Bot hunting, January 9, 2012

On the Mini-Map, the Romano sim looked very crowded this morning. Searching for the store or dance club where the people were congregating, I noticed that everyone seemed to be at about 1200 meters away. None of them were moving, either. Could this be what I think it was? Yes, and it’s the most blatant use of bots so far. 1234 meters above Romano is a platform containing 35 bots. Rather than retype their names, here’s a screen shot of Firestorm’s avatar radar:

Romano 112/109/1234

Romano 112/109/1234

They are standing on a large platform, mostly dressed in newb attire, yet the youngest is 52 days old. Blondebimbo Resident is there as well as dancingbunny Resident. There’s julieshappy Resident and juliesnothappy Resident, manic depressive multiple personalities split into two bodies. BradPittt Resident and JenniferAnniston Resident are standing on that same platform. And every one of those bots are members of the Pink Pearl Designs group, inflating both the sim usage statistics and the group membership numbers.

Romano 112/109/1234

Romano 112/109/1234

The platform is protected by a hippoSECURE security device that threatened to eject interlopers. The device is owned by Johnjr Romano, one of the owners of Pink Pearl Designs.

Romano 112/109/1234

Romano 112/109/1234

Also standing on the platform is Pinkness Pearl, who is listed as one of the co-owners of Pink Pearl Designs. One would have to wonder how well the business is doing if one of the owners has to act as a bot to attract traffic. They could have let Pinkness log off, and just used pinknessspearl Resident, who is on the platform too. There’s no chance that a strong wind might cause the bots to fall 1234 meters to their deaths, because the platform is made OSHA compliant by incorporating transparent walls.

Romano 112/109/1234

Romano 112/109/1234

When the Romano sim is dark and deserted in the middle of the night, maybe the bots become self-aware, teleport to the surface, and go shopping for wedding apparel.  It brings to mind the Twilight Zone episode The After Hours with Anne Francis as the wayward store mannequin. There’s nothing quite so profound on that platform, though. All you will see up there is a dishonest attempt to game the system.


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