Premium Sandboxes

Recently Linden Lab took an action that seems to be universally applauded. They created 20 new sandboxes, all restricted to entry by premium members only. Since no one will want to risk losing a premium account by having it banned for griefing, these will be peaceful places where residents may build unmolested by griefers, unlike the free Linden-owned sandboxes. They are arranged in groups of four in an island configuration. Each PG-rated sandbox has a special feature, described later.

Sandbox Decorus group

Sandbox Admiranda group

Sandbox Admiranda group

Sandbox Astutula group

Sandbox Mirificatio group

Sandbox Goyer group

I wonder if Sandbox Teagano was named after one of the Lindens most liked by peacekeeper groups – Teagan Linden, a nice lady. In the PG sim groups, the southeast corner of the northwest sim has a small “butte” with a platform on top.

Sandbox Gift Butte

Here’s a close-up of the object on the platform. It’s a clickable sign that gives you the “premium gift” of the month.

Sandbox Gift Sign

This month’s gift is a set of furniture.

Sandbox Gift 2011-09

As you can see by the screen shots, taken on September 24, these sandboxes are not very heavily used, maybe because not many people know about them yet. I rezzed a few different aircraft and flew around for a while, and there was no one available to playfully right click on my flyer and freeze me in the sky. There were a couple of small items rezzed here and there in the sims, and a couple of people here and there seemingly lost in IMs, but mostly the islands were deserted. If you want a low lag, sparsely-populated high availability location to build, give the premium sandboxes a try.


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