New Hero Universe websites

I’m the co-owner of Broc Janus’s Hero Universe group. I’ve been working for a long time on several Hero Universe websites. Last night I sent out notices to most of my groups about two of the websites, which are “ready for prime time.”

Hero Universe Mentors is designed for people who want to help new residents. The New Resident Help pages contain lots of information about how Second Life works and what to do after they get here. I’ve been giving out a set of notecards called the “Luneko New Resident Resource Kit” to newbies for a long time. Although they’re still pretty accurate even though they date back to 2007, I’ve always thought it would make more sense to have a new resident website available where people could read about Second Life even if they weren’t online. If anyone has suggestions or additions for the Mentor website, please let me know.

Like Hero Universe Mentors, the Hero Universe Peacekeepers website is intended to be useful to everyone. It has a lecture I gave on the topic of parcel security that could be of help in educating landowners. It has a list of patrol locations, a list of peacekeeper groups, and a Q&A session written as though the questions are asked by someone familiar with Second Life but not the peacekeeper function. But the main idea behind this website is the training section. It is a generic peacekeeper training course that includes many tips and tricks and links collected over the years. This section can be used for training new peacekeeper applicants or just as a generic information source for those who are interested in what they can do to oppose griefers. Please use this resource, pass around the link, and let me know about any changes that should be made.

The rest of the Hero Universe website is a place-holder for potential future content. Some sites may drop off and others may be added if anyone shows interest. I do have another project in the works for this website, and although it has really caught my imagination, and I hope it energizes other residents as well, it won’t be implemented right away. Please contact me with any questions, and I hope you enjoy the new pages.

– Hal Jordan (GreenLantern Excelsior)


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