Linden Lab responds to attack, clears multiple regions of griefer objects

Tortured Prims

Replicating Prims

February 3, 2013 – Our group, The Green Lanterns, noticed a griefer attack in progress while patrolling the grid.

[18:38:54] Old fashioned replicating prim attack on the mainland. Teleport to Kristatos (189,100,67)

A replicating object (prim) is a physical object that duplicates itself over and over. If conditions are right, they can replicate until they fill the entire grid.

[18:39:56] Judging from the map, that whole continent is a hot spot for that stuff.

Group members responded to the attack.

[18:40:06] On my way.

Residents in the regions told our Lanterns that they had been writing Abuse Reports (ARs) on the objects.

[18:42:00] Locals have been ARing them, but it looks like support has been clearing only the region where the AR is filed. I’m trying to hit all of the affected regions.

An empty region has no residents present to write ARs, so replicating objects can multiply and spill over into neighboring regions.

[18:42:27] AR submitted in Kristatos. Yeah, the map looks awful.
[18:44:01] The map’s worse than the ground, but it’s still a mess.

There was some initial confusion about the griefer’s name, but we sorted that out quickly.

[18:45:04] Account not in search, you’ll probably have to AR Governor Linden and request a grid wide removal of his prims with maybe a pic of the map as I’ve just gone to many of those other regions and see that mess there as well.
[18:45:32] He showed up if I searched on “Sary Soup”.
[18:46:01] That was the account I reported too, sary Soup.

One problem with replicating objects is that Linden Lab needs to delete one hundred percent of them. Even one object left to duplicate itself can quickly fill up a sim again.

[18:48:20] The cleanup appears to be incomplete; it looks like we’ve got a newbie driving the cleanup scripts at the Lab. Some regions are partially clear, but they don’t get everything and it starts filling up again.

We began communicating back and forth about the locations affected by the attack.

[18:50:06] Horowitz is full of them
[18:51:39] Huge piles in SIfton & Belmont.
[18:54:21] Morant is clear
[18:54:53] I’ve filed in Kensington, SIfton, Belmont, Baldwin, Keyano, Greystone, Belmeade, Maplegrove, and Horowitz so far.
[18:55:36] WOW!!!
[18:56:00] Primrose, Haven, & points east appear clear. I type fast. 🙂
[18:56:58] I’m in Strathcona. They seem to go flying by now and then but maybe it’s an illusion.
[18:57:14] Some places are still replicating, so you’ll get some in motion.

One of our members contacted Customer Service to discuss the attack.

[18:58:47] OK had a chat with the CSR at LL, they are aware, they said it should be handled soon.

The objects began to disappear from the locations where we had reported them.

[19:00:18] Foxboro is clear except for one small parcel with ban lines around it that is full of them.

And then we noticed something that we haven’t seen in a long time – a Linden flying around and removing the objects.

[19:00:34] And there’s Alexa Linden.
[19:00:52] A Linden on scene? Yay!
[19:01:07] Was right behind you. 🙂 She’s moved on now.

More regions began to clear.

[19:01:34] Foxboro just cleared, great.
[19:02:09] Granville just cleared as I came in.

We surveyed the regions that had problems earlier to be sure that every griefer object had been removed.

[19:07:32] Just rechecked all the regions I filed in; they’re clear now. Standing down.
[19:08:29] Awesome response by Alexa.

There was one small collection of objects left. Notice the speed of Alexa’s response.

[19:17:08] Wrote up a few remaining in Kensington behind ban lines. Included a big thank you to Alexa for cleaning up the grid. 🙂
[19:18:03] She has returned and is approaching.
[19:18:44] Prims are gone.

This was certainly an old fashioned griefer attack. Back in the bad old days, replicating objects seeded in several sims could bring down the entire grid. These days the grid is much more stable, but we as peacekeepers still engage in good old fashioned response to griefer attacks by submitting Abuse Reports to notify LL where the problems are.

For months, Second Life residents have been noticing that there is little or no Linden response to griefing. Alexa Linden’s response last night gives us hope that we have not been forgotten. sary Soup and his replicating objects are gone from Second Life. Thank you, Alexa – you rock!


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  1. Yordie says:

    Great to hear tht the Lab is on the case. Thank you to Alexa!

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