Showing kindness to strangers – first griefing of 2012

On Sunday, January 1, I logged in and popped over to Sandbox Island to see what was happening. My landmark takes me to the sandbox safe zone. If you set your viewer to view property lines, you can see this rectangular area near the center of the sim. It’s configured with scripts and object entry turned off, and autoreturn set to five minutes. I was instantly surrounded by small rotating cubes with a “Party Hard” texture, stuck on the parcel boundary. When I stepped outside the safe zone, I was assaulted by a wall of sound. It was a song clip where a guy is shouting “Let’s get a party goin’, party hard, party hard” along with a loud, rapid drumbeat. The owner had been in Second Life for 53 days. The creator and previous owner was Nebula Fang. Nebula is a somewhat famous griefer, but you won’t find him in search, because he left Second Life a couple of years ago. Something was wrong with this picture, so instead of pulling the trigger on an Abuse Report, I sent an IM to the owner, who was online.

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Did you rez these “party hard” objects in the sandboxes on purpose?
Resident: no it was an accident, I’m really sorry!
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): It’s okay, I figured it was an accident because Nebula Fang hasn’t been in SL for a while. Do you plan to come and delete them?
Resident: I don’t know how?
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Okay, I understand what it was like to be new. If you would give me the ability to edit your objects, I could delete them for you. 🙂
Resident: uhm how do i do that? Thank you for understanding! 🙂
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): You’re very welcome. First, may I add you to my friends list?
Resident: yep
Second Life: You have offered friendship to Resident
Second Life: Resident accepted your friendship offer.
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Okay, now I should be listed under your Contacts. Next to my name should be some places to put check marks. I think the first one is to let me see when you’re online, the second is to let me see your location, and the third is to let me edit your objects.
Second Life: secondlife:///app/agent/Resident/displayname has given you permission to edit their objects.
Resident: ok got it
Resident: you should be able to now
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Ha! It works. Okay, one cleanup on the way, woo hoo
Resident: thank you so much! and again I’m so sorry! A “friend” gave me that to try…he’s now muted and unfriended…
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Yeah he is the bad guy in all this
Resident: yeah I’m really upset still -____-
Resident: can i do anything to help?
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Nope, it just takes time to select and delete them all
Resident: oh ok 😦 sorry about that
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): It’s okay, not your fault. People who take advantage of new residents need to be deleted themselves.
Resident: Agreed!

There were thousands of these cubes scattered around the sim, and the “Party Hard” chant was a roar in the background. But the cubes were confined to Sandbox Island, because Linden Lab has made a brilliant move by setting the sims surrounding the sandboxes to prevent object entry. I edited a few and deleted them, but it was too hard to select just the cubes and not the objects behind them. So I used an old trick from long ago, and set my viewer to select only movable objects.

Select Only Movable Objects (Firestorm viewer)

Sometimes you will find an object owned by someone else that is set so anyone can move it, but not often. There was at least one somewhere in the sim, because when I zoomed out and selected all movable objects in the sim, I got an error message when I tried to delete them all. So I had to go around selecting small groups of objects. When you delete someone else’s object, Second Life pops up an additional dialog box telling you that the object doesn’t belong to you and asking if you’re sure you want to delete it. The main object rezzer was embedded in the north wall of the sim, and someone had built a hollow cylinder around it with another, larger cylinder under it. There were hundreds of those cubes in there, but their ability to stay in Second Life was terminated with extreme prejudice. About 35 minutes later, the “Party Hard” chanting was nowhere to be heard in Sandbox Island.

Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Well I do believe I got all of them. It’s nice and quiet here now!
Resident: Thank you! I appreciate it so much! and again, very sorry!! 🙂
Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): You’re very welcome, and it was my pleasure – really! You can revoke my editing privileges now if you like.
Resident: ok thanks!
Second Life: Your privilege to modify secondlife:///app/agent/Resident/displayname’s objects has been revoked.

I started doing this a few years ago. It doesn’t always work, but it’s really magic when it does. The step by step procedure has become routine:

  1. Ask if they rezzed the objects on purpose.
  2. Ask if they will come and delete the objects.
  3. Point out that you can delete the objects if given editing permission.
  4. Ask if you can add them to your friends list.
  5. Walk them through giving you permission.
  6. Notify them when you are done, and point out that they can revoke your editing permission.

Here’s the result of the action, as I see it:

  • It helped a nice lady who was afraid she was going to get into trouble.
  • It helped the people in the sandbox who wanted to build without being disturbed.
  • It helped to recruit new members for The Green Lanterns. People see us helping others and want to be a part of that.
  • One more person knows our group as the people to consult when they need help with griefing. I get many calls for help from people that begin with “You helped a friend of mine…”
  • It made me feel good to delete all the griefer objects.
  • I made a new friend.

It’s fun in the sandbox, Green Lantern style. Happy 2012 to everyone.


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5 Responses to Showing kindness to strangers – first griefing of 2012

  1. Beowulf says:

    Interesting, I’ve been on Second Life for about 4 weeks now, and got my head(to be polite) handed to me by a small group of griefers. First let me say I was in the image and spirit of Alan (Green Lantern) Scott. I was asking around about somewhere to test the various weapons of the ring, and it was recommended I type “sandbox” into the World Map, and teleport there. I did. I was immediately blown into the air by a “nuke” something. I put up my shield and flew down towards the four-five avatars standing around the weapon testing sign. One, a robot like avatar with a Jack-in-the-Box type head, got in my way, and wanted to know “Why the globe?” I said, I wanted to talk to every one before I got nuked again. ‘Jack’ said “Get out!”. I responded “Okay I will, but why?” I landed, outside the rectangle and dropped the shield, and started to ask if they minded if I did some weapon testing. Before I finished typing I was blown far up in the air, again, this time rolling and tumbling in the air. Moments later some of my attachments, my mask, my belt, my cape, were seperated from my avatar, and rotated around me out of reach. I hit my shield. I tried to recover, and nothing worked. I teleport home. Now the fun part. I was moving very slowly, and everytime I tried to get somewhere, I would randomly teleport a short distance away, and into objects were I would be stuck in them. Finally I got a chance to talk to some more experienced players. They suggested I clear my cache and log out and back in. I did and did. It didn’t help. They suggested I detach all my attachments, especially my HUD. I did, and things went back to virtual normal. I dumped the whole Alan Scott thing, and became a White Lantern, and I’m boning up on defenses. I did go to New OA and mention this incident to a few Lanterns, and they, frankly, didn’t care. By the way, think I saw Hal Jordan at Tofte, but didn’t talk to him. Wish I had.

  2. Hal Jordan says:

    It sounds like you were in “Weapons Testing Sandbox (no damag”. That place is usually home to a few people who like to grief each other and anyone else who comes by. It’s against the rules to attack anyone in that sim without their permission, but the rules aren’t enforced. So you will see the guy with the Jack-in-the-Box head, or the guy with a TV for a head, or the guy with the gamer girl avatar, and they will take pleasure in orbiting you and deforming you and generally making your life miserable until you are forced to leave.

    Generally, the best defense when you are attacked by anyone is to sit on the ground (in the Firestorm viewer, just hit Ctrl-Alt-S). That makes you pretty much invulnerable. Although there are some attack HUDs that can “unsit” you, usually all the griefer can do after that is bombard you with particles or rez a few screaming follower objects to cluster around you and bump you. Unfortunately, the best way to prevent attacks in the weapons testing sandbox is just not to go there. It is a sad commentary on the state of affairs today when a supposedly safe sim is taken over by griefers, and regular residents who want a place to test their weapons can’t go there.

    If you will contact me inworld (GreenLantern Excelsior), we can talk about places to do weapons testing, different weapons HUDs that you might like to try, and other things that you should know. I will be happy to help you get started.

    • Beowulf says:

      You are correct about the location. I will contact you in-world. I would like to meet and talk to you. I have been trying to locate Kohaku Owatatsumi who was listed as the head of the White Lantern Corps in Second Life, but haven’t been able to find him or the group.

    • Random says:

      TV head aint been there much its mostly Godsmouthpiece. That place used to be a place lindens would frequent for fun and games.

  3. Beowulf says:

    I must say that the short amount of time I have spend on Second Life as a White Lantern, I have learn a lot about Second Life, and people in general. Most importantly I think that revenge is pointless, but using bad experiences to make yourself a better person is invaluable.

    I was wandering and discovered a combat arena in use, in an obviously in foreign land. I sat down in the mandatory bleachers to watch. Several combatants let their attach spill over into the audience. Some just outright attacked the audience. Several times avatars snuck up behind me and attacked me. All these folks learned that just because I was simply sitting there, drinking coffee, didn’t mean I was defenseless. A lesson I gleemed from my earlier experience. (By the way, the atmosphere and behavior there, was not unlike going to local professional wrestling matches here, in the 70’s.)

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