Deadly Codec – Setting the Record Straight

RIP Deadly Codec, AKA Joshua McCracken

RIP Deadly Codec, AKA Joshua McCracken

Deadly Codec, a former griefer in Second Life, died on October 18, 2010. Events connected with the final days of his life have been misinterpreted on purpose, and some people have made up lies and spread them around gleefully. I have talked about this this over and over on various discussion boards, but the lies persist. So here is the story of my involvement with Deadly.

I met Deadly inworld in 2008. I was attending one of those excellent GTeam Office Hours sessions, where you could talk about griefing and SL security with the actual Lindens who enforced the ToS. One of the attendees contacted me by IM, and after some verbal jousting, he revealed that he was an alt of Deadly Codec. Some people would have thrown an insult his way and muted him, but that’s not my style and I think he knew that, so we had a long chat. At that time, there was some controversy on the SL Exchange shopping website regarding people being banned from the discussion board for their political views, or for what they considered to be trivial reasons. Deadly was very upset about this. I think he saw it as an abuse of power by the discussion board admins, he wanted to do something about it, and he wanted me to help him. I didn’t see any harm in it as long as no griefing or illegality was involved, so I agreed. He created an anti-SLX group (I don’t recall the name of it) under the name of Adromor Wierwight, and invited like-minded residents to join, so I did. Here are excerpts from our chat log.

[2008/03/07 21:20] Adromor Wierwight: (Saved Fri Mar 07 13:14:17 2008) Oh god yes
[2008/03/07 21:20] Adromor Wierwight: (Saved Fri Mar 07 13:14:25 2008) very upset about that situation
[2008/03/07 21:20] Adromor Wierwight: (Saved Fri Mar 07 13:14:58 2008) and while it may be unethical to try and sic the PN on them I think they deserve each other. Plus it’d keep them out of our hair mostly
[2008/03/08 18:52] Adromor Wierwight: Im glad yo see you joined up
[2008/03/08 18:52] GreenLantern Excelsior: Thanks for the invitation
[2008/03/08 18:52] Adromor Wierwight: alot of people declined because they were ‘making too much money’ on slx
[2008/03/08 18:52] Adromor Wierwight: no problem

[2008/03/08 19:03] Adromor Wierwight: What do you think we can do to protest without griefing? What are our limitations?
[2008/03/08 19:04] Adromor Wierwight: Im asking you knowing you are someone who is familiar with the tos
[2008/03/08 19:04] Adromor Wierwight: I also know you won’t steer us the wrong way

[2008/03/08 19:14] GreenLantern Excelsior: Does SL Exchange have a presences in SL somewhere?
[2008/03/08 19:19] Adromor Wierwight: yes
[2008/03/08 19:19] Adromor Wierwight: they have land
[2008/03/08 19:20] GreenLantern Excelsior: One thing we could do is hold protest marches near their land, carrying signs, like a RL protest.
[2008/03/08 19:21] GreenLantern Excelsior: That gets some publicity. Maybe carry some notecard givers for interested people who come to check it out
[2008/03/08 19:21] Adromor Wierwight: thats what I was going to say
[2008/03/08 19:21] Adromor Wierwight: the notecard givers
[2008/03/08 19:21] Adromor Wierwight: couldnt they say it’s spam though?
[2008/03/08 19:21] GreenLantern Excelsior: Not if they click to get the notecard

[2008/03/08 19:22] Adromor Wierwight: Im very glad you’re here that way people will know its false, you being someone with a very good reputation
[2008/03/08 19:22] Adromor Wierwight: I need to check out the island and see if its script enabled
[2008/03/08 19:22] GreenLantern Excelsior: All I use SLX for is to locate what I want. Then I go inworld and buy it.
[2008/03/08 19:23] Adromor Wierwight: oh and the first time I may use some bots to make it look like there is more of us…they’re legal and everything so I think it’ll be fine
[2008/03/08 19:23] Adromor Wierwight: what do you think?
[2008/03/08 19:24] GreenLantern Excelsior: It doesn’t sound illegal to me
[2008/03/08 19:25] Adromor Wierwight: I think it would serve a good purpose
[2008/03/08 19:25] Adromor Wierwight: image will be important

We arrived at the location, which was (as I recall) the headquarters sim for SL Exchange. It had some offices and computer terminals scattered around where you could use a credit card to increase the number of Linden dollars in your account.

[2008/03/08 19:47] Adromor Wierwight: this is definately not going to be easy
[2008/03/08 19:47] GreenLantern Excelsior: Yes, like the other guy said, people don’t “care that hard”
[2008/03/08 19:48] Adromor Wierwight: some will somewhere
[2008/03/08 19:48] Adromor Wierwight: I was surprised he muted me though
[2008/03/08 19:48] Adromor Wierwight: as a harsh reaction i thought
[2008/03/08 19:48] GreenLantern Excelsior: I thought so too, and he refused to click the link
[2008/03/08 19:50] Adromor Wierwight: talking with this guy in IM right now
[2008/03/08 19:51] Adromor Wierwight: you knw the place gets alot more traffic than I thought
[2008/03/08 19:51] GreenLantern Excelsior: It’s a nice looking building
[2008/03/08 19:51] Adromor Wierwight: it is
[2008/03/08 19:52] Adromor Wierwight: you know I considered copying prims owned by [REDACTED], taking pictures of them, deleting them, and giving pictures to her or posting them anonymously on the herald just to irriate her and make her threaten to sue everyon again
[2008/03/08 19:53] GreenLantern Excelsior: LOL, you troublemaker you!
[2008/03/08 19:55] Adromor Wierwight: lol
[2008/03/08 19:56] Adromor Wierwight: didnt do it
[2008/03/08 19:57] GreenLantern Excelsior: I suspect we will be quickly banned from here as soon as the owners hear about us.
[2008/03/08 19:57] Adromor Wierwight: I think so too
[2008/03/08 19:57] Adromor Wierwight: its inevitable when protesting
[2008/03/08 19:57] Adromor Wierwight: but at least we are within the cs and tos
[2008/03/08 19:57] GreenLantern Excelsior: True, it’s not against the rules to talk to people.
[2008/03/08 20:03] Adromor Wierwight: sorry its taking so long
[2008/03/08 20:04] Adromor Wierwight: this guy is intelligent
[2008/03/08 20:04] GreenLantern Excelsior: Still talking to that same guy?
[2008/03/08 20:04] Adromor Wierwight: he agrees with us but thinks that we are feeding into the hate by doing this. I disagree
[2008/03/08 20:04] Adromor Wierwight: yes
[2008/03/08 20:06] Adromor Wierwight: well he was way more civil
[2008/03/08 20:06] Adromor Wierwight: lol I saw that chick suggest we strap bombs to ourselves and attach ourselves to the termials
[2008/03/08 20:06] Adromor Wierwight: LMAO
[2008/03/08 20:14] GreenLantern Excelsior: That was a little ridiculous all right
[2008/03/08 20:14] Adromor Wierwight: lol yeah I laughed
[2008/03/08 20:15] Adromor Wierwight: i gtg to work buddy
[2008/03/08 20:18] Adromor Wierwight: you know I bet I can hack these terminals
[2008/03/08 20:18] Adromor Wierwight: by making objects spoof other people
[2008/03/08 20:19] Adromor Wierwight: not gonna do it
[2008/03/08 20:19] GreenLantern Excelsior: Ooh, and if you get caught… not good

I was impressed with Deadly’s effort to make changes through peaceful protest while trying hard to avoid griefing. I’m a big believer in second chances, so I will go out of my way to help anyone who wants to be a good person. He was soliciting my help, so I gave it. Two days later, he gave me some notecards:

[2008/03/10 12:58] Adromor Wierwight: hey
[2008/03/10 12:58] Adromor Wierwight: look at these please
[2008/03/10 13:02] GreenLantern Excelsior: Wow, so that last one was from [REDACTED]?
[2008/03/10 13:02] Adromor Wierwight: yes
[2008/03/10 13:03] Adromor Wierwight: she posted it on SLH
[2008/03/10 13:04] GreenLantern Excelsior: Well that is just wrong. On the other notecard, I was thinking it wasn’t too good to make threats about killing someone in RL. If anything ever happened, the PD would be knocking on your door.
[2008/03/10 13:04] Adromor Wierwight: I dnt care
[2008/03/10 13:05] Adromor Wierwight: she lives in france so I doubt theyd suspect me
[2008/03/10 13:05] GreenLantern Excelsior: Ha! I didn’t know that.
[2008/03/10 13:16] Adromor Wierwight: I am so angry
[2008/03/10 13:18] Adromor Wierwight: just so you know my name isnt ‘Tony Costello’
[2008/03/10 13:18] GreenLantern Excelsior: She posted that Tony name in the SL Herald “drama pump” article?
[2008/03/10 13:18] Adromor Wierwight: lmao
[2008/03/10 13:18] GreenLantern Excelsior: LOL
[2008/03/10 13:18] Adromor Wierwight: its not my real name anyway
[2008/03/10 13:19] Adromor Wierwight: that wasnt even why i was upset
[2008/03/10 13:19] Adromor Wierwight: my real 1st name is Joshua
[2008/03/10 13:19] Adromor Wierwight: and I would never be so stupid, as someone who has done the things I have done to allow my name to fall into there hands
[2008/03/10 13:20] GreenLantern Excelsior: I know, it didn’t seem to make sense that a person as experienced as you would be posting your real name in public like that.
[2008/03/10 13:21] Adromor Wierwight: I had times where I wished I could tell her who i was
[2008/03/10 13:21] Adromor Wierwight: but she is such a loudmouth I am sure she’d tell everyone
[2008/03/10 13:22] Adromor Wierwight: and send like over nine thousand AR’s

But the opposition was too strong, and holding protest signs wasn’t having much of an effect, so Deadly returned to the Dark Side.

[2008/03/10 17:58] Adromor Wierwight: sorry man I couldn’t help it
[2008/03/10 17:58] Adromor Wierwight: I did the CB thing, deleted items, post pics
[2008/03/10 17:59] Adromor Wierwight: posted thread on the chans inciting raids on slexchange
[2008/03/10 17:59] Adromor Wierwight: and a bunch of other crooked [censored]
[2008/03/10 17:59] GreenLantern Excelsior: Well the result may be interesting
[2008/03/10 18:00] Adromor Wierwight: I may well be banned but if so I still sill never go back to the pn
[2008/03/10 18:00] Adromor Wierwight: I’ll just spend forever attacking sims owned by slex and any sim in which that [censored] operates a store
[2008/03/10 18:06] Adromor Wierwight: [sent me links to three pictures that no longer exist]
[2008/03/10 18:06] Adromor Wierwight: pics of slex forums getting hit tonight, alot of chaos there. Owner just installed scripts to try and curb attacks but they’re still getting through
[2008/03/10 18:06] Adromor Wierwight: i hope they ddos them soon
[2008/03/10 18:10] GreenLantern Excelsior: I knew some guys who used to like to do this on discussion boards.
[2008/03/10 18:10] Adromor Wierwight: yeah well you know they’re way to serious over there anyway
[2008/03/10 18:10] Adromor Wierwight: and atm im just malicious
[2008/03/10 18:10] Adromor Wierwight: i dnt even care anymore
[2008/03/10 18:12] Adromor Wierwight: i have to go get ready for work
[2008/03/10 18:12] GreenLantern Excelsior: Okay
[2008/03/10 18:12] GreenLantern Excelsior: Thanks for the pics

Deadly never contacted me again. For all I know, he never returned to Second Life after Adromor was banned. In later years, he made no secret of who he really was. I believe he even posted his real name on a discussion thread on the Second Life Herald. It was Joshua McCracken. In 2010, the rumors started flying, saying that he was in poor health. As time went on, the rumors sounded worse and worse, so I decided to contact him to see how he was doing. I found a Facebook page for Josh, but it hadn’t been updated for months. The Family section of his page showed links to Facebook pages for two of his sisters, so I looked at those. One sister had posted some general entries that could have been about anything, but the other had posted several times about how sad she was, including one post about sitting for several hours just holding Josh’s hand. I was saddened at this, so I sent her a short message, something like this:

Please tell Josh that his friends in Second Life are thinking of him.

She was nice enough to respond within a few hours. She thanked me for my concern, but said that he was no longer able to talk or eat, that they could not communicate with him, and that his death was imminent. I told her how sorry I was to hear that, and that I hoped the family would be okay. That was the end of the conversation. On October 21, 2010, this notice was posted in The Augusta Chronicle:

EVANS, Ga. – Memorial Services for Mr. Joshua McCracken, 25, of Blueridge Crossing, who entered into rest October 18, 2010, will be conducted Saturday afternoon at 3 o’clock in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Belair Road, Evans, GA.

Deadly Codec asked for my help, friended me, invited me to his group, and called me his “buddy.” He was thankful for what I did for him, and he trusted me (“I also know you won’t steer us the wrong way”). I was touched that he would come to me for assistance, and I did everything I could to keep him out of trouble so he could accomplish his goal. We were friends. When I learned that my friend was very sick, I did what I could to find a way to say goodbye, thinking that I could bring a smile to his face when he remembered how we had worked together. His sister appreciated the sentiment, since she thanked me for the message.

The reason I took the time to write all of this is that there are still some sick and twisted individuals who persist in spreading lies, saying that my message on Facebook was a stalking incident. Anyone who knows me at all knows that this could not be true. I would never do something that underhanded, because I’m not that kind of person. And what some other person or group did during this event is irrelevant. The critics have made this all about me and my two caring and concerned Facebook messages. So be it. I will take that challenge.

To the critics: Stop spreading lies about an event you didn’t witness. No matter how many times you lie about this, no one will believe you, because you have no evidence. Don’t expect anyone to return to your discussion boards and engage in lengthy fruitless debates on this topic, either. This blog entry is the final authoritative piece of reference material that describes what happened. Your discussion boards can continue to be the echo chambers where the truth is trampled into the dust but lies reverberate endlessly.

To my friends: If anyone tries to tell you lies about the supposed Facebook stalking of Deadly Codec, refer them to this article. It is a waste of time to get into arguments with someone who is lying to you and who won’t listen to your side of the story. You can’t reason with someone who’s unreasonable. Believe me, I’ve tried.

THE END of this issue

– GreenLantern Excelsior


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2 Responses to Deadly Codec – Setting the Record Straight

  1. Diana says:

    I don’t know who you are but Josh was my son. Thank you for being a friend and thank you for trying to set the story straight about Josh…. I can’t believe there are still lies spread out there about him.

    • Hal Jordan says:

      Diana, thank you very much for your kind message. Sometimes setting the story straight seems like an impossible task amid the noise and confusion. Luckily, nothing is ever deleted on the Internet. It’s all available if you know where to look. Here is some additional information that I posted back in 2010, reposted here just to have it all in one place:

      I contacted Sariah Raye McCracken through her Facebook account. She replied on October 17 at 6:27 p.m. Here’s what she said:

      “Josh is basically in a coma at this point. He hasn’t spoken or eaten anything for two days, and the nurses say it will probably be anywhere between 7-14 days until he leaves us. Please tell his friends/fans/comrades that all prayers are appreciated and accepted. I hope this is enough of an update for you for now.

      I thanked Sariah and said “People are watching your Facebook page, so if you feel up to posting an update now and then, it would be good for those of us who care about him.”

      The obituary will come soon enough. Everything Deadly has done is behind him now. We can no longer rage at him or sympathize with him or even speak to him. It’s time now to sympathize with the family and reflect on the final fate that awaits us all.

      Followed by this, on October 19:

      Victoria McCracken wrote on her blog this morning:

      “My brother died today.”

      Sariah Raye McCracken sent me a message on Facebook at 9 p.m.:

      “Just updating you: Josh passed away this afternoon…..”

      It’s hard to imagine the emotional cost of typing those four words: “My brother died today.” And it’s amazing to see the amount of kindness in someone’s heart who would post an update to a complete stranger at a time like that. I’m sure I was no more than a blip on their radar, my name quickly forgotten, but possibly leaving the general feeling that a large community of friends was concerned about Josh’s status. In the end, the only message I wanted to send to Sariah and your family was one of love and good wishes, and I believe that message was sent.

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