Case study: Pseudo-religious cult griefing in the Allegro sim

This is one of the most bizarre cases of harassment and griefing that I’ve ever seen. It came to my attention through Prokofy Neva’s January 2, 2013 blog post Avatar on the Grid: The Weirdness of Second Life. This looked like a case of repetitive griefing, and it seemed that the sim owner could use some help, so on January 3 I went to Allegro to meet him.

Handarido Optera owns the Allegro sim. I told him that we wanted to help, and he was happy to talk. Allegro is an island that is set up for music events. It has a live music venue called “Skystage” where the events are held.

Allegro SkyStage

Allegro SkyStage

There is the Tower of Meditation, “the highest walkable edifice in SL.”  The staircase goes up above the cloud layer.

Allegro Tower of Meditation

Allegro Tower of Meditation

It has an “Axxound sphere,” a music device with ten different synchronized tracks that you can combine however you like.

Allegro Axxound Sphere

Allegro Axxound Sphere

There is an arcade room, an undersea submarine tour, and a scripted playable organ with an actual working keyboard (everyone should buy one of these – it’s cool). The most impressive building on the island is the cathedral. It is an interesting build, very nicely done. It contains a scripted Doomed Gargoyle demon who will fly around and insult you after you click on him.

Allegro Cathedral

Allegro Cathedral

It also contains a pipe organ where you can sit down and play pre-recorded music.

Allegro Pipe Organ

Allegro Pipe Organ

And this pipe organ, in this sim, is the focus of some very bizarre, almost cultish, griefer harassment. When the griefers first came to Allegro, they found the scripted playable organ. As Handarido says, “So this here started their adoration, a simply scripted keyboard with indvidual keys and sounds for each key.” Next, “they went crazy about my Axxound sphere.” And then they found the cathedral’s pipe organ and made that the focus of all their attention. They created a group called Allegro Organ Society and started recruiting newbie residents in infohubs and welcome areas. They will give the newbies a landmark named “FREE ALLEGRO ORGAN” which leads to the Allegro cathedral. A new resident might think that they were going to receive a freebie organ at the other end of the teleport. But Handarido believes that the landmark’s name really means that the group wants to FREE the ALLEGRO ORGAN from the evil demon that is possessing the owner of the sim. “They founded a pseudo religion around my pipe organ here and invented rites and dances, and want to perform that at any time anywhere on the sim. Because I do not allow that they maintain I am possessed by a demon and their alts came and performed an extensive exorcism during a concert here.” Here is what their alts sang during the concert:

anunnakifighter Resident:

lucyintheskywithgiggles Resident:

You can imagine how disruptive it would be to see such a thing shouted during a concert. The whole affair seems such a huge waste of time for the griefers. They have to recruit new members and bring them to Allegro to try to get them interested in their pretend religion. But they are persistent. On January 7, Handarido invited me back to Allegro to see a griefer in action. Three day old crystalhealingsong Resident was using a “ballet single dance” animation from the dances available in the sim. She had with her jay40203 Resident, a seemingly normal person who appeared to have been dragged into the sim on false pretenses. Hilarity ensued, and then both residents were ejected and banned.

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Hello Johnny
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): Hello!!!
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): the hud
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): what o.O does it play
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): I am a collector
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): I have 43 dancers
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): cost me a lot but I like them
crystalhealingsong: gReetings Scholar this Visterr wish for SaceredAxound Dancee Hud
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): what music does it play
Handarido Optera: you are alt of LucyGooseyGiggles Resident
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): ?
Handarido Optera: she is banned
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): who
Handarido Optera: you are banned
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): I am not alt
crystalhealingsong: Iam Peas Bringer
Handarido Optera: not you Jay
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): ah Okay
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): “Peas”?
crystalhealingsong: Peas Joy Love
Handarido Optera: I explained at length I dont want your pseudo religious activities here on my sim
Handarido Optera: dont say peace all the time
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): she is a cult??
Handarido Optera: you are violating the termms of service
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): SL cult?
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Just an ordinary griefer
Handarido Optera: and the community guidelinnes
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): Okay
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): Ha ha ha ha – he he he!!! =D
crystalhealingsong: Peas Bringer Not Greef
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): lol
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): she is funny
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): If the sim owner doesn’t want you here, the best thing to do is leave.
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): she just hurt my stomach
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): from laughing
Johnny Blackhart (jay40203): lol

After ejecting both residents, Handarido talked to Johnny by IM. Johnny said that the Allegro Organ Society recruited him at an infohub and gave him the landmark named FREE ALLEGRO ORGAN. Johnny thought there was a freebie in the Allegro sim, which is why he came there. This is exactly what Handarido had predicted about the landmark’s name.

Handarido created a very well written notecard and sent it to the founder of the Allegro Organ Society, stoptheilluminati Resident. I asked if I could reprint the notecard here, and he very kindly gave me permission. Here it is.

Dear stoptheilluminati Resident,

On August 27, 2012, I have asked you not to involve Allegro in any kind of mystic matters. I have asked you if this understood.
You replied “YEs” and “I oBey You O GREAT Scholarr”.
That was apparently a lie in full consciousness when looking at what happened since then, as you lied to your group members that my notices to them have not been sent by me.

Instead you have established a self-invented, pseudo-religious cult around the Allegro chamber organ.
You have used and you do use my name as if this cult was a part of the Allegro life.
You have done so without asking me and without my permission, in fact against my wishes.
I explained to you at length that Allegro was a music & dance place as were its locations and venues.
The cathedral has never been consecrated and is not used for services, thus it is not a sacred place.
It is unwanted that the character of Allegro and its locations and venues is changed by anyone, not even by owners of parcels of any size.

You have founded the group Allegro Organ Society without asking me and without my permission.
You and your group officers have sent out notices which have been copies of my notices.
That happened without my permission and consent, furthermore these notices have been garnished with ritual words and phrases of your self-invented cult.

You and your group officers repeatedly, multiple times maintain that I am possessed by a demon. And this simply because of the fact that I have the opinion that Allegro should remain a music sim and that I do not accept your self-invented, pseudo-religious cult around an instrument of pixels and bytes.
Despite you and your officers spam your language and notices with the word “peace” you and your officers show in fact zero tolerance to accept that your self-invented cult is not wanted here.
Despite spamming conversation with the word peace, there are group notices with sentences such as [quote] I AM IN THE BATTLE, ARE YOU?????? [end of quote, capitals and six question marks original]
You don’t hesitate to defame individually, you don’t hesitate to defame publicly since my alleged demonic possession was shared repeatedly with hundreds of people.

Despite the multiple use of the word peace you and your co-owner of the group Allegro Organ Society have performed with alts an extended exorcism at the cathedral with the justification to free me from a demon.
One alt was wearing white clothing and a wooden cross to apparently give the impression of Jesus, thus blasphemously alluding to genuine religious content while performing a self-invented non-religious ritual.

And all this did not happen at a randomly picked time, but you selected for the exorcism my concert with a singer, who is highly regarded both in RL as in SL, and who has absolute nothing to do with our issues.

Since you and all group members have subsequently been banned from the sim as an inevitable measure you and your officers have developed in meetings what has been mentioned in your group notices “Plan 9.”
I don’t know what Plan 9 is about, I can observe only some of its consequences.

You and your officers intensely recruit new group members, preferably newbies only a few days old, and preferably at info hubs, just another violation of the community guidelines.
You and your officers keep sending avatars repeatedly and multiple times to Allegro lying to them that there was a free organ. This is not only witnessed but documented in the title of the handed landmark FREE ALLEGRO ORGAN.
At other instances you and your officers gave in notices the impression as if there was a concert going on on Allegro. So you keep spreading false information and thus, every time the word peace is used is in fact a plain lie.

You and your officers make people believe on purpose that the Allegro Organ Society is a group for organ instruments, organ music, music in general, or music events.
Instead, your group doesn’t own any instruments, doesn’t own any venue, doesn’t organize concerts, doesn’t promote music, but uses resources of others to develop, build up and spread a cult of your own. And whoever does not accept this is unyieldingly defamed and accused of being possessed by a demon.

I order that you or your group officers or anyone in general

* refrain from all activities on Allegro which are not intended or are unwanted because of the sim character.
* refrain from defaming and insulting me privately and publicly, in IMs, open chat, group notices and all other media
* refrain from mentioning my name or that of Allegro or its venues or residents in context with your self-invented cult.
* refrain from mentioning my name in the group charter or anywhere else in the Allegro Organ Society
* refrain from advertising any event of any Allegro venue, especially when used and published in context with pseudo-religious language.

LucyGooseyGiggles Resident, the co-owner of the Allegro Organ Group, has denied my suggestion to buy the Allegro chamber organ as well as the Axxound music sphere, both available on marketplace, and perform whatever you like to perform at an own place of yours. She denied it with reference to the importance of the Allegro grounds.

Thus this confirms that all this mercilessly conducted daily griefing in the name of peace serves the purpose until the region is taken over in one way or the other. And it suggests that “Plan 9” will not be given up unless you find yourself life-long banned from Second Life.

Linden Lab has not taken action against the Allegro Organ Group members that are griefing in Allegro, even after almost daily Abuse Reports from the sim owner. Allegro is among many locations that are subjected to repeated griefing with no response from the Lindens.

In 2012 we watched the Lindens implement Pathfinding, set out exclusive gifts for premium subscribers, and build improvements to Destination Island and the Destination Guide. They bragged about these things in a blog post. But their lack of response to continuing griefer attacks all over the grid is inexplicable, and in many cases it makes all of the high tech improvements meaningless. Linden Lab can make as many technological improvements as they like, but if they refuse to deal with griefing on a real time basis, they will start losing more residents than they are already.


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