game. It’s not funny any more, because no one will give you your “lulz” by getting angry at you. It’s not startling and unexpected any more, because everyone knows that your objects will be there. At this point, you are no longer fighting a hit and run battle with Linden Lab, full of excitement and danger. At this point you are the box boy in the supermarket, checking and rechecking a list of shelves that you have to restock. At this point, you can no longer accuse people of taking Second Life too seriously. Instead, you need to ask yourself whether it is you who are too serious about it.


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