Griefer Reports

Many people have sent requests for help that involve griefing or other violations of the Terms of Service. It has been a struggle trying to come up with a way to help someone who’s in an unfamiliar group, with  people I don’t know, and circumstances beyond my control or understanding. All I’ve been able to do is to send a “Be on the Lookout” notecard and hope for the best, but that wasn’t enough.

Yesterday there was another request for help, and this involved a really bad guy doing some really bad things, one of the worst I’d ever seen in Second Life. The thought came to mind that it’s too bad we don’t have something like America’s Most Wanted in Second Life, so residents would be able to keep watch for the really bad guys. And the very next thought was “Well, we have this blog…”

So the Griefer Report page was born. It’s linked on the top of every page on the blog. We will display the resident’s name, the reason they were added, and other information to help people identify the person and the problem. Here are some guidelines to ensure that everything goes smoothly:

  • The page is not called “Second Life’s Most Wanted,” because we are only working with allegations at this point.
  • The report must involve an actual violation of the Community Standards / Terms of Service. We don’t want to get involved with neighbor disputes, like the one described in Diplomacy 101.
  • The report must involve the name of a current Second Life resident, not a group or a general description of “those guys.”
  • Make your report by replying to this post or adding a comment on the Griefer Report page. You can remain anonymous, or we will publish your name if you like.
  • If you want to submit chat logs for evidence, please post them here rather than in Second Life, to avoid a Disclosure violation. Be advised, though, that we won’t publish any obscenities here just as a matter of principle.
  • Please send a confirmatory IM in Second Life along with the information you submit on this blog. Anyone can claim to be Governor Linden on the web, but it’s much harder to impersonate the Governor inworld.

Spread the word about this service. If people have come to a dead end in their dealings with a griefer, maybe publicizing the issue will help.


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