The PN returns and Linden Lab fails to respond

Griefer pwnd October 29, 2007

Griefer pwnd October 29, 2007

On February 10, 2013, peacekeeper communications lines started buzzing with discussion about the Patriotic Nigras (PN) returning to Second Life. After their small-scale start at Habbo Hotel, the PN of the past was a group of griefers who worked together to build weapons and collect offensive textures to cause problems for Second Life residents. They organized “raids” on furry sims and generally caused havoc back in the days where a large enough disruption could bring down the entire grid. Those days are long gone, and the PN members of old have disbanded, dispersed or died.

Starting on February 11, obscene textures started to appear in the public sandboxes, and peacekeepers responded, writing multiple Abuse Reports on giant megaprim penises and ten foot tall photos of gaping vaginas. Linden Lab, following the course they set many months ago, has taken no action. The same gaping vaginas are still showing on the sides of the same ten foot cubes in the same corners of the same Linden sandboxes. Other new textures, signed “Patriotic Nigras,” have been seen in several locations. The newbie residents who keep dropping these objects in the sandboxes are still unbanned, free to cause problems wherever they want.

These new people who call themselves PN are a pale shadow of the original group. The only scripted objects I have ever seen them use were particle spammers and a cube rezzer dropping cubes into a sandbox in an effect to fill it up (this was rendered ineffective due to peacekeeper intervention). The only thing they have been able to do that qualifies them as griefers is to disperse obscene photos, either as particles or as textures on the side of a cube. But with no action by Linden Lab in response, the textures appear to be effective.

Something new that NoobPN members have added in the past few days is a group of photos showing animal abuse. My first exposure to this type of photo was back in about 2009, when someone put up a particle spammer with a series of photos of a kitten on fire. As an animal lover, I was horrified and disturbed by this, to the point where I had trouble even talking about it. I was horrified again when I saw exactly the same photo being spammed out in particles a few days ago, from one of the newbie PN wannabees. Last night there were other, even more disturbing animal abuse photos posted. While writing Abuse Reports on them, I chatted with some peacekeepers and sandbox residents. Every person I talked to was as shaken as I am by this type of cruelty, so casually depicted “for the lulz.”

The common question people ask at times like this is “What kind of human being posts photos like this?” The answer is that only a mentally disturbed person would do such a thing. These abuse photos practically scream “Take me into custody before I do this to the little girl next door.” Torturing animals is the trademark of someone like Jeffrey Dahmer or Richard Trenton Chase. It is a well established fact that many serial killers got their start by killing animals.

One of the peacekeepers responding to the latest attack asked me if LL had abandoned the grid, turning it over to the griefers. I responded that as far as I knew, there was no one at LL who would even talk to us about it. He wrote a support ticket last night to try to get LL to do something, but I don’t know if anything has been done yet. People have been disappointed in LL up to now for not taking action against the griefers. With these latest photos, the disappointment is turning to anger, and the anger is building to the point where some people are talking about taking action against the griefers on their own. This is against everything we’ve ever been taught about being peacekeepers, but with no action from Linden Lab, what else can we do? I will not authorize my group members (Assistance Notification Network and The Green Lanterns) to attack griefers. But the trouble with being a leader is that you can’t always be in a position to monitor what your group members (or their alts) are doing.

I will not write detailed descriptions or post pictures of the griefer objects I’ve seen in those sandboxes. I am horrified by having to view the pictures myself to write reports on them. I won’t spread that horror by posting the photos here. If you’re interested in seeing them and have a strong stomach, take a trip to the public sandboxes. If you go, please write an Abuse Report. If you can, please consider submitting a support ticket. These people need to be stopped.


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