Linden Lab continues refusal to take action in extreme harassment case

Allegro Cathedral

Allegro Cathedral

We’ve covered the case of extreme harassment in the Allegro sim in these pages back in January, 2013. Handarido Optera, the sim owner, has had a support case open with Linden Lab since December of 2012. To summarize, a group of griefers was created specifically to harass him and anyone attending live music concerts in Allegro. The group owners recruit new members in Infohubs and Welcome Areas so that these members can be persuaded to go to Allegro and aid, unknowingly, in the harassment.

Handarido contacted me last night and we talked about what has happened since January, and what was happening at that very moment. He said that Kashisti Resident currently was wearing an object that sends local chat to Handarido’s IM window. He gave me the name of the sim where Kashisti was located, so I went there to see for myself. Several of the residents listed as nearby were still there, but Kashisti was gone. Handarido gave me the name of the sim where Kashisti had gone, so I went there and did see him. Rather, I did see an orange cloud with his name above it. Before it and the other orange clouds could rez for me, Kashisti teleported out without saying anything.

Both of the places I visited were Welcome Areas in Adult-rated regions. Apparently Kashisti was in the process of visiting several welcome areas, distributing the Handarido IM spam objects to new residents and asking the newbies to wear them. Each one of these objects sends information to Handarido’s IM window. The newbies who wear these are unwitting pawns in a serial harassment scheme that has continued for far too long. Just like our experiences with no response to griefing in the sandboxes, Handarido has found that Linden Lab is not responding to griefing reports in his case. Even with detailed records that demonstrate how serious the griefing has become, the Lab won’t do anything to stop it. Handarido has been forced to script his own tools to try to reduce the impact of the griefing.

Big corporations do not take actions randomly, without a good reason. Somewhere there is an explanation for LL’s decision to stop responding to Abuse Reports and other resident problems. It is difficult to believe that saving money on the salaries of a few Governance employees would be sufficient justification to abandon the grid and let the griefers take over. People are becoming alarmed and disgusted at the lack of response, and they are leaving Second Life. It seems to me that if a sufficient number of residents leave SL, LL can justify shutting it down at the point where expenses become greater than revenue. But why wait? If they know that SL will become a money pit in the future, and they are actively working to drive residents away, the prudent action would be to close it down now and go on to other projects. Somewhere there is a good reason for what LL is doing, or, rather, NOT doing, but without some kind of insight from an insider, the Lab’s inaction doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Here is some information that Handarido gave me about his case. You can hear how frustrated he is with this situation.

Notecard from 2-13-2013

2013-02-13 05:30:15

The attack on me and my sim has reached a new level which adds fear and fury. Fear, because the griefers hire criminals to perform attacks, fury, because I dont see that anything has been stopped, something a paying premium resident deserved.

On The Oasis sim the group leaders met DaGrabster Resident whose profile reads:

2nd life: psychotic former killer for The Mob. Murdered by my former associates and then ressurected by a necromancer to do his bidding. Gimme any crap and I’ll bust ya in the chops! – If you don’t understand what that means, then don’t try and talk to me.

1st life: A certified lunatic who shoved ice picks into people’s skulls. Entered into witness protection and then murdered. Go figure.

[continues with the following comment]

2013-02-13 05:34:34

And today Stoptheilluminati Resident performed on the Korea1 sim his defaming exorcism against me and sent over AbuSlmbel Resident to track me and to bring the sim down.

From open chat:
stoptheilluminati Resident:
Nha Nha Nha Khekh Wray Hey Hey!

AbuSImbel appeared on Merry and IMed me:
AbuSlmbel: i made an account today illiminati resident [correctly spelled illuminates4life Resident; was present on Korea1 sim] know ya group has made tags stop illumnitie resident they doont delete it within 24 hours i will deface the sim alson i was part of the gobal attack that was done couple months ago also couple yrs ago i am world known for my tools and hacking abilities also bypassing alot of sl shit

Notecard from 2-24-2013

[23:24:52] Handarido Optera: I addded three comments about thhis to my support case
[23:25:07] Handarido Optera: I look up th etext for you
[23:25:26] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Great
[23:27:00] Handarido Optera: 2013-02-17 19:43:37


New Development: Stoptheilluminati and LucyGooseyGiggles have made gifts with a script named “Allegro candle script” hidden in a child prim (candles for men, necklaces for women).

Scriptor was Greaser Waco.

Whenever the gift is attached, this script sends me (and probably also to Stoptheilluminati and to LucyGooseyGiggles) the name of the agent who wears it plus the sim name and coordinates.

Stoptheilluminati, LucyGooseyGiggles, and Kashisti and probably a few other ones wear an advanced variant of that no-mod script which sends also the local chat in IMs.

All three keep handing out those gifts and ask the receiver to wear the gift. Thus the IMs in my SL account as well as in my email account mount to hundreds of them, especially when the gift is worn at a populated place where each present avatar causes the script to create a notice line as a separate IM.

2013-02-22 01:00:47


I wonder if anyone reads this. See above. E v e r y d a y Stoptheilluminati, LucyGooseyGiggles, and Kashisti are out there and distribute candles and necklaces which contain in a child prim a script named “Allegro candle script” written by Greaser Waco which sends information about the location of the avatar having the candle or the necklace attached.

In addition, those three wear candles or necklaces which even transmit the local chat. The worst thing is that the candles and necklaces transmit the information also into my account. Thus my account is spammed, spammed with IM lines, all against the ToS and community guide lines for which I am not responsible at all and about which I cant do anything except blocking all messages including from friends and business.

2013-02-22 01:01:22


How can that be that now f o r w e e k s, actually f o r m o n t h s now those people can act, are not stopped, and even increase their activities and daily violate the ToS and community guide lines?

How long would you think that a p a y i n g resident stays with Second Life, pays and pays, and is spammed, attacked,

[23:27:00] Handarido Optera: defamed, misused?
[23:29:45] Handarido Optera: thats from my support case:
[23:29:49] Handarido Optera: Case Summary
Date Created 2012-12-26 10:50:31
Case Type Other Land Issues
Case Status New
created Dec 26, status new


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